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 Character Idea Dump, Just placing this here
Sir Eev
 Posted: May 12 2017, 05:21 PM
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That guy
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Lucius Lancaster III "Lucky"

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Character Questions

Name: Cypress
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Description of a Cypress tree


His parents had an odd fixation with naming their children after trees: Rowan, male and the oldest of them all, Willow, his only sister, and Aspen, his younger brother, youngest of them all. Him? Cypress, named so for its adaptability and strength. Oddly enough, it fit him.


Tendency to get lazy/cut corners/use shortcuts in an effort to be more efficient or get done quicker, which has the potential to get him into trouble or make mistakes; however, his constant experimentation and trail-and-error methodology to figure out how things work and his innovative mind has made him extremely adaptable and given him a quiet understanding of how the world works--nothing is ever set in stone. Rules are able to be bent. Outside-the-box thinking, fallible as it might be, can be applied WITHIN the box to discover new, easier or more efficient ways of getting the job done.

His adaptability makes him a fair conversationalist, and people find him easy to talk to. He is a great listener and prefers to let other people lead the conversation, although he is more than capable of taking the lead if need be... he just prefers not to. Whenever in a social setting, he is good at the 'small talk' of getting to know someone, asks a lot of questions and the like, but gets disinterested quickly and begins to drift off mentally if the conversation isn't something he is interested in.

Innate desire to do good in the world and to 'mean' something to someone / be remembered yet, in the mundane events of day-to-day life, finds himself doing selfish deeds and has very little self-motivation or ambition; he is impressionable; requires someone to push him in the right direction, otherwise falls into complacency. When in a prolonged state of complacency, will eventually become depressed with his place in the world, at which point he flips the script and goes out of his way to do good

All this being said, his innate desire to do good is as much of a want-to-want-to scenario, his heart mostly callous to the outside world around him. As strange as it is, his heart only ever seems to be truly "in it" whenever a situation directly involves him or otherwise affects him or the people HE cares about. While Cypress may seem to be a goody-two-shoes outwardly, he struggles against dark thoughts and desires that he perceives as evil or immoral. He sometimes has to argue with himself not to steal or take advantage of a situation. It is not unheard of for him to have to will himself into a good deed, if only because that's the person he wished that he was. He is a big believer in the notion that the "heart follows action," and believes that, by doing good deeds and acting benevolently will eventually win his own heart over.

Extremely reflexive. Often evaluates his own heart and is concerned with how he is perceived. Wants to be a better version of himself and he finds it easy to see those qualities in other people--coincidentally, he is a jealous soul. Used to take him awhile to see the bad in people whenever it is not immediately evident--now, he is conscious to find the flaws.

When he's nervous, he paces. He also paces when in 'business' mode, trying to get things done. Very intentional with what he's trying to say, but sometimes takes awhile to say it.

Driving Force / Motivation / Character's Goal: Wants to belong. Wants to be remembered after death. Wants to have a family. Wants to leave a legacy behind.


Name: Last name = Bauer, Castle or Winter; First Name(s)? = Leif, Branch, Nathan, Evan, Frederick, Joel, Mason, Owen, Scott, ; Evie, Rosie
Location: Dedrius

Appearance: Picture Picture Picture; Picture

- 'witch-hunter's' hat and pipe; brunette, hazel eyes, scars from years in military-like positions; average height, on the thicker end of average weight, strong but not muscular; facial hair ranges from clean-shaven to short-and-thick beard; broad shoulders and chest; carries himself like a soldier, but has a rather casual bearing; eyes betray sadness and regret as well as passion and heart


- Goes by his last name. Family are the only ones who call him by his first name.

- Passionate; stems from insecurity and fear of not measuring up / being good enough

- Sarcastic, dry, witty; been through enough hard times to not take everything so seriously; knows irony personally

- Kind-hearted; rough exterior, but gooey inside; would never share that side of himself willingly; caustic taste of humor

- Former drug-addict and alcoholic; stays clear away from both; is quick to straighten out young men that even might end up like how he did

- Regretful of how he handled a lot in his past; has a chip on his shoulder to prove he's more than his past and that his past is indeed behind him


- Family: 4th brother among 6; mother = retired traveling physician/philanthropist, father = carpenter

[eev]I am but a branch of

- Childhood: above-average quality, educated well for non-noble birth; middle-of-the-pack among brothers, always in some sort competition with them; insecure about place in the world

- Early Manhood: First Pokémon; Sought out meaning with the Guard and somewhat found it, but was paired with a less-than-moral Senior that led him astray; ended up on drugs and alcohol and minor corruption in his position after a year or 2; got out of drugs and alcohol when his father caught him and his mom found out

[i]"The axe forgets what the tree remembers"

- Mid-twenties: Fell in love, began making a name for himself after cleaning his act and was in consideration for the rank above Senior Guardian; expanded team to 3 in this time; was ratted out by the Senior guardian that got him into drugs while he was being evaluated; was expelled from the Guard, Pokémon team was taken from him; wife left him, infidelity?

- Late-twenties: Fell into depression, became a mercenary and got back into drugs and alcohol for several years; didn't trust self to handle Pokémon; epiphany moment (unsure of what as of yet); began working as a vigilante/Robin hood-type/only taking altruistic type jobs of all sort, still not ready to handle Pokémon.

RP Sample:

- First visit back home since they found out he was on drugs; heart to heart with mom and dad

- They forgive him and praise him for how he's turned his life around; they catch him up on his brothers (two have died since)

- Discuss how he needs to forgive himself; offers a Pokémon to take care of and be his partner, his first since his team was taken from him


“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2

Lucius "Lucky" Lancaster III
Cypress Hill
Miles Ashford-Thatcher
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