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 Silas Arington's Travels, Astraea
 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 09:12 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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{{You know how to do things~ but let me or one of the admins know if you need any refreshers or want to know the type of your egg. Enjoy your new Travels!}}

RP Sample/Prologue

"I accept your oath," Councilman Lindsey said, and a small smile graced his face as he motioned for a Guardian standing at attention by the side of the room to approach. "Here are some basic supplies for you, including a pokemon to be your first partner - and an egg. Think of both as a test of how well you care for pokemon."

The bag was stuffed with gold, and in the smaller pockets there rested several potions and berries to help Silas begin his journey. The poke ball inside the bag was warm, signifying the presence of life (or at least some form of life, even if not the traditional idea), and the pokemon egg was solid and cold and still needed a good amount of time to hatch.

"You'll be working with Susanna today; she's got a patrol in the market district, it's easy enough to reach once you rent a flyer from our stables."

Without any further explanation, the councilman waved his hand again, and a middle-aged woman approached. Her thick black hair was peppered with gray, and freckles dotted her face. "This is Susanna, she'll be your senior on this mission. Treat her as you would treat me, although... you are allowed to offer ideas of what to do, or suggest a different course of action than your mentor. She is not your master." Evidently, the councilman had paid good attention to the recommendation letter. "This is a test of your own abilities, not just your ability to follow orders."

Susanna gave a polite bow to the councilman and then waved her hand at Silas - it seemed the councilman was not the only one to use this particular gesture. "Hello - like Councilman Lindsey said, I'm Susanna, and we'll be doing your first mission together. Follow me, unless you have any more questions." She began to walk out of the room, and would patiently wait outside if Silas had anything else to ask the councilman. She would begin to talk rather rapidly once he emerged from the room, however.

"Today, we've got a market patrol. It shouldn't be too terrible, so it's a good chance to see how Guardians work. Ask as many questions as you want, and don't hesitate to speak up - this is a group project, not a dictatorship." She gave him a wide smile, leading him through the base before opening the door. "I'll let my pokemon out here; you can meet yours if you want, it'd probably be a good idea, before we head out."

She pulled a poke ball off her belt and released what looked like a mass of vines. "This is Tanner, he's a tangrowth, a grass-type. He was my first pokemon from the councilman, and we've been working together for years." The pokemon lazily waved a vine in greeting.

Susanna would wait for Silas to meet his own pokemon, keeping her mouth shut and withholding judgment until she saw how he interacted with it, before showing him the way to the stables. "I'm sure you noticed this coming in, but we mainly use flying-type pokemon to get around. There's a tropius here that should be able to carry us both - good, no one else has rented him." She stepped into the stables, speaking to someone only briefly before the powerful pokemon was led over in her direction. "I'll do this first flight, and you can watch - I might even let you direct on the way back."

Shortly after the tropius took off, the pair would find themselves in the middle of a bustling marketplace. At first glance, it seemed to be a good kind of bustling, but this illusion would soon be shattered as the tropius underneath them bucked, nearly throwing the pair to the ground. The smell of smoke pervaded the air, and it wouldn't take long for Silas and Susanna to see the culprit: a series of stalls on fire, frantic owners trying to get their wares and get away with their lives.

"Come on, follow me!" Susanna said, but when she saw the extent of the fire, she turned to Silas. "All right, now what? Tanner's useless against a fire, and I can't say I have anything particularly more useful." Two more poke balls hung at her belt, their contents unknown, although not much of a sense of promise remained. "You're a new Guardian now - if you saw this scene alone, what would you do?"

The immediate answer might be a battle, although without any pokemon able to quickly quench flames, it might be a moot point. Then again, as a Guardian, Silas had resources that were unavailable to regular citizens. He had the tropius, the respect from his armor, the potential allies in the crowd or beyond... what would he suggest to do? Or was it a Guardian's business to find someone else to do the actual firefighting, and help the people get away? It was a high-tension problem for his first day. It seemed Silas was most definitely being thrown from the frying pan into the fire. sorry not sorry


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 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 04:51 PM
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张开双手 变成翅膀
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Thanks for starting me, Koro! Egg count 2 with the Ring. This is kinda long and rambly...forgive me as I try to get back into writing.

