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 Evestalina “Vestie” Lennell’s Travels, Desoto/Adamantine
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 12:06 PM
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{{So sorry for the wait, Deso! I know you know how to do things, but let me or one of the admins know if you need any refreshers or want to know the type of your egg. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your new Travels!}}

RP Sample/Prologue

Lady Grey smiled at Vestie’s enthusiasm, and motioned for the other Guardian to approach with her starting goods. “You’re welcome, and I have a pokemon here for you, as well as an egg. Train them both as a starting test from me,” she said as she handed over the bag to Vestie. The egg was nestled between some starting supplies and what looked like a relatively heavy amount of gold. “And to begin that test, you’ll need someone to work with.” Turning to the departing Guardian, she asked, “Will you send Anna in here?” before addressing Vestie once again. “Every Guardian is matched with a senior partner in the beginning, to make sure that they learn the ropes.” Vestie would have a few minutes to ask any questions of Lady Grey, or perhaps to speak with Sil or meet her new pokemon, before three sharp knocks on the door heralded the arrival of someone new.

The Guardian who entered the room was tall, her light skin peppered with freckles and her dirty blonde hair tied back with a leather thong to keep it out of her eyes. From the looks of her armor, she was a Senior Guardian, and from the looks of her smile, she was happy with being called into Lady Grey’s presence.

“What can I do for you, my lady?” she asked as soon as she got within earshot, her voice confident but not overly loud.

“Anna, this is Evestalina Lennell, who has just pledged her service to me. Evestalina, this is Anastasia Redwood, a Senior Guardian who has served with me for many years.”

“And who does not need to be called Anastasia,” she said as she turned to Vestie with a smile. “Anna’s fine, and it’s nice to meet you.” Facing Lady Grey again, she said, “I thought this summons would be about the lost scyther.”

“Any progress?”

“Nothing concrete yet, but I’ve heard about a woodcutter on the outskirts of town who might know something,” Anna replied.

Lady Grey looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled. “Why don’t you take Evestalina here with you? She needs an introductory mission, and as I seem to recall, you haven’t taken on a junior in a while.”

“I’d be glad to, but…” Anna’s eyes darted over at Vestie. “We should probably head to the stables first. This woodcutter lives on the outskirts of the city, down by the lower levels.”

Lady Grey nodded, a flash of understanding in her eyes, before she dismissed the two Guardians. “I know I will see great things from you,” she said in parting, and Anna stood up and held the door, waiting for Vestie to approach. She was willing to help her get around if need be, but for the moment, she didn’t wish to patronize her new junior partner by making any assumptions.

“I’m sorry to drag you into this mission; you can probably request another one if you want,” Anna said, running her fingers through her hair. “Also, do you know what your pokemon is yet? It’d be a good idea to meet it before we get started, if you haven’t.” She would give Vestie a bit of space to interact with the new pokemon, but she would watch her new junior partner carefully.

Once Vestie was done, or if she told Anna that she had already met her new pokemon, Anna would say, “I think it’s high time we find the stables. Usually, it’s best to find a flier to get down to the ground level, and then some sort of ground mount from there. Does that sound good to you?” Before they could get out of the base, however, Anna had one final thing to ask: “I know you’re likely tired of hearing this, and I won’t harp on it, but if you could let me know what things you may need help with because of your… injury, it’ll help me plan the mission.” She carefully refrained from asking how Vestie lost the part of her leg, although Vestie could certainly offer an explanation if she wished. For now, however, she simply expected an explanation for how she could help Vestie on their first mission, and a willingness to begin her new journey as a Guardian of Istin City.


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 Posted: Jun 23 2017, 04:42 AM
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Vestie couldn’t wipe the smile from her face, and accepted the pokeball, egg and other items with deep gratitude. “Thank you, this means so much,” she said, running her fingers gently over the shell of the egg, her blue eyes bright. The pokeball drew her attention next, and she reached for it, looking back at her Patron as she spoke of training both the pokemon in the ball, as well as the occupant of the unhatched egg, as a test. “I’ll do my best by them both,” she promised, and there was an earnestness to her tone. Vestie nodded at Lady Grey’s next words, and then curled her fingers around the pokeball still in hand. A pale object resting near the egg drew her attention, and she glanced at it, before pressing the button and setting her new companion loose.


