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 Blue-Butterfly Day, Lev | Closed
 Posted: Jul 19 2017, 02:47 PM
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Kalliope Tamsin, Namid Waagosh'Giizis

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Lev Rabuta, Level 6

Description: Peter, a young man of about seventeen years old, is an apprentice baker to an uncle of his. The thing is, this boy is more interested in Pokemon than working at the bakery and he isn't sure how to tell his uncle. He needs help to secure at least two more Pokemon, besides his Growlithe, to fill out his team before he can break the news. He's hoping that if he showed him that he could handle it as a trainer that his uncle would take him more seriously. Unfortunately, he knows nothing about capturing pokemon. Perhaps he can get some help.

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Level Bracket: [1-13]

Namid and his Travels

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Kalliope and her travels
Incredible sprite by Mackay!

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 Posted: Jul 20 2017, 10:30 AM
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Lev Rabuta, Lilith Fauve, Rook

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Saul huffed as he lifted a sailor back up into his cot. When the man was settled back in bed, the healer turned away from him and wiped the sweat off his face with his hand. Underneath his dark skin his face was grey, and the little glimmers of silver in his hair had gone from tiny streams to full-blown rivers. His shoulders trembled as he walked towards the door of the Healing Circle's tent. A boy and a meganium waited for him at the flap of the tent. The boy passed him a plain handkerchief that he used to wipe his face and the back of his neck. The grass 'mon nudged up against his side and Saul slung his arm around her neck, his face briefly covered up by pink flowers before he carefully pushed them away. The smell of flowers grew stronger as Saul stared blankly at the weak beginnings of sunrise.

"It's morning?" he asked, slowly, and then shook his head and sighed.

"Lev, I need to ask you a favour."

Lev frowned. He visited Saul sometimes because he liked the man and because the Healing Circle was one of the factions he respected in the Schism. And it didn't hurt to be on the side Murray favoured in his own city. But he'd never done them favours like the Order rogues. Estelle sometimes helped them - she knew the very basics of healing work, she'd never told him why - but Lev mostly hung around and asked about the plants they were using when things got slow. Sometimes he fetched food when Saul was too tired to go get it himself. But this didn't sound like a fetching food kind of favour. Estelle was a limp bundle of fur in his arms, and he pulled her up higher until her head touched his neck.

"What kinda favour?" he asked, edging slightly backwards. He didn't think Saul could catch him if he ran - he was almost sure Saul wouldn't try - but it was better to play it safe.

"Nothing to do with the Schism, I know you don't want to get involved," the healer said, "It's a personal favour. I promised the son of a friend I'd help him. He works at a bakery and I was going to visit him in the morning but..."

The man smiled wryly and raised his hands towards the sky.

Lev shifted. Saul'd been up all night helping after there'd been a fight at the docks.

"Maybe I could help," he allowed, "What'd I have to do?"

"I'm not sure, but Peter's a good young man. I don't think it would be anything too difficult, and if it is, you can always send him back to me," he said, shrugging, "Honestly I wouldn't have promised my help right now except his mother is a very close friend of mine. He works at the Lunatone bakery...Lev, I can go if you - "

He tried to stand up instead of slumping over on his meganium and his face went a chalky-brown.

"No you can't," Lev cut him off, "An' Lunatone bakery's just on my way."

It wasn't, but Lev headed for it anyway. By the time he got their the shop door was open, and a young woman was sleepily looking at different types of bread, a snubbull sitting loyally at her feet. He stepped inside and breathed in the smell of fresh-baked bread. Then he looked over what was being sold. Mostly bread - rye, sourdough, bread with nuts, bread without nuts. There weren't many of the pastries that other bakeries had out to lure people in - the only thing they had were little loaves of banana bread and lemon bread. Lev considered buying one. Estelle had woken up at the new smell, and though her eyes were blank as always he could see her sniffing and feel her shuffling to look around the rest of the store.

No one was behind the wooden counter, but when Lev knocked gently on it a boy came rushing out of the back room. Warm air, mouth-watering smells, and a growlithe tagged at his heels. He pushed back his golden-brown hair, streaking flour through it, and tugged his apron straight before giving Lev a bright fake smile.

"Hello! Sorry about the wait, what can I help you with?" he said.

Lev could feel Estelle's amusement bubbling around them, the sound of a soft gurgling creek. She was always less controlled early in the morning, and preferred to be alone until she had everything sorted out. Lev hitched her up a bit higher in his arms. For a second, the other boy looked at them both like he wanted to steal them. Then it was gone, and the only thing in his brown eyes was a distracted friendliness.

"Could I get something for Estelle, here? The banana bread maybe?"

"Sure," he agreed, "Just grab what you want."