Silas hesitantly raised his head, rising from the kneeling position he had made his vows in as a Guardian approached from the side. The Councilman looked a lot less scary with the smile on his face, but the ex-assassin wasn't foolish enough to let down his guard. He looked the other Guardian over for a second as the bag was handed to him, then dismissed them as unimportant and chose to examine his supplies instead. They certainly equipped even their new Guardians quite nicely, though the shortage of staff possibly accounted for that. There was gold in there, more than the poor orphan had ever seen in his life, and he could feel his eyes going wide in wonder.

Looking past the gold, he took stock of the various medical equipment -- Potions and berries. He'd have to find out the exact purpose of the berries before he attempted to use them. And then, of course, the Pokeball and egg. Silas had taken care of others before, only to have them wrenched out of his life with heartbreaking pain each time. Perhaps this time, he'd be able to protect his partner. Partners, once the egg hatched. Silas looked up once more as the Councilman began to speak. A market patrol sounded simple enough. He appreciated that he'd have a little time to settle in before he got thrown in the more difficult tasks.

Susanna seemed about middle-aged, perhaps a little past her prime if her gray-splashed hair was any indication. With the unusual hair color paired with freckles, she would be a memorable enough face. Silas bowed in greeting to the senior Guardian before turning his attention back to Councilman Lindsey. His last comment was somewhat unnerving -- theoretically, Silas knew that Lindsey knew about the situation, but hearing out loud the past that he was trying so desperately to get away from was a different matter. Regardless, he didn't allow himself to flinch back from the words or express any emotion over it, simply nodding. A test, he had said. Well, Silas would do his best to make a good first impression.

"Thank you," Silas said simply. He didn't have any questions at the moment, and he was decently sure that Susanna would be able to help him if anything pressing came up. With a final bow to the Councilman, the young man would turn on his heels and follow the woman out. As soon as he stepped outside, Susanna began to talk, reiterating that they were headed out on a market patrol and to ask questions. She had a good point about meeting his Pokemon, however.

The Tangrowth wasn't exactly a familiar shape -- though their pre-evolved forms were common, they weren't naturally found in the Marchton area, and Silas had never seen one before. Unsure of how to greet it back, he simply bowed his head in response to the wave, perhaps a little more formal than necessary. Silas would then dig into the bag, fingers easily closing around the distinctive shape of the Pokeball and allowing the orb's contents to come out in a blinding flash of light. His own Pokemon was also unfamiliar but in a different way.

For a second, Silas thought this was some kind of joke, but then the sword-shaped Pokemon drifted through the air, coming closer to its new handler. "Hello," he greeted warily. The ex-assassin wasn't a man of many words in the first place, and he was certainly quite out of his element here. He paused for a second and the Honedge gave a gentle metallic hum -- a greeting back, perhaps? "I'm Silas, your handler from now on. I hope we work well together," he continued. Another metallic hum. "Oh -- a name. Do you have a name?" When his question was met with a sideways shaking that he chose to interpret as a no, Silas would grasp the Pokecard strung around his neck and point it towards the Honedge.

It was his first time using the magic-infused device, and Silas had to say that he was quite amazed by it as the Pokemon's information showed up. This one was a male, it seemed. Then... "What about Kazimir?" Another hum. It seemed that the Pokemon was about as vocal as he was. "Alright then, Kazimir." With that out of the way, Silas returned the Honedge and turned back to the other Guardian expectantly. He would be able to spend more quality time with his new partner later, but he wasn't sure if flying with the dual-type still out was the safest option.

He was quiet on the way to the stables and as they mounted the Tropius, a bit wary of flying but soon relaxing as it became apparent that the large Pokemon was a steady and stable flier. He seemed to take direction well, although the confidence with which he flew meant that he had probably traveled this way multiple times. If Susanna decided to give him the reins on the return trip, Silas was decently confident in his abilities. Those thoughts quickly flew out of his mind, however, as he took in the scene below them.

