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 The Mind is Always Darker, Emily Baker's Development
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 05:02 PM
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Everything was falling away into blackness, the fall never ending. Then with a snap, it was all over and the world came into view. The Pokemon squinted open his eyes to be surrounded by more dusty brown Pokemon with black markings and a white underbelly like himself and a long, fluffy tail with a small, rounded face with long moveable ears. The Sentret pups tumbled around themselves in joyful play, the mother Furret watching with uninterested eyes. The Sentret knew this moment, it felt all too familiar to be a random, small moment in the large world. His mind tried to grasp at something that beyond him, in this time he had no recollection of who he currently was. For in this small, insignificant, and happy moment he wasn't Scout, he was Runt, the smallest in the litter and traditionally the name was given out to the smallest in any Sentret litter no matter if they were truly a runt or not. And Runt wasn't the smallest by any significant difference, he didn't lag behind his littermates and he kept up easily.

Runt shook these complex thoughts from his simple head and instead lunged forward to join his littermates in their prey. Giant pushed him down instantly, shoving him into the earth, a cruel smile on her lips. "Oh, so the Runt thinks he's good enough to play with us. Runt isn't good enough to even play with the Caterpie."

"Giant don't be mean, the Caterpie would ground him to dust," Larger added, laughing along with his sister.

Small shook the dust from her ears having been almost beat in a wrestling match with Giant. She stood on her hind legs, nose twitching. "Go on Giant, teach him to know his place," Small snarled.

Runt whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and wishing it would all end and Giant would get off him. He knew he could expect no help from their mother, her only duty was to keep them alive, she could care less if they hurt each other; she would only look on with interest. Giant curled her claws around Runt's small face, shoving her bared teeth into his face as well, her hot breath swamping Runt's senses. "You think you have a right fight with [/i]us[i]? I think a runt like you is far too weak to even make a blow on Small. Afterall you can't even get up," Giant hissed, pushing Runt's face further into the ground.

Runt whimpered again, tail curling submissively under his belly. He clenched his claws, taking everything Giant sent his way. He couldn't do anything against her and had to take everything. He hated the smallest in the litter. They were always treated poorly and beaten up viciously by littermates. Everyone knew the Runt of the litter would be the first to die and usually always did while Giants always survived to adulthood.

Suddenly their mother leaped to her paws and for a brief moment of hope, Runt thought she might come to his aid. That hope quickly disappeared. The Furret's nose twitched her tail tip flicking. "Back in the den," she warned, eyes staring up at the sky and probing the trees. Giant instantly leaped off Runt, giving him only shove into the hard earth and spraying him with dirt as she took off after their mother back into the hollow, sloping gently into the ground. Small and Larger both scuttled quickly into the den, followed by their mother. Everyone ignored Runt as he slowly pushed himself to his paws, shaking the dirt from his fur and diving into the hollow.

Giant made sure to shove him against the wall, squashing him against the hard earth while the mother rested at the front of the den, staring up into the outside world. "Furret, what's wrong?" Small asked, calling their mother by the proper name, her species name; no one actually knew her real name.

Suddenly a large eye peered into the den. Giant gasped, leaping back and visibly shaking with fear. Runt was frozen with the fear himself, Giant's fear only making things worse. He had never seen Giant so afraid before and it only worsened when they heard the loud and commanding bark before large paws started digging at the den, excited yaps being from outside as the Mightyena began to dig them out. Furret pushed back against her pups, limbs quaking with the fear of oncoming death, but what could they do, there was no way to go.

Suddenly one Mightyena lunged forward, jaws snapping around their mother's neck and yanking her out, throwing her to the ground. Runt flinched at the sickening sound of her snapping neck, a whimper forcing its way out of his throat. Giant screamed in fear, the terror getting to her and causing her to bolt forward, unable to remain any longer. Runt saw it all from where he stood in the dark den. A second Mightyena lunged forward easily, jaws snapping on her tail. It flung her over its shoulder in a torturous game. A third Mightyena joined in as well, slamming its paws into her back, its teeth ripping into Giant's arm, blood spurting up and spraying its muzzle, staining its teeth red. Giant screamed in pain, writhing wildly in her terror and need to escape.

