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 The Adventures of Murder Mime and Creepy Crab, Victor and Amarie fight crime
 Posted: Jan 13 2017, 10:53 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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The Adventures of Murder Mime and Creepy Crab
the superheroes the Harper region neither wants nor needs

Chapter One: Whispers in the Night

Night had fallen, and the streets of Miramossa were a twisting wave of confusion as they teemed with people. Handlers from all over Harper were at the Inter-City Psychic Handling Competition, and after their pokemon had achieved feats of lifting spoons in the air and some showoffs even had the nerve to try to pick up their handlers, the humans were on their way to a variety of transport pokemon who could take them away from the city.

Unfortunately, however, there was a slight obstacle in everyone's way. A very tall handler wearing a black cape held the reins of what looked like dozens of flying-type pokemon, preventing them from leaving. He cackled constantly - well, not quite constantly, he did have to breathe after all, but still enough to creep out the townspeople.

"Your puny psychics are nothing against my might!" he yelled, and when it seemed like everyone was distracted, he leaned forward and plucked a giant trophy out of the coils of a slowly bouncing spoink. "And now, victory belongs to me!"

Many people looked over at a young female handler standing near the spoink. "I can't do anything, poor Hamlet is tuckered out from his hard day!" she said as she began to stare at the intruder. Perhaps the force behind her determined glare would chase him away.

As the townspeople became increasingly desperate brainstorming solutions to the handler who stood between them and their flying pokemon, a sudden whooshing noise from above shocked the crowd.

One person looked up, pointing a finger at the dark night sky. "It's a bird!" A shiny noctowl flew by, although since it was nighttime, no one could see it.

"It's... not a plane since we're in medieval times!" another voice echoed. Several people looked over at the speaker curiously, muttering amongst themselves as they tried to figure out what a "plane" was.

"It's MURDER MIME!" several people shrieked. One fainted.

As the mr. mime landed, his pink and green cape fluttered behind him. "Stop, you fiend!" he yelled before remembering that humans could not understand him after his tragic loss of his pure psychic typing.

He had been a jealous mime once, hateful as he saw the other psychics retaining his powers. He felt like he alone had been burdened with not being able to communicate, and yet after the wave of fairy-type energy that had stolen his power of speech, he had gained a variety of other powers such as super speed, super strength, and super math problem solving abilities.

"Cover me!" he shouted to the pokemon in the air.

The crawdaunt known as Creepy Crab, who wore a blue cape covered with precious gems for no particular reason, flapped her claws to stay aloft, then zoomed around the handler who held the ropes of the flying mounts. She was the strong silent type, not one to say many words, but her supersonic flight was enough to stop most villains in their tracks, even the more powerful ones. Although it was originally intended as the power of running-away-from-things after she gained a hideously scarred claw from a fierce battle, she interpreted her power otherwise.

She cornered the thief as the onlookers looked on. Murder Mime brushed some dirt off of his cape before he walked up to the man in the black cape who held the reins of the flying-types in one hand and the trophy for the winner of the Inter-City Psychic Handling Competition in the other.

"That trophy does not belong to you," Murder Mime said as he looked at the "Best Psychic-Type Ever" trophy with a grin. "It belongs to me," he laughed maniacally as he snatched it out of the thief's hands, and before anyone could do anything, he had overwhelmed the streets with his super speed and promptly eliminated anyone who looked like the person who had won the trophy in the first place. And since it was hard to tell humans apart...

"We saved the day!" Creepy Crab said as she looked down at the streets full of blood and dead people.

"By killing 53 people!" Murder Mime used his amazing math powers to deduce how much effort he had put in to save the city.

He fist-bumped his hand into Creepy Crab's scarred right claw and together they surveyed the gory scene. The human in the black cape was fleeing as the avian pokemon took to the skies. Both super-pokemon smiled.

Together with his trophy, Murder Mime sat atop Creepy Crab and waited for the crawdaunt to take off again. It had been a hard-earned victory, and the duo needed rest, but they knew that if the Harper region was ever in trouble again, they would answer the call...


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