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 New Territories Discovered!, All Factions Seek Settlers
 Posted: Nov 30 2013, 12:47 PM
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It's a box of spiders.
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The Discovery of the Pennants
    A man washed up on the cliffside beaches near Fough late in the night after one of the wretched storms that famously rolled off the western seas to batter the coast amidst the wreckage of a small vessel, painted black like the smugglers'. It was unusual, but not extraordinary -- bold "speculators" sometimes thought to brave the western seas in hopes of finding safe harbor and perhaps a good stash for their oft illicit wares. Most of the time, they washed up on the beaches, bloated with seawater or barely alive and found long after they could be helped. This fellow, though, ragged and ill-fed as he might have been, was lucky. A fisherman and his wife had made the treacherous climb down from the smithing city to gather the hidden wealth in the sands -- clamperl. Fough was their secret place. Between themselves and a few other families, they held the market in the city for the best clams around and guarded it jealously. They found him, and initially passed by until their pokemon brought their attention back to him. He had groaned. This man was alive.

    They traded looks, but in the end, both were good people and would not abandon a man for their profit, and packed away what they had gathered to carry the unconscious, half drowned man up the cliffs with them. He wore not velvet or wool, but cotton garments perhaps slightly finer than the average seaman's, and the empty scabbard at his waist was high enough quality to mark him as captain of his late vessel. They took him to the old inn where their kith and kin gathered in the evenings and after a picking, and the innkeep and cook bedded him down and fed clear broth into him until his fever broke and he woke one night with a start. His name was Cole Pennant; by his name they knew his family trade before his smuggling days as the humble occupation as weavers of cloth fit for poor mens' tapestries and ships' indication flags, yet he raved as though he were the king (may he rest in peace) and told them all of new lands off the western coast and across normally trecharous seas where the currents had shifted, where wild pokemon of hideous prowess lived, and where monstrous fairies and spectres the likes of which he had never before set his seaman's eyes on... Being practical people, they dismissed these notions as fever dreams and when he could walk, sent him on his way.

    The ex-captain of the Sea krow spread his tale as far as it would go, and his travels brought him down into his old home port, Cypwater. People had reacted first with amusement, and then as clear nights came and sparkled across the region with the aurora and shooting stars and strange pokemon began to appear, to change, to hatch, and other familiar ones learned new techniques as they grew or behaved oddly, credulity grew. In Cypwater, a man in the Guardians' employ, captain of the hardy ship Audacity offered to take him up at last on his tale at his Guard Captain's behest. Together they poured over maps and charted a course where none had sailed before. There would be guesswork. There would be danger, past the pirates' nest on the nameless island they knew of. The crew would be all volunteers, and the ship's captain kept himself carefully neutral. But they sailed. They did not sail alone, of course. Murray had his men aboard the vessel as well, for who would want to miss out on the possibility of such riches? And what were three men more or less?

    The expedition paid off. They made port in Pennant's Isles and constructed a shelter, gathered what they could from the land in the way of supplis, sketches, maps, and notes and returned not to Cypwater, but to Fough's ramshackle fishing docks and arrived five seamen down, to storms and wild pokemon and poisonous plants. However, they had returned triumphant. A fervor spread through the region as informants ran drom town to town as fast as they could go. The Order wanted to control the new lands. The Guardians of the nobles wished to settle it. Some handlers yearned to conquer it, or find a new life of adventure, or simply earn a part of the wealth. The mages did strange things with the artefacts that were brought from the ruins of the islands. Weapons, armor, trinkets, all with strange properties as though imbued with the elements that pokemon so strongly relied on. Armor that healed, or let one run like the wind, or breathe beneath the waves. Swords that burned or poisoned as easily as a pokemon's fang or claw, gloves that allowed a man to scale a wall like an insect... Such wonders caused whispers throughout the region as they slowly and secretly slipped onto the market at prices extravagant. What else might lie in the Pennants?

    Sponsorship fliers went up overnight in the cities. Order recruiters took people off the street, tempted ambitious men. Sails rose by the hundreds and took to sea like strange flocks of birds, all destined for the Isles. The race had begun.

With this plot event we will be launching, officially, the new pokemon into the region (check the pokemon locations thread for details!), the new islands, and a special feature -- Elemental Gear. It reeks of magic, so whether your character fears it, damns it, or desires it, it can begin to be found. Details on those will follow soon as we finalise the last bits of this event.

As for characters... Characters of any class may opt to move directly to the Isles to play with the high interest in the area, for free. If you have plots to finish first or a battle, go ahead and do that and then leave a note in your update request. Currently, the islands are uninhabited -- be sure to bring lenty of restorative items; a healer will cost you an arm and a leg if you can even find one!



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