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 Lucas' Training Thread!
 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 08:30 AM
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Lucas O'Leery

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Goals: Train Ashi to use fire fang when she hears his right fingers snap and to use Thunder Fang when she hears his left fingers snap.

Setting: Edgewood

Lucas was on his way to Dedrius. Yet, he decided that he would go about the slow road. He did not want to ride his Epona. Not yet, he wanted to make sure that he got plenty of time with his team. Specifically he wanted to train his beta to obey his commands without verbalizing them. If he was able to go this then the attacks would be a surprise unless people knew what to look for. Thankfully, he was perfectly ready to get things done.

As he decided that he had traveled a good long enough way for today. Now he stopped himself. Pulling out a Pokeball he threw it to the ground out jumped Ashi. She looked around as if she was ready or getting ready for combat. Lucas smiled shaking his head in amusement "No, my dear Ashi, there is no fight to be had. I am have brought you out so you can learn new commands." he said petting her head gently. Ashi tilted her head this way and that way trying to figure out what he was talking about.

Lucas walked over to a branch and broke off a stick. Throwing it into the air he snapped his fingers on his right hand then called out "Fire Fang!" Ashi saw her target in the stick, and she rushed towards it filling her mouth with flames before she leapt into the air sinking her burning fangs into the stick breaking it in half and singing the new ends. He picked up the two snapped halves before he threw one into the air repeating the action, then the command of Fire fang. Ashi was not one to question Lucas because he had gained her trust and she sank her fangs into the smaller stick breaking it into pieces again singeing these pieces as well. Yet, these pieces were too small to throw into the air. Instead, he threw the other stick into the air and snapped his right fingers again "Fire Fang!" once more his beta did as she was told and she snapped the stick into pieces leaving the burnt sticks on the ground as well.

Lucas nodded his head before he took up another piece of the branch that he broke off. This time he threw the stick in the air and simply snapped his right fingers. However, Ashi didn't seem to notice. Her ears flicked back towards the sound, but that was the only reaction that she gave. He frowned and flicked her right ear "Bad!" Ashi turned to look at him whimpering at the strike, she hadn't yipped in pain in years, not since his master had been alive. He made her watch as he snapped his right fingers speaking the command "Fire Fang." He repeated the command along with the action. The third time he held his right hand behind his back as he snapped his fingers after issuing the command. Ashi tilted her head this way and that again. Each time he gave a command she would flick her ears to show that she understood what he was saying. He frowned as he thought about how he would go about doing this.

A thought came to him and he smiled "Ashi," he snapped his fingers "Fire Fang." Ashi filled her mouth with flames and she bit down on one of the sticks that were on the ground. When she had done so Lucas pet her head smiling at her "Good girl." He repeated the process again, saying Ashi's name then snapping his right fingers loudly saying "Fire Fang.". Each time he said her name, and the command he spoke softer, and softer. Finally, it was so soft that he was sure Ashi could barely hear him. Yet, she did as she was ordered to do. With the last repition he just snapped his fingers. All in all he had repeated the command nearly two dozen times. This last time with only the snap of his fingers Ashi reacted. She sank her flaming fangs into a stick this time it started to burn.

He smiled and nodded his head "Good girl, very good girl." Ashi was a very fast study. Their master had used to beat her most viciously if she did not obey or do as expected the first time. She quickly learned how to adapt to new things and new orders. This was just another one. Lucas did the same thing again snapping his right fingers loudly so that he was sure Ashi could hear him. Her ears flicked back towards him and she filled her mouth with flames sinking her fangs into the stick that was nearby. The flames caught on the little piece of wood and burned it to ashes. He pat Ashi's head once again "Good girl." her tail flicked to and fro in her excitement. She liked being praised and petted at least if it was Lucas doing the petting and the praising. He was her alpha which meant that she wanted to do her best for him, and their 'pack'.

Now, that she was learning he decided to scratch her behind the ears before he moved his right hand and snapped his right fingers yet again. Once more, Ashi did as she had been trained. Every time that she did it Lucas would say "Good girl" and pet her head. Again, and again they did this a dozen times they repeated it, before finally he sat down beneath a tree and nodded his head. She was so good with the training now that her ears flicked so fast, and she reacted almost as if he had spoken the word yet again.



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