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With the cooling season of Autumn, Ice-types are starting to re-emerge from their hibernation as Ghost-, Normal-, and Flying-types swarm in the largest numbers they will all year. In comparison, wild Fire- and Bug-type populations are falling in number. The migration of Flying-types to the south in search of warmer weather has also started, as Istin City starts to re-freeze and Autumn marks the beginning of Cypwater Point's rainy season. Handlers and Rogues alike should be wary: Ghost-type powers are boosted during this season, at the cost of being more prone to their triggers.

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 Made of Steel (Cont.), Dionisia Bosc and Lilith Fauve
 Posted: May 20 2017, 11:19 PM
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judge of the stables
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Joined on 30-January 14.

Eryn Norwood, Adelaide Hawksworth, Seung Han, Iuchra Nic Longáin (Retired)

Awards: 1

Dionisia Bosc, Level 7
Lilith Fauve, Level 9


Title: To Arms!
Description: Business in Fough Place is booming as countless orders of weapons and armour stream in from the warring factions. Bandits and pirates are trying to cash in on the wealth and have on occasion raided the carts/ships filled with ore and rare materials that were bound for Fough Place. Characters must act as bodyguards in order to safely get these wares to their destination. (Mission provided by CounterHex)

Spawn Pool

Magnet Pull and Analytic
No Egg Moves

Sticky Hold and Sand Force
Curse and Mist

Dionisia's catch level: 1-22
Lilith's catch level: 1-38

*this thread is a continuation of this Schism thread!

profile & travels
profile & travels
profile & travels
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please refer to me with they/them pronouns!

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