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 Dream Equipment
 Posted: Apr 11 2014, 04:18 PM
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Fire poofs! :D
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Joined on 27-November 13.

Byrd Starling

Awards: None

I really have no idea. I mean, this stuff is so cool that I can't decide. It would probably go something like this, though...

A Giant Flying-Type Sword: Similar to Cloud's sword from some FF game, a giant sword that could be wielded like a regular sword would be so ridiculously awesome. And, Jubilee could then wield it also. To give her an advantage. I dunno. It would just be the coolest.

If possible, maybe a Fire Bow or Crossbow: Armor piercing arrows that also burn the victim. That would be super-awesome.

Water Pendant/Scarf: Mostly just to let Adam breathe underwater. If it doesn't give him any of the other effects, that is fine, but having them would greatly help Adam. If the scarf he usually wears around could be enchanted, that would be sweet. He could pull it over his face and breath through it.

Dark Hat/Helmet/etc: To keep that prying Jubilee out of Adam's head when he wants.

Bug Gloves: He would be like Spiderman. COOL!

Flying Armor: The ability to move quickly and barely feel like having armor on would be handy also. Like the sword, super light weight equipment is always a plus.

Grass Cloak: If he could wrap it around himself and 'plant a shield' on his back, etc, it would be like bonus armor that doesn't get in the way or anything.

Ghost Boots: For the stealths... http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/8.png *sneaks off*

*sneaks back* Well, this was all really because it all seems cool to have. There is no specific coordination or anything. No reason to it. Just that it all seems cool at the time.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it"
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Byrd Starling and her Flight


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 Posted: Apr 28 2014, 06:09 PM
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I know nothing
Background Admins/Head Mods
Total Posts: 750
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Joined on 20-January 13.

Johann Schnee | Chase Redwood (Retired) | Oliver Spearow (Retired)

Awards: 3

user posted image

For Chase:

Flying-type Bow - Mainly because of the unlimited arrows. Very useful.
Flying-type Boots - For running really fast. Chase loves his speed.
Dark-type Armor - For adding stealth to his movements. God knows Chase needs it.

user posted image

For Oliver:

Even though he's not complete yet, I know what kind of equipment he would like

Water-type armor- What would be better for a diver than armor that let's him breathe underwater?
Ghost-type gloves - He takes what he wants, whenever he wants and these will help him do that.
Psychic bandana - He might need help focusing from time to time. His ADD can be a burden sometimes.

His weapon is still undecided, since I'm sort of leaving that open-ended for his adventure. Who knows what he'll pick up.


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 Posted: Apr 29 2014, 12:39 AM
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Peace in Balance
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Joined on 21-March 13.


Awards: None

Alyssa needs a Grass shield and either a Grass Shortsword or a a Fairy Shortsword. Only Mega I could see Alyssa ever getting though is Kangaskhan. She already has the grass armor!

Something fireproof would be nice though too...

Sad that there aren't more megas.


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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

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 Posted: Apr 29 2014, 12:23 PM
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Darkness is Brewing
Total Posts: 126
Member No. 1548
Joined on 10-April 14.

Luca Catore, Niko Vondor

Awards: None

For Luca I would suggest:

Dark type rapier: perhaps if she had that, the arrow might have landed a killing blow (Even tho that was a bow http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/30.png )

Fairy Bow: because of the mega evolution for her Absol, becoming her guardian angel.

Water or Grass type armor: because one: it is flexible and seems to be quiet and Two: because who could pass up more healing or ability to swim underwater like that?

Normal Cloak: because of the fact many people have feared her most of her life she just wants to blend in.


user posted image
- - - - - - - -
Luca Catore and The Path Less Traveled
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Dreams / Goals

Niko Vondur
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 Posted: May 26 2014, 02:24 AM
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the Rain-loving Volcarona
Background Mods
Total Posts: 778
Member No. 33
Joined on 19-September 11.

Alphaea Schneider, Apollo Schilde

Awards: 5

Hrmmm. For Apollo...

Bug gloves/boots, because climbing and snatching opponent's weapons.
A Fairy dagger for evolutions and stabbing the occasional dragon.
A Flying halberd for insane acrobatic maneuvers.
Water armor, the flexible sort, (although in certain situations the waterbreathing would be nice too) and probably a Psychic helmet. Maybe a Ground-type piece of armor or shield too just to ward off the electric threat, but that's largely optional.
Ghost armor would be nice too, but he can't wear everything at the same time. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png
Finally, a Psychic blunt weapon, so he could knock out opponents without injuring them too much. Maybe this would be better than the halberd...

