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With the cooling season of Autumn, Ice-types are starting to re-emerge from their hibernation as Ghost-, Normal-, and Flying-types swarm in the largest numbers they will all year. In comparison, wild Fire- and Bug-type populations are falling in number. The migration of Flying-types to the south in search of warmer weather has also started, as Istin City starts to re-freeze and Autumn marks the beginning of Cypwater Point's rainy season. Handlers and Rogues alike should be wary: Ghost-type powers are boosted during this season, at the cost of being more prone to their triggers.

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 Collaborative Freeforms; August
 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 09:15 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

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Set Objective Missions
(unless otherwise stated, all missions have a minimum character level requirement of 3)
    Title: Twisted Realities
    Quantity: 2
    Restrictions: None
    Description: Miramossa has been having a strange amount of foot traffic. A particularly weird ghost Pokemon has been snatching up young adults. Paired with a woman named Charlize, try to find the missing adults and try not to get snatched and disappear forever.

    Title: My Name Is...
    Quantity: 2
    Restrictions: Guardian characters only, with at least 2 missions done in Travels or freeforms
    Description: A Senior Guardian named Calvin Vines is looking for a newer guardian to help with an adventure. With a flier out for Guardians with at least two missions under their belt, a string of hilarious but sometimes serious tests are played to determine which new Guardian can help him out. Bonus: the winning character gets to go on a solo freeform with Calvin Vines.

    Title: Reclaiming the Pond
    Quantity: 2
    Restrictions: None
    Description: Local water-type pokemon populations have decreased significantly thanks to a venerated, scarred crawdaunt that has appeared in the local pond. Challenge the crawdaunt and its lackeys to reclaim the pond for the diverse wildlife that lived there before. Bonus points for giving the crawdaunt a personality and a past/figuring out how it got there.

    Title: The Golden Weedle
    Quantity: 2
    Restrictions: Minimum Character Level 3
    Description: Joanna, an alchemist with no talent for battling, managed to obtain - by crafting, or another method - a Shining Incense. True to its name, the incense summoned a shiny weedle when she lit it. Although Joanna despaired at its commonness, her 15-year-old daughter Lily vowed to protect the golden weedle. One day, however, Lily and the weedle both went missing, and Joanna received a ransom note for more gold than she could hope to earn in a lifetime - with a location marked for the drop. Challenge Lily's captors at the drop point and try to reclaim the teenager and her unusual pokemon from whoever captured them.
Requesting a Set Objective Mission
[h]Characters:[/h] (please provide profile links to all involved members)

Open Plot Challenges
    Challenge: Write about a pokemon whose personality is based on a popular figure in the media today.
    Quantity: 2

    Challenge: Include a psychic-type whose visions relate to the plot in some way.
    Quantity: 2

    Challenge: Include one of the Balican NPCs.
    Quantity: 2

    Challenge: Have an intense moral debate between the player characters in the thread.
    Quantity: 2

    Challenge: Include four different ubiquitous pokemon that relate to the plot in some way.
    Quantity: 2
Requesting a Challenge
[h]Characters:[/h] (please provide profile links to all involved members)

- - -
This thread will remain open until August 31st. September's mission pool will be released on the 3rd or before!


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