That was all Runt saw before another Mightyena began to dig again, but he never failed to take notice of the sudden absence of the screaming. He would never forget the silence and how much it hurt; it hurt far worse than the sound. He swung his head back to stare at Small and Larger, both frozen with fear and indecision. Runt gathered up his strength, claws lengthening and growing white in preparation, but he hid that from the Mightyena with his body. He wasn't ready to give up, he wasn't ready to die. With a furious scream of rage, he lunged at the Mightyena, claws Slashing across the foul Pokemon's disgusting face. The dog howled in pain, jumping back. "RUN!" Runt screamed to his brother and sister, ducking beneath the Mightyena's legs and making a run for it.

"Don't just stand there you idiots, get them," the humiliated Mightyena snarled.

Runt turned his face from his mother's broken corpse and his sister's bloodied one, choosing instead to look to freedom. He heard a sharp scream behind him but never looked back. He turned sharply around one Mightyena, whisking his tail out of the way in time and ducked beneath another's jaws, using his small size to his advantage. He ran underneath the mutt, diving out the other end and tearing for the trees that marked the border of the clearing that was once his home. He felt fur brush his side and whirled around sharply to send another Slash that way before he realized it was Small, making the same desperate run to the safety of the trees.

Runt's ears swiveled back when he hard the pounding of paws and he scamped to halt in fear when a Mightyena leaped over his head and whirled around to face the two siblings, fangs bared. Small was quick enough and ran head-on into the large beast. It snapped its teeth down instantly, ripping its fangs into her neck, a painful shriek erupting from her throat before he tossed her red corpse to the side.

Runt wasted no more time, twirling back into the Mightyena coming up behind him. It scrambled to a halt, stunned. At the last moment, Runt twisted to the side, darting past its vicious jaws. The largest of the Mightyena snapped at the one who had missed its perfect op[purtunity before chasing after the last and weakest of the pups; after all, every hunter knew the smallest in a litter was by default the weakest. Before it could snap its teeth onto Runt's tail, he gathered the strength in his haunches and gave a powerful leap, sailing into the air. His claws sank into the bark of the nearest tree and he scaled it in a desperate frenzy, sensing he had found safety at last.

He caught his breath, making himself deaf to the furious Mightyena below. When the quaking in his limbs had finally stilled, he leaped to the next tree and deeper into the woods, never looking back...

"Scout wake up!" Emily yelled into his ear, shaking him vigorously. Scout woke with a scream, claws flashing white as he lunged at his attacker. Emily yelped, jumping back. "Scout, calm down. It's me."

Scout shook his head clear of the awful memory, wishing he could just forget that awful day. "Just a bad dream," he muttered to himself, wishing he could make himself believe that's all it was, just a bad dream.

Emily sidled up to the Sentret, hugging him tightly. "It was just a nightmare," she murmured gently into his ear. If only she could understand his pain if only she could understand why he seemed so upset and shaken up.

Scout sighed in relief, taking comfort in his Handler's arms, at least it was over and he had Emily. Besides, if it wasn't for that awful day, he never would've met Emily. He would've been with his awful family, being bullied constantly by his littermates and mother. Scout cuddled deeper into her embrace, squeezing his eyes shut, and wishing he could just forget.

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 Posted: Dec 4 2017, 08:38 AM
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I really enjoyed your backstory to your starter Pokemon; I always find reading these super interested, and I do the same in terms of Nye’s starter Pokemon (Duskull) who’s been around for ages. While these are extremely nice to read, and fun to read, too, I didn’t feel there was anything particularly outstanding about the development between Emily and Scout to warrant an increase in happiness. I will give Scout the note, Starting to trust Emily, though. Good job overall!

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 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 05:08 PM
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Claws wrapped around the branch, tail whisking out to correct balance. The shadow lunged from tree to tree nimbly and easily, giving chase. His chest rose and fell heavily, struggling to catch his breath, if even for a brief moment. There was no time. He leaped to the next tree, limbs splayed out to help glide him over to the next tree. Runt steadied himself on his new branch, glancing back at his pursuer. Hmph! Something tumbled into Runt, knocking the wind out of him. He fell to the ground hard, his attacker pinning him to the ground and looming over him.