Lev guessed that the bakery didn't get thieves very often and took a loaf of banana bread about the size of his hand. He passed it over to the boy and then gave him a coin. While he was figuring out what coins to give back to Lev (and Lev was remembering where they kept the coin-box in the store because that was always useful information) Lev said, "So are you Peter?"

The bakery boy stopped in the middle of counting coins, frowning at him.

"Yes. How did you know that?"

Lev smiled then, warm and a little sad.

"Sorry, Saul sent me to say he can't come today - he had a bunch of patients last night an' he could barely put one foot in front of the other. Think Petal had to carry him home."

Peter winced at the news, his whole body drooping like a garden that hadn't been watered. He looked down at his growlithe, drew in a breath, and then looked back up at Lev. The smile he wore was so obviously not real that Lev felt a little worried for him. He wouldn't've lasted a second onna streets.

"Thanks for telling me, I - "

"Hey," Lev interrupted gently, "Maybe I can help? I owe Saul a favour. At the least, I can pay for a pint when you're off-shift so you can talk 'bout it."

He let his face go friendly, open, eyes creased with a smile and tilted just a bit to the side. He rested his free hand and his hip against the counter. Peter's eyes flickered to Estelle before he looked back at Lev.

"You wouldn't mind?"

"No, 's no problem," Lev said, and then winked, "'sides, I'm kinda curious what you need to see a healer 'bout when you're not bleedin'..."

He let the end of the sentence trail off, grinning widely, and Peter's eyebrows drew together as he worked out what it meant. Then he flushed bright pink under the freckles.

"No, that's not - it isn't - I don't even," he spluttered, fishing out the rest of Lev's change from the coin-box and putting it down firmly on the counter.

Lev laughed, slipping his change into his pocket and the banana bread into Estelle's paws. The espurr took a bite, clearly more interested in her breakfast than the humans around her.

"Alright, I believe you," Lev said, still smiling, "You can tell me the truth tonight."

"I get off at five."

"See you then."

Lev waved and stepped out of the bakery feeling cheerful. He saw why Saul'd asked him for help - there was no way Peter could've gotten himself too mixed up in anything dangerous, and he was nice enough Lev almost would've helped him just for fun. Estelle climbed up on his shoulder, her new habit since meeting Eryn, and he started humming softly. Maybe it was a good day for a swim now that the docks were quiet.

Lilith Fauve

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 Posted: Jul 22 2017, 02:09 PM
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Expert Handler
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Lev Rabuta, Lilith Fauve, Rook

Awards: 3

Estelle dug her claws into Lev's jacket as he shouldered his way past a crowd of young humans. She saw them looking at her and felt a shudder slip under her skin. It was new for her to spend her time clinging to Lev's shoulder and it felt like standing on the edge of a cliff in more ways than one. She liked being there - she liked having a better view than she would on the ground and more control than she'd have in Lev's arms. But she knew what anyone thought when they saw her there: she was loved, trusted, at home next to her handler. Estelle wasn't even sure Lev considered her his own pokemon, never mind loving or trusting her. She could look into his mind, but when he agreed to let her travel with him the first thing he'd asked was for her to stay out of his mind. But when he asked me to travel with him, she thought, I was lost. She had pretended she wasn't, that it didn't matter she was far away from where she'd been born, had been abandoned again, that nothing was familiar at all except for the boy who'd left the Guardhouse with her. She would've agreed to a lot of things to have a place where she belonged for a little while.

And she did belong in some way. When Lev had taken them to the move tutor today, she'd thought it was only for Skyling to learn mimic (something the dragon took to easily - he was always curious about new things, he'd spent two days sick when he bothered a skrelp in the sea). But then Lev had sent her in, giving up one of his move tutor coupons to teach her gravity. He'd smiled when she was done and she didn't understand it. Why would he waste his coupons on a pokemon that wasn't his? And afterwards he'd brought them TMs and given them all protect. It felt like swallowing a bubble. She watched Skyling poke at the two TMs Lev gave him until they disappeared inside him with a flash.

It feels like you, he'd said to her, Sorta.

Sunny had bounded forward to get five TMs, her ears twitching after each one but refusing the breaks between that Lev offered. Estelle had been about to leave when he gave her another TM (hidden power). Energy rushed through her and she saw why Skyling had said the TMs were like her - it almost felt like someone had touched her mind. Then, after all of that, he gave them vitamins and candies for "bein' so good." She and Skyling got something that tasted like aloe-vera leaves and Sunny had something else. They all ate a small blue candy. Skyling and Sunny had been delighted (especially Skyling, taking this as a sign Lev wouldn't keep him inside his pokeball so much) and practised their new moves across the beach. Estelle...had been confused. He hadn't given her as many moves as Sunny and Skyling, but he'd given her some and the same amount of vitamins and candies as his other pokemon. Were vitamins and candies less expensive? But why give them to her at all if she wasn't his pokemon? Maybe he did think of her as one of his pokemon but he just didn't like her as much as the others?