Ah... I'm frightfully changeable. I admire Carni's decision to not give Castiel any. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png Then again, Apollo's background is much more tolerant of magic compared to other Arceans.

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 Posted: Oct 5 2014, 11:12 PM
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Experienced Handler
Total Posts: 149
Member No. 465
Joined on 24-July 12.

Coraline Thimble

Awards: None

So for Alain, who's not afraid of magic because the Church of Xerneas celebrates it as a gift from the gods...



Steel-type Sword - Alain's theme is basically "boring but practical." Being mostly a spearsman, he doesn't depend so much on his sword unless his spear's been broken or taken away, or the enemy had closed in enough that the long reach's become a disadvantage. An ultra-durable sword that doesn't need sharpening and still holds enough weight would be awesome for him.

Normal-type Sword - An equally awesome alternative. "Effective against every other weapons save for a few" and also totally normal-looking, two things Alain likes the most. Plain but powerful.

Fighting-type Spear - No such thing as too much help. Alain passes up on fancy weapons, not helpful ones, and a fighting-type spear to make his blows much more powerful is going to be a huge and really appreciated boost.



Flying-type Plate/Mail Armor - With the most lethal drawback of heavy plate armors being their weight that cause exhaustion, something with the same protective quality but much lighter's going to be heaven for Alain. Here's to hoping the ventilation problem's solved with flying-type armor too, lol. He doesn't want to cook in his own armors.

Steel-type Plate/Mail Armor - Durable stuff, protective and effective against pretty much everything without being showy.

Fighting-type Plate/Mail Armor - Awesome mobility. So really it's a choice between these three.


I'm perfectly okay with the thought of never getting any elemental items tho. They be rare, and more a nice boost than a must-have or something to depend on.

Coraline Thimble - Istin Guardian

Alain Tremblay - Wandering Handler

Billy Hobbs - Marchton Guardian
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 Posted: Nov 28 2014, 11:18 PM
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Senior Handler
Total Posts: 202
Member No. 1621
Joined on 2-June 14.

Maverick Noah Ryder

Awards: 2

Maverick's Ideal Weapons List:
    » Crossbow with Electric Type Bolts/Arrows: When bolts/arrows hits their target, there is a 70% chance that target with not only be stabbed by the sharp ended tip. But the target can become completely paralyzed until the weapon has been removed by the shooter, unable to move besides the immense uncontrollable spazzing that can occur. The crossbow itself has handmade ground type material inner laced in its handle to make it so the electrified bolts does not effect the shooter, but activates the electric charge as soon as the arrows are released from the crossbow. When the the bow its shot, sparks crackle and pop from the tip to the end. These bows are marked by fainted out yellow feathers at the end believed to be Zapdos feathers, his hidden ability Static enhanced in those feathers that make them so. These arrows can only work on partially wooden crossbows or the shooter will be electrified. The bolts/arrows do not work against ground type armor and creatures, yet still can cause damage like a normal arrows when struck.

    » Poison Type Throwing Knifes: When an opponent or creature gets a cut, gashed, stabbed, etc, by these knifes, there is a 50% chance they will become poisoned and death is intimate if not treated probably as soon as possible. Depending on the degree of injury when hit, the light lavender yellow blade with a thin layer of poison liquid will have cause sickness almost instantly and nausea soon follow in the matter of minutes. The poison attacks the blood stream and can destroy the body in just a few hours. If only scrapped by the blade, a rash can appear and still get into the body until treated when hit. It is believed the blades where crafted by a dark blacksmith who used a Dragalge to crafted them and make them so deadly. The blades can affect anyone who touches them, though its less effective on any grass, fighting, poison, and fairy type armor and creatures. Basic damage still applies.

    » Steel Type Short Sword: With the belief that the short sword was forged from the Bisharp's bladed body by a crafty old swords maker, this blade is more durable than any normal blade and the sharpest of the sharpest edges in the world. Although the sword has no cool or neat effect like poisonous or burns, the sword is unbreakable and unable to be damaged not matter what you do to it and can stand up against any weapon. With a very high grade metal, its can easily break any metal or stone with just a few hits. When put up against an fighting type weapon, it can hold its ground yet has no effect on fighting armor. But when up against a fire elemental weapon, the sword starts to show a few weak spots in repeated uses against it. Basic damage still applies.