"Argh, get off!" Runt grunted, struggling beneath the Ariados. "You got lucky that time! If I hadn't-"

The Ariados slid off him easily, clicking her mandibles together in scolding. "Too many excuses. If I had been a real predator, you'd be dead."

Runt pushed himself to his feet with a grunt, panting heavily as his side rose and fell with exhaustion. "Yeah well you're not and I'm still here," Runt retorted. He yelped as she swung her leg heavily into his head, slamming to the ground.

"The point is you COULD be!" she snapped angrily. "For such a little thing, you are remarkably fearless," she growled under her breath. "Especially with all that you've been through."

Runt glared at her but said nothing more. He didn't need the awful reminder. Every single day he missed them with all his heart. He missed his family and would do anything to get them back. Maybe if only he had sacrificed himself, then at least Small might've made her way to freedom...

He shook these awful thoughts from his head, choosing to focus on the here and now. "Can we just eat yet, I'm starving!"

R just shook her head, hiding her smile as she waved for Runt to follow. "Come on, the Web should've caught something by now."

Runt squealed in delight, leaping on to R's back for an easy ride back to the Web, his feet killing him. "You should be able to make the walk now."

"Yeah but this is so much easier," Runt explained, nuzzling against R's smooth carapace, enjoying its feel. He sat back on his haunches as R's abdomen lurched beneath him as she began the long walk home.

After what seemed like hours, the sun finally fell, giving way to a small sliver of moon. Runt's nose twitched as he smelled the others and he sat up as R pushed through the bushes. Runt marveled at the size of his home. It was a large clearing and an easy entrance on one side with the far side blocked by a gigantic spider web, glimmering under the moonlight. All around the clearing five Ariados lounged about, miraculously ignoring the screaming, struggling Bunnelby caught in the Web. The Web looked up upon the return of its leader, R. The Web, Runt had quickly learned, was an important aspect of Ariados culture and referred to the web used to catch prey but also to the group as a whole. Another aspect of Ariados culture, the leader of the Web made all kills so the other Ariados had to wait for R's return in order to begin eating.

Runt slid off R's back as the other Ariados stood and stretched, excited about the expected feast. R scuttled to the Web, spinning a silk cocoon around the Bunnelby from a distance, in order to restrain it. She then crawled her way, nimbly climbing the Web and approaching Bunnelby. She sank her pointed fangs easily into the cocoon and sinking into flesh, poisoning her prey. The Bunnelby shrieked as it felt the fangs go in and writhed in one last desperate attempt to escape.

Its movements got slower and weaker till the writhing cocoon no longer moved and R cut the Bunnelby lose, letting the cocoon spill its contents onto the ground. Runt kept his distance, shivering expectantly and lick his lips. He was starving as it usual for Ariados to eat only once a day and to share the meal equally together. Well it was SUPPOSED to be equal, but in practice the leader of the group gave out the proportions and so it was usual to feed her most favorite Ariados the biggest portions. Of course, they were always the last to get served, as that would usually help to appease those unfavored Ariados and make them forget they were eating less every day.

Runt patiently waited his turn while R ripped off pieces of flesh, cutting them off and seemingly trying to be exact in order to give equal portions. She passed I and O their meals first before handing off more bloodies chunks of flesh to A and S. Runt danced back and forth on his paws, stomach growling even louder now that he was this close to being able to eat. His mouth watered when D received her piece of flesh and stepped back to eat quickly and hungrily.

Runt lunged forward as R ripped off an especially large chunk of meat with her powerful mandibles, passing it to Runt. The only one to get larger would R, though as leader of the Web that was expected. Runt dug into his food eagerly, guarding it jealously from any single member of the Web that though Runt's food an easy target. He dug his small teeth into the Bunnelby's flesh, eating it as quickly as possible.

As a Sentret, he was accustomed to eating Bunnelby or Rattata or the like as that was what his mother would catch for him to eat. It was the stranger prey the Web often caught that Runt always felt the slightest discomfort at eating, like a bird pokemon or a bug pokemon, or something larger than a Sentret.

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