At the knock at the door, woman and cubone alike turned to observe the woman entering. Though she had never been one to judge by appearances, Vestie’s first impressions of the guardswoman she assumed was to be her mentor while she adjusted to her new assignment was quite positive. The senior guardian, quickly introduced as Anastasia, Anna, seemed to be certain of herself, but possessed no air of undue superiority that Vestie had grown accustomed to with some of the more experienced guardians back in Dedrius. Vestie remained silent while Lady Grey and Anna conversed, but when the guardswoman turned to address her, Vestie replied with a matching smile. “It’s nice to meet you too Anna. And likewise, you can call me Vestie for short, if you’d like.”

Sil shifted beside her, and the two Dedrius guardians (or, former Dedrius guardians) became silnet observers of the conversation that continued. A lost scyther? From the sounds of it, it had been missing a while, and Vestie wondered who it belonged to, and if it had caused any problems, or been hurt. At the mention of a woodcutter, she felt a pang of homesickness, though she glanced to the side only to find Sil doing the same. And while she remembered the smells of home – the scent of woodsmoke and fresh cut timber, her friend’s smile was enough to quell the flicker of loss. Something brushed against her foot, and she leaned down to trail her fingers down Saro’s back – a gesture she hoped he’d find comforting. It was only when Lady Grey mentioned her name that she straightened once more.

There was no denying that her mouth suddenly felt dry when Anna glanced her way, and as her heart beat loudly in her chest, she feared that Anna would make an excuse. The woman’s next words, however, brought relief to Vestie, and she felt ashamed, having thought that Anna would be so shallow. A deep breath, and Vestie smiled again, though it was just a little tired. She had known that this would be difficult. Everyone had told her. But she had proved many wrong already, and she wasn’t the type to give up without a fight. That she was sitting here, alive and mostly-well was proof enough of that. She rose to her feet with a bit of effort, taking a moment to gain her balance and steady herself, before she bid her Patron farewell, biting her lip as she was genuinely moved by the older woman’s encouraging words.

Sil leaned down to scoop up the little cubone, who squirmed in his arms until Vestie spoke gently to him, reaching to rest a hand lightly on the cubone’s skull, leaning on Sil as she did so, who was ready and willing to bear her weight. Together, they approached Anna, and there was appreciation in Vestie’s eyes and in her smile. At her newly assigned partner’s apology, she shook her head lightly. “I’m more than happy to help out wherever I can.” With a tilt of her head, she motioned towards the small pokemon in Sil’s arms. “We met just before. Quiet as he may be, I have a feeling Saro is going to be a reliable ally, and I am glad to have him by my side.” At that, Vestie went on to agree with Anna’s suggestion about heading to the stables, finding her idea to be the logical next step.

But then came the part that Vestie had been secretly dreading. Her shoulders tensed a little and she held her breath a moment. Sil’s shoulder brushed her own, before he placed Saro on the ground near Vestie’s foot and quietly dismissed himself, promising to see Vestie a bit later. He no doubt had to organise his own reassignment here, and Vestie appreciated the privacy he had given her to answer Anna’s question. “I just want to start by saying that I appreciate this. Not many are able to take… this… in stride. Some go on about it unceasingly, and others avoid all mention of it like the plague. I am grateful for your direct and respectful approach Anna.” It was like a breath of fresh air, if Vestie were to be honest. “As for what I need,” she began, before pausing a moment to think about her phrasing, and consider what would be practical, and what information she’d like to be told if she were in Anna’s position. “I’ll need some way of bringing this crutch with us, so I’ll need to consider that when we organise both a flier and a land mount. As awkward as it is to bring it along, unless I can find some other way of getting about, I’m stuck with the thing.” There was a tone of amusement to her voice, despite the frustration she felt for a brief moment.

