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With the cooling season of Autumn, Ice-types are starting to re-emerge from their hibernation as Ghost-, Normal-, and Flying-types swarm in the largest numbers they will all year. In comparison, wild Fire- and Bug-type populations are falling in number. The migration of Flying-types to the south in search of warmer weather has also started, as Istin City starts to re-freeze and Autumn marks the beginning of Cypwater Point's rainy season. Handlers and Rogues alike should be wary: Ghost-type powers are boosted during this season, at the cost of being more prone to their triggers.

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 Diamond in the Rough, Denzil's Training Thread
 Posted: Jun 5 2018, 08:33 PM
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Houseplant Diglett
Total Posts: 262
Member No. 1667
Joined on 22-June 14.

Denzil Heath / Gwyn Elijah

Awards: 2

Pokémon - Dorian

Goals -
1. Teach Dorian the Steel-Type move, Smart Strike.
2. General experience.

Setting - Cape Augustine.

Cape Augustine:
Cape Augustine is a bustling seaside city, as one might expect of a major port, and it is one of the most carefully set up cities after a long history of pirate raids. The houses are set up so that it is nearly impossible to climb from roof to roof, and a large stone wall encloses the city to protect the town proper from invaders. It has long since expanded beyond the wall, however, and the city sprawls outwards, almost into the forest. It is an affluent city with an exceedingly high cost of living, where those who aren't quite so well-to-do are thrust into the outskirts of town or shipped off to other cities, mostly Cypwater Point due to the comparative ease of the sea-route. Because of this, the poorer sections of the Cape are virtually nonexistent.

The Cape is known for its marketplace and the lighthouse, which is lit by a large number of electivire who rotate nightly so that there are always four pokémon lighting the lighthouse by passing a discharge around , each pokémon feeding off of the others' energy to produce the next burst. The marketplace is one of the most impressive in the region, with fresh fruits and exotic wares from every other region in addition to a wide variety of the products and plant species only found in Harper Region, most of which have richer or more powerful flavor than their equivalent plants elsewhere. The Guardian Headquarters is also located here.

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