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With the cooling season of Autumn, Ice-types are starting to re-emerge from their hibernation as Ghost-, Normal-, and Flying-types swarm in the largest numbers they will all year. In comparison, wild Fire- and Bug-type populations are falling in number. The migration of Flying-types to the south in search of warmer weather has also started, as Istin City starts to re-freeze and Autumn marks the beginning of Cypwater Point's rainy season. Handlers and Rogues alike should be wary: Ghost-type powers are boosted during this season, at the cost of being more prone to their triggers.

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New Posts Crater Lake
This nearly circular lake is the foundation of the city of Navdia Crater itself, an oasis of the desert shored up against harsh, dry mountains. Ten miles in diameter at its maximum, this massive lake can be found at the lowest point of the crater outside of the city and on the opposite side from the Crescents' northernmost volcano.

The lake itself is a sight, boasting beautiful beaches and water that quickly changes from an almost tropical blue in the shallows to the dark slate blue-grey normally associated with deep ocean. No one has been able to determine how deep the lake goes, although there are a few small islands dotting it. Geologically, the lake is an ancient caldera.

Being the lifeblood of the area, the lake naturally collects stories just as much as it greedily collects the scant rain of the desert. Some stories insist that the lake is actually connected deep, deep underground to the bottom of the Marratic Ocean to the west. Others go into great detail about the spirits of the lake that keep the northern volcano tame and sleepy. By far the most famous, however, are the tales of the shockingly peaceful mating pair of an albino gyarados and a milotic. Stories and rare sightings of the same go back hundreds of years, and scholars believe the pair not only to dwell deep in the lake but also to be nearly five hundred years of age.

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In: »Hunter and Hunted
By: Yana
New Posts Weavers' Row
The most commercially famous section of the city, Weaver's Row is a riot of bright colors and acrid smells and brilliant patterns that all but overwhelm the unprepared -- Navdia's famous fabric makers, dyers, weavers, and merchants make their homes and businesses along this thoroughfare on the southern side of the city. The stench of the vats is incomparable, but the beauty, quality, and variety of wares are a siren's call that makes nothing of the deterrent. Those who live in the city or near the Row rarely notice the smells, but foreigners are often seen wearing masks against it.

In addition, the streets north of the Row host shops and homes of the Crater's other major trading goods: precious gemstones and vibrant spices. The former are mined from the Crescents or from expeditions led into the Shatterskies, while the spices are cultivated in the unique environment that the lake's edge creates, producing intense aromatics for incense and strong flavors for cooking, and are highly sought after in part for their rarity.

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 Navdia Crater
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