“It may be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway – if we find ourselves in a confrontation of any kind, I’m little more than a sitting ducklett by myself. I’ll rely on Saro here quiet heavily, and will do my best to stay out of your way.” Another moment of silence. “The last thing I want is to put you in danger Anna, so I want to make it clear to you now that I am ready and willing to retreat if you deem it best at any given time. I came here so I could continue to help others, but I don’t want to do that at the cost of good people like you.” Again, there was that earnestness, and though the words were hard for Vestie to say, she said them all the same, and meant every single one. “I am rather useless on foot, but I served as a scout for years in Dedrius and I have experience riding pokemon.” She clammed up then, overcome by a ripple of grief. Ivo… She missed the rapidash so much. Struggling to shake off the pain, she blinked and lifted her chin a little, waiting to follow Anna to the stables if the guardwoman was satisfied with what she had shared. Before they moved off, Vestie would take a moment to address to Saro, and recall him (after tucking his bone safely away), promising to let him out when they were at the lower level of Istin.

[egg post 1]

(Hope this is all okay! That little tiny time-skip up there is essentially Vestie’s first dev post, where she just meets Saro and gives him a name.)

Evestalina Lennell
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 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 01:41 PM
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[ desooooooooo welcome back love. http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/emoticons/28.png .7 ]

Anna nodded easily at the mention of the crutch and flashed them a grin. "You're an easy one to work with then, aren't you? Not to worry, Vestie. In a city like this, accidents like that aren't so rare as you might think -- winter can have teeth as sharp as any pokemon." For proof, she held up her left hand, which was missing the first joint of its ring finger. As such things went, it was a very minor injury indeed, but it did at least prove her point. The senior Guard made no attempts to draw comparisons between the missing fingertip and Vestie's absent leg, of course. There weren't any.

To Vestie's explanation and disclaimer, Anna only nodded and commented easily without hesitating as they walked along the stone halls towards the guardian aeroport just beyond the Lady's apartments, "That's understandable, and I appreciate your forthrightness. It'll be good to have your friend there around just in case, too, but I think that once we get back from this mission we ought to see about getting you set up with a flying mount of your own and a harness. It's the best way around the city most days, and should ease your troubles." She paused just outside the corridor where the daylight and cool air breathed into the hall. This high up, the air was thin for those who were unaccustomed and the air cool even in the summer.

When the two had caught up and looked comfortable again, Anna gestured towards the various perches built into the stone. A pair of braviary preened, each fitted with a saddle-and-harness that could accomodate two people. The squire nodded to Anna and returned to what passed for stables at this altitude -- a singularly airy construction of more holes and windows than stonework, lined well with straw and feathers. Several lazy torkoal were visible through the broad door, warming the space despite the constant wind in return for what looked like piles of spicy berries. Anna helped each of them mount, Sil and Vestie on one and herself on the other. The great eagles bore them down in broad circles from the dizzying heights of the city-mountain's peak to the stables at the base. Here, they exchanged mounts for a pair of stout gogoat with thick woolen blankets. Anna waved as the eagles ascended again, far faster than they had flown down.

Here, too, the squire was awfully quiet. It was not until Anna had begun to lead them not toward the sparse trees but north, towards the wild mountains -- and perhaps not even then but when she began to address them quietly -- that Vestie and Sil would realise all was not completely as it seemed. Anna's expression was grim as she explained. "The scyther is one of our men, not a pokemon. Real name's Sithie Warren. A bird breeder, an old man who came from Cypwater in his youth. He's missing, and it's not only out of character for him to vanish, but also he was carrying a clutch of promising eggs at the time which should have been brought to the Lady's aerie. There's a Wodarch woodsman who we work with on occasion living to the north of the city. He says he saw the man." Anna shook her head, as if she was reluctant to hope it was true. "Those eggs were valuable. The last of their line, worth a fortune. We're tasked with gathering information, following up any pressing leads. If we find something important, I'll send a pokemon back to the city. There's a task force waiting."