So much for a slow start, it seemed, but Silas wasn't one to back off from a challenge. He dismounted easily, looking at Susanna for direction first as he instinctively did. Surprisingly, she proceeded to ask him his own opinion first. "Get the bystanders out and call for reinforcements with Water-types. The merchants are unlikely to leave their wares, and it would take too much time to convince them otherwise, so we'd have to stop the fire in the stalls... If he's willing to help, the Tropius could blow dust over the fire while we dismantle the stalls around the fire so there's less fuel."

It was probably the most Silas had talked since giving the oath, but it was rare that anyone asked him for his opinion. Hopefully, Susanna would see some promise in at least one of his ideas. It wasn't anything an individual person could do, but he was sure that someone had already alerted Guardians to come to the area. It was just a matter of how long they could stave off the fire.

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 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 11:56 AM
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[0.7 exp! Nabbed this from slendy to help them out and not feel pressured as much~]

Susanna listened intently to Silas' words, staring down at the stall fires down below. She didn't seem to feel any sort of rush - she was clearly used to urgent situations like this, and had no signs of panicking even as she listened. After Silas stopped talking, she nodded thoughtfully, before speaking once again. "Well processed - and you not panicking is a good sign for a new Guardian. We deal with a lot of unexpected situations, and the ability to process quickly - and not lose your mind to panic - is more useful than many people would expect." She'd eye the fires below for a few more moments, before nodding without another word.

"Tropius, get us down there. When we're off, do what you can to drop dirt and dust on the fires - just, y'know, don't bury the place, and don't get too close. We don't need you catching on fire too, after all." She'd wait to do more until after they landed, at which she'd nod to Silas and climb off - she seemed to expect him to follow. Once Silas was off the Tropius as well, it'd take back off and circle around, calling out to gather what attention he could before doing his best to kick up dust and dirt around the fires. It didn't seem to have much effect, but at least it was trying.

She then turned to Silas, paused a moment, and nodded - she pulled a pokeball off her belt, and released a Kadabra. "Go alert the Guardians - fire in the market!" she said out loud - probably for Silas' sake, and watched as the psychic-type nodded and Teleported away. She'd pause a moment once again, considering the area and what they had at their disposal, before sighing. "We'll feel a little useless here for a bit - let's go see what we can do to get the locals away from the fire. Best we can really do right now is try and keep them calm and away from the fires, as best as possible - neither of us have a water-type, after all." She nodded down the street, where the smoke was visible - the Tropius had dropped them off a bit away from the fires so that it had no risk of catching fire.

She'd rush in that direction, determined to help where she could; she still didn't panic, even when they arrived and shooed Silas off to help. "We'll do more good apart, spreading our help - I know you're new to the Guardians and all, but I'm sure you know to be polite and hopefully can try and get people away from the fires. If nothing else, start in on your idea to take the fuel from the fire - but don't put yourself in danger if you can help it, you hear?!" She'd then head off around the perimeter, keeping an eye out for people and areas she could help.

Silas was suddenly alone, strangely enough - but she did have some sort of a point. Together they could help quite a few people; however, they seemed to be the first Guardians on the scene, and separately had a chance to help even more. Silas may not be a proper Guardian, but this didn't seem to be too unusual - plus, Silas had proved that he could think, and Susanna didn't seem to worry overly much about his ability to help where he could.

He'd have a few moments to think about what to do, before he'd really have to help - he'd have a bit of travel to do before getting close to the nearest fire. If he headed that way, he'd have a choice of trying to get people away - there was a couple staring at the fire for several long moments before trying to rush into the burning building for one reason or another - investigating further, or even heading off to try and get help or whatever else he decided to do to try and help. Susanna's Kadabra had been sent out to help, but maybe he could find someone closer or something?

No matter what he chose, after a while he'd hear something approaching an explosion nearby - if he chose to investigate, a few streets away he'd find a Pokemon there, staring at one of the nearby fires. It seemed that either the Salandit standing in the street had set a fire or just happened to be nearby when the nearby Apothecary had started to partially explode due to whatever was inside. From there, it was up to him as to what to do; it would be busy staring at the building, and wouldn't attack first even if Silas showed himself.

At this point, it was up to Silas: continue trying to do something about the fire, figure out what to do with the Salandit, go and get help, or even whatever else he felt like doing. Whatever he chose, it'd have to be fast - the fire was spreading.

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