"We're here," Lev said, interrupting her thoughts, "An' there's Peter."

He ran over to the baker boy Estelle vaguely remembered from the morning and slapped him on the shoulder. Peter smiled and his growlithe barked playfully from around their feet. Estelle pressed her ears closer to her head and painful and confusing or not, she was grateful Lev let her ride on his shoulder.


"So," Lev said, once they'd gotten to a respectable but cheap tavern and Peter'd finished his first drink, "What'd you need Saul's help for?"

"It's a little embarrassing - not like that," he said as Lev raised his eyebrows, "It's just...I want to be a pokemon handler."

"Doesn't seem so embarrassin'."

Peter took a sip of his ale and them mournfully swished it around. He wasn't really a drinker - it'd taken Lev more than a bit of persuading to get him to finish his first drink - and while that was probably good for him it was bad for Lev. The rogue didn't say anything, let the space for words fill up with other people's shouts and giggles. Peter's growlithe licked his hand, and he sighed.

"It's silly but...I'm apprenticed to my uncle. My family never really thought I could make it on my own so they set this all up for me - they'd never let me be a handler. And I appreciate it, but I don't know how to tell them it isn't what I want."

Lev hummed and said, "Might go easier if you get some proof you can do it first."

He wasn't sure he thought the young man could be a handler. Peter was honest and trusting (he'd come out alone to have a drink with Lev, who he'd just met once and Lev bet he didn't tell anyone where he was going), which was alright if he worked at a bakery with his family but didn't seem safe if he was going off on his own.

"Yeah," Peter said to his drink, "I thought maybe if I had a pokemon team first, they'd let me go. But I've just got Red here and...I don't really know how to catch pokemon. That's what I was gonna ask Saul about."

Lev nodded and agreed that it sounded tough, but inside his mind he was cursing Saul. Lev could try to talk Peter out of being a handler, maybe point out that he could try it when he was older or he could work with pokemon in a bakery too. Then Peter would be as safe as he could get and his family'd be happy, and Saul's friend wouldn't be sad her son was dead. Or he could try to help Peter catch some pokemon and get up the courage to tell his family he wanted to be a handler, and Peter would be happy and Saul's friend would maybe be happy her son was happy. And he wasn't even sure he could talk Peter out of being a handler, not with the way he'd been so eager to go out and talk about pokemon with Lev. He might give it up for a few months, but then he'd probably be back trying to learn about it again.

Cas'd help him, he thought, and then drained the rest of his drink.

"Look, that ain't embarrassin'," Lev said, "Lotsa handlers don't know how to catch a 'mon at first - they get someone to show 'em. An' if you wanted, I could show you."

Peter's head turned around so quickly Lev though he heard it crack. The baker boy's eyes were wide, all golden-brown.


"'Course," Lev said, shrugging, "Been meanin' to go out anyway."

"Thank you," Peter said, breaking out into a grin and leaning closer to him.

If Lev'd brought him there for a date that was when he would've kissed him. He was tempted to do it anyway, but he'd learned pretty quick not to mix favours and lovers together - it got messy. An' anyway, Red's in his lap, he thought, and the growlithe might not keep wagging his tail so much if Lev kissed his handler. It was just a bad idea all around.

He did take the chance to grab Peter in a one-armed hug though, because it was nice to hear someone laughing that close, safe and smiling and shoving at him playfully until Lev let him go with a ruffle of his hair.

"You're welcome," he said cheerfully, "When's your next free day?"

They sorted out a date and time (sunrise, Estelle wasn't going to like it) and spent the rest of the night trading stories about pokemon handlers. They even got the three handlers in the tavern to tell them some stories - Peter's honest delight and Lev's sly smile worked wonders.


Lev stumbled into the house of the week. It was nicer than a lot of the others - a grandmother Lev knew at the market was visiting her son in Fough Place and asked him to look after the place while she was gone. Sunny and Skyling were delighted and curious by turns, and even Estelle seemed pleased. Mostly pleased with the comfortable cushions on the chairs. She jumped on one as soon as he passed it, slowing her fall with a touch of psychic energy so that she didn't damage the cushion. Lev sat down in the one across from her and thought about what he'd agreed to do. It took time out of looking for Rosie, but by now he'd lost hope that he'd find her around the next corner if he just looked hard enough. He had to help Peter catch a few 'mons, which he'd never done, not 'mons from the wild.

Could go out tomorrow, he thought, and liked the idea. He'd bring Skyling since they'd be alone, and he could look for those plants that Saul'd shown him. He tried to remember what they looked like. That one's got heart-shaped leaves an' that one's all fuzzy an' that one...it's got...thorns at the end...

His eyelids slipped down and closed.

Lilith Fauve

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