She nodded to them, and made a quick gesture around. "Keep your eyes peeled -- and if you see a pokemon you want, we'll stop. I have a bad feeling about this job. Better to have more backup than less"

They were rapidly leaving the base of the city behind on sure-footed mounts and entering a craggy valley where ice still glistened in the shadowy hollows and most of the plant life was stunted and low from long winters buried in snow. A mankey watched them pass from a perch higher up in the crag, and a small flock of murkrow eyed them suspiciously and only grudgingly shuffled out of the way of the goats. The area felt inhospitable, to say the least, for a pair of guardians accustomed to the lush forests of Dedrius and the city that stretched over the foothills comfortably rather than piled up and fenced in by stony peaks and scrub... But Anna seemed comfortable with the setting, if not their mission. If they were observant enough, they might notice the sableye with eyes a-glitter hiding in the shadows between boulders, well groomed and healthier looking than a wild pokemon had a right
to be. It would melt away if Vestie or Sil looked at it long enough.

They would ride for perhaps two hours to the Wodarch's cabin, hung about with strange hides that insulated it and chimney smoking peacefully in the afternoon's quickly fading sun. If they asked, Anna would clarify that they would stay the night here. She had helped him when he had broken his arm once, and the man had considered her a friend ever since.

He answered the door swiftly to their knock, revealing a towering man covered in blue tattoos and hides with embroidery so dense that it was difficult to tell what beast they had come from -- but he was smiling broadly. "Anna! I had hoped you would make it before it was night in the valleys. Come in, and your new trainees both. They look cold, and I have a fire and fresh soup."

Anna embraced him briefly, and helped the other two inside while the man -- Eoghain -- settled the guardian mounts behind the house in his stable alongside a stoutland and a young arcanine who had not yet reached its full size. She did not hesitate to serve them from the big cauldron that looked as though it was kept always bubbling in the hearth. He returned and scooped his own bowl of the thick venison stew, and leaned against the counter with Anna, both of them having insisted that Sil and Vestie take the two chairs. "The Lady says you had seen the Scyther, Eoghain? We came about that -- you probably knew. Out to scout and gather up information. The Lady thought it would be a good job for Vestie and Sil here to get accustomed to Istin's lands with, coming from Dedrius, but I... Eoghain, I've got a bad feeling about this." The latter was pitched low for his ears, but there was little chance of Vestie and Sil not hearing it. The look she gave them was that of a fellow guardian: we worry, but we will carry on.

He frowned, clearly taking her worry seriously. "I saw him one week ago, just before that storm rolled in. He was hunched over, his pack full. I tried to approach him, to offer help -- a man in his 60's from the city should not be in the mountains alone, let alone with a burden like that. He shok his head wildly and told me to get away. He pointed one of those magecraft staves at me, crackling with lightning. I had to step back and watch him pass deeper into the mountains. He stumbled and nearly fell more than once. He did not come back. I don't know if even I can track him. That thunderstorm..." He glanced at the two junior guardians, and explained, "When these valleys flood in the rain, all manner of debris move around. If he stuck to the valley floors like he was when I first saw him, his tracks will have been washed away."

They were quiet for a moment. If Vestie or Sil had suggestions, they'd be taken gladly. Otherwise, Anna would press him for details, but come up with little else. The valley had been to the northeast; it didn't have a name, but Eoghain knew it and could show them in the morning. He was worried that he had not returned. Asked if he could accompany them. Anna agreed, perhaps a bit too quickly. They could pass the night.

In the morning, they would mount their gogoat, Eoghain his stoutland, and set out.

[wanted to get you moving! feel free to fill in the in between times as you like!]

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http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/198murkrow.png x8
- milling around, eventually moved to let them pass but mostly so they didn't get trampled

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/302sableye.png ?? ??
- barely visible for a moment. watching them.


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