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The onset of the Summer season has led to a swarming of Fire-, Electric-, and Bug-types, overtaking most populations in the Region. In their place, Water- and Grass-types have retreated to the shade and to cooler areas, while Ice-types have all but vanished. The rising temperatures has also led to the annual thaw of the infamously cold Istin City, though it remains the coldest.

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 Lady of Nowhere and Nothingness, Anne Capet's Thread Tracker
 Posted: May 5 2017, 10:54 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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Travels with the Order

Mission 1 - Anne was tasked to get information out of Simone Castillo at her father's party.

Freeform Threads

The Silence and the Fury - Anne inadvertently helps Mariana catch a mawile.

The Great Schism

Lone and Lost - Anne and Kenneth attempt to rescue some trapped mages.

The Swap - Anne, Michael, and Sohko divide and conquer as they try to swap an innocuous folder for something the mages want. Anne steals the file and fights a horsea.

Runners - Anne prepares to help Chanel and Kenneth aid mages fleeing the city.

Research Material - Anne and Yngve search for a cache of hidden items that the mages need.

Little Dreamer - Anne captures a bulbasaur as she escorts Mallory to safety.

Better Living Through Magic - Anne and Ameridan try to convince a small group of settlers in the Pennants to support the Mages' Guild.


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