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 Spanning the Generations~, Pokemon Starters
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:24 PM
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Novice Handler
Total Posts: 60
Member No. 2339
Joined on 27-March 17.


Awards: 2

We all get nostalgic about the games, so why not go through and list what all starters we had with them? (And our first game of that generation, if you want.)

Blue: Bulbasaur
Silver: Cyndaquil
Sapphire: Torchic
Diamond: Piplup
SoulSilver: Totodile
White: Snivy
Black 2: Oshawott
AlphaSapphire: Treecko
X: Fennekin
Sun: Litten

PMD: Charmander + Pikachu (Partner)
PMD2: Vulpix + Riolu (P)
PMD4: Riolu + Pikachu (P)

The Vagrant Guardian
The Vagrant's Family
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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:28 PM
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Top Handler
Background Mods
Total Posts: 365
Member No. 2161
Joined on 29-December 15.

Kalliope Tamsin, Namid Waagosh'Giizis

Awards: 3

Yellow: pikachu obviously http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png
Red: Charmander every single time. Love.
Gold/Silver: Cyndaquil and Totodile respectively. I played one on each.
Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald: Mudkip every time. No question~
Diamond: >> I know this is blasphemy but I picked chimchar and then ditched him. I hated all of these starters.
Black: SNIVY. I have only played this one once but SNIVY. LOVEYOUSNEK.
I haven't played any of the others though. Fail whale Kaia.

Namid and his Travels

user posted image
Kalliope and her travels
Incredible sprite by Mackay!

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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:29 PM
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The Sultan/Paladin of Salads
Background Mods
Total Posts: 547
Member No. 2008
Joined on 21-June 15.


Awards: 3

I'm going to look so typical here, being a Salad.

Red: Bulbasaur
Silver: Chikorita
Ruby: Treecko (Special mention to Emerald, where I did Torchic)
Diamond: Turtwig
Black: Oshawott
White 2: Snivy
X: Chespin (ended up disliking it, I prefer Fennekin)
Moon: I would have picked Rowlet... but Popplio won because I loved Primarina

Special mention for Pokemon X-D on Gamecube for Eevee 'mon I chose as my starter: Jolteon

Hadrian Treefeller

Leopold Prosper

Bain Njordsonar Cale



Carni: Nothing is impossible as long as there's enough BS to cushion it.nough BS to cushion it.[/b][/i]
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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:30 PM
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Experienced Handler
Total Posts: 112
Member No. 1743
Joined on 8-August 14.

Líadain Kenyon

Awards: 3

My first Pokemon game was Yellow, so Pikachu by default http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png but the others were:

Red: Charmander
Green: Bulbasaur
Gold: Typhlosion
Silver: Totodile (female!)
Ruby: Torchic
Sapphire: Mudkip
Emerald: ... I might have been horrible and gone Torchic again, I'm sorry Treecko.
Diamond: Chimchar
Pearl: Piplup
White: Tepig
X: Fennekin
Sun: Litten

... yeah, I have a bias towards Fire-types, hence me expanding my list to each of the games I've played http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png You can also see where I stopped buying into the 1 game for the price of 2 thing http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png

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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:34 PM
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New Handler
Total Posts: 23
Member No. 2356
Joined on 6-May 17.

Sarra Wood

Awards: 1

Red: Charmander
Blue: Bulbasaur
Yellow: Pikachu (of course http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/7.png)
Silver: Cyndaquil
Sapphire: Torchic
Pearl: Turtwig
Black: Tepig
Black 2: Oshawott
Heart Gold: Totodile
Y: Fennekin
Alpha Sapphire: Mudkip
Moon: Rowlet

PMD Explorers of Time and Darkness: Charmander
PMD Gates to Infinity: Axew
Super PMD: Squirtle


Current Team
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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 05:46 PM
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Expert Handler
Background Mods
Total Posts: 860
Member No. 284
Joined on 28-April 12.

Lev Rabuta, Lilith Fauve, Rook

Awards: 3

Really I started with Sapphire, so I'll begin there http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/8.png

: Mudkip (mudkip! so cute! little fish-swamp-monster baby! i love treeko too though)
Diamond: Chimchar (i think, honestly i wasn't super invested? for some reason?)
SoulSilver: Cyndaquil (sweethearts, i tell you. also have a chickorita though)
Black/White/Black 2/whatever: Snivy (because it seemed least likely to be ugly and i was correct, might've switched in the next series but who knows?)
Y: Fennekin (fluff fox are the best fox)
Moon: Litten (kittens! all the kittens <3)

Lilith Fauve

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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 07:11 PM
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It's a box of spiders.
Total Posts: 2310
Member No. 1
Joined on 19-March 10.

Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

Awards: 1

Red/Blue: Venusaur
Yellow: Pikachu obv
Gold/Silver/Crystal: Totodile
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (MY LOVES): Treecko
Diamond/Pearl: chimchar
Black/White(2): Snivy
X/Y: Froakie
Sun/Moon: Rowlet

I don't remember which PMD games i played http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png; but I know the first one I was the grass type, and then squirtle, and then pikachu. i can never remember the names of those games


user posted image-- user posted image --user posted image
Branson - - + - - Rohesia
« Pr & Tr » - - * * * - - « Pr & Tr »

(Sprites by Mackay)
Post Count Rewards
Old Characters: Tobias Middleton & Travels, Gineva Winstret & Travels

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 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 11:12 PM
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Background Mods
Total Posts: 536
Member No. 712
Joined on 2-December 12.

Jezenya diHadi | Seze Cal

Awards: 2

Blue: Bulbasaur
Gold/Silver: Didn't get to play them
Sapphire: Torchic, and hands down my favorite games.
Diamond/Pearl: I switched; Chimchar one game, Turtwig the other. I didn't care much about this gen.
Black/White: Snivy
X/Y: Fennekin. Didn't care much here, either, I haven't even finished the games.
Sun: Rowlet


Goals user posted image PCR user posted image Thread Tracker

The Desert Dancer

The Blade in the Shadows

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 Posted: Jun 27 2017, 07:04 PM
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Houseplant Diglett
Total Posts: 244
Member No. 1667
Joined on 22-June 14.

Denzil Heath / Gwyn Elijah

Awards: 2

Red / Blue - Blubasaur in Red, but I didn't understand about Legendaries so thought t.hat the Pikachu I met in Viridian was a Mon you only get one chance at http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/12.png Restarted with Charmander. For Blue, I traded Squirtle off so I could start with Gastly http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/7.png.
Gold / Silver - Totodile.
Ruby - I want to say Mudkip or Torchic, don't remember.
Diamond / Pearl - Piplup or Chimchar, don't remember.
Black / White - Oshawott.
X / Y - Never played, but likely Fennekin.
Sun / Moon - Never played, but it's be Litten or Rowlett.

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 Posted: Aug 21 2017, 12:45 PM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Background Mods
Total Posts: 1615
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

FireRed: Bulbasaur, because I was super into dinosaurs
SoulSilver: Totodile, because bitey alligator thing (and here begins the pattern of me choosing lots of water starters)
Ruby: Mudkip
Pearl: Piplup
White: Tepig (which I picked for cuteness, and then ended up not liking, so for Black2 I didn't choose it again)
Black2: Oshawott
Y: Froakie, which was so amazing and thus so hard to resist picking it as Emilie's starter here!
Sun: Popplio. Definitely a rare choice, but I don't regret it. My now-primarina is very useful in battle.

I never played the Mystery Dungeon games, but I remember my sister picked Eevee in the first one she played. I loved Ranger, though, and still have my manaphy I hatched from the egg!


user posted image

Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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