    » Fire Type Long Sword: Sounds a little stupid. But in fact, its something completely amazing. With a tint of a deep crimson long blade, the sword becomes engulfed in blue flames as soon as it is pulled out of its sheaf. Why blue? Its believed that the craftsman of this sword used the flames from a shiny rapidash that had flames hotter than the topical fire. In result, the blade has elemental trigger to turn into a hotter than normal fire blade that can cut throw any weapon besides ground and rock weapons and armor. When struck by a water type weapon or armor, the long sword flames died out more and more with each strike. When the fire blade goes out with water, it takes at least a day for the flame to rebuild in its sheaf before it can be used again. Basic damage still applies.

    Fairy Type Daggers: A simply weapon that is used to kill dragons or other creatures by its blade. Its believed to be made out of one of Xerneas horn active crystals, often times changing colors depending on the blades trust for its handler. The more it trust its handler, the sharper and stronger the daggers are. Red, little to no trust. Orange, little to medium trust. Blue, medium to high trust. Purple, high to complete trust. No color, inactive.
Maverick's Ideal Armors:
    » Dark Type Helmet/Hat/etc: A simply yet very good thing to have. When placed on its users head, the item blocks out any psychic attacks like mind reading, control over body or mind, and everything in between. Though the hat is not all good. Its believed to have been cursed with black magic to give nightmares when worn for too long at one time. Darkrai often haunts the person when wearing for longer than two days and even make it so the user can not sleep at all.

    » Ghost Type Cloak/Cape: Wish you were invisible? Well with this Cloak, you can. When draped over anything, being sure to use the side with the Mismagius colored pattern facing you, the item or person underneath because completely invisible to the outside world. This armor is great if you want to sky or be unseen from the eyes of others. Of course, other ghost and dark type creatures can sense anyone in use of this object but still can not see them until cloak is removed. Weapons have no effect in use, sense you cant really see them unless you are able to strike them. In which case, it just makes them visible for a few seconds every time you hit them.

    » Dragon Type Shield: Made from the scales of a Druddigon, this sheila as great resistance against any weapon turn its way. Any weapon that strikes it, will either died out or break made with the most durable dragon scales in the world. Ice and fairy weapons can weaken the shield, but only repeated hits will damage it.

    » Ground or Rock Type Boots: Although the boots are heavy and loud when traveling, these boots are very useful to climb rocks hill sides, help cross the hot sands, hot ashes, and everything in between. They do not work very well in watery, grassy, or icey terrain.

    » Water Spears/Lances/Polearms,: When held underwater, it lets its user hold their breath underwater much much longer than an average time and helps them swim and hunt.

    » Psychic Pendant: When worn, the handler can use this item to read minds of both pokemon and other humans.

    » Fighting Gloves: wip

    » Grass Axes: wip

    » Flying Throwing Hammers: wip

    » Ice Staves: wip
bug Rapiers

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 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 08:51 AM
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Skeleton War Survivor
Total Posts: 24
Member No. 2338
Joined on 25-March 17.

Huyana Taah'sin, Felicia atte Wode

Awards: 1

At work, so sorry for the unspaced rambling.

After a bit of thinking... ground type staff works as lightningrod and has additional benefits that would be useful in direct combat. Heavier than normal, but thatll work out as I want Huyana to be physically strong anyway. Flying type belt, perhaps, to add additional agility and lightness (or better yet a full flying type harness instead; itll take off a good portion of the strain from the staff.) Possibly a fire type helmet because itd help exploration (plus the effect ot has on some weapons, whichll be useful). Fighting gloves will also help balance out the staff, actually, and imagine the strength boost. Chest could be water, boots probably flying (or ghost if ) and maybe grass type legs? The gambleson i started Huyana off with could also end up being a Normal type (or rather one she gets later). The more useful, the better.

Edit: Oh, almost forgot - psychic amulet if Huyana doesn't get a psychic type, perhaps a dark type ring to decrease the effect from psychic attacks (probably won't null it entirely, though)

I use they/them pronouns!



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