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 Potential's Promises Kept, Rohesia's Horde Training
 Posted: Aug 18 2017, 01:16 PM
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Pokemon: Pelleas & Aylwen
  • Acknowledge joining the handlers' guild
  • Use Ginger Rice (+2 Happiness) on Aylwen to bond and to correct its status
  • Teach Pelleas Endure
  • General training & experience for Aylwen
Setting: Marchton fishermen docks

She had gone back to the guild hall as quickly as she could with her waiver -- she'd purchased Fynna last time instead of paying the Guild Fee for membership, but although the shop drew her greedy eye again she knew well that she was bound for other business. The clerk accepted the waiver, presented her with a cloak-pin wrought to show the Guild Crest, and had her make her mark in their ledgers. She was proud that she knew to sign her name, and proud of her clear and precise penmanship. The clerk gave her an odd look at the lettering, but commented only on her welcome to the ranks of Harper's Passion.

She had thrust the pin into the seam of her collar that it might stay more securely until she had need of her cloak, and made for the docks after a moment of consideration. She had promises to keep, after all, and there was no benefit in waiting until they became frustrations instead. In the mornings, the boats were all out on the water, the docks empty of most of the fleet of small boats, giving her a measure of space and a measure of freedom. She first released the meowth, who sat dawn immediately at her feet -- the cat smelled what she had instantly. A smile played on her lips as she unfolded the cloth from the basket on her arm to reveal a small mountain of the rare grain from far to the south, spiced heavily with the bright and warm root that grew in abundance there.

It had been difficult to get hold of, but for such a neglected pokemon, she did not doubt that it would be only more welcome for it -- and the root would ease any troubles of the belly. The quantity was such that Aylwen was well and truly sated before the cloth in the basket was empty, but he relished the remainder of it all the same, then came to her purring and pressed his head and the warm coin there against her calf in affection.

She dropped to a knee, smoothing his fur with one hand. "Don't you worry. We'll build you up to what you were and better yet. We'll start today, for I've promised Pelleas that I would teach him his strength too."


But she had straightened again, and grasped the pokeball at her hip that shone new and free of both scratches and dust -- the pokeball that had replaced the net ball that the horsea had so loathed. He appeared, bobbing in the water beside the docks. He looked at her, and then at the meowth.

"Pelleas. You'll find I keep my promises. We will begin today in teaching you to fulfill your strength, but before anything else, I believe that a truly strong pokemon is wise to learn how to Endure. Aylwen needs to rebuild his strength, and so I'd like to see him try it against you. Your age difference is such that he poses little true threat. Today, he will learn to fish for you, and you will learn to Endure his attacks."

The dragon-to-be considered for a moment, appearing reluctant both to be hunted and to tax the meowth, but Aylwen gave a playful Growl and crouched to wave his Iron Tail at the horsea and he saw the young pokemon's bulging belly. He blew the bubbles in the sea around him that signaled his assent.

Rohesia grinned, and addressed Pelleas again. "The heart of the move is in being stubborn -- which I have a grand suspicion you've got some skill in -- but the trick is in the way you do it. To endure is to accept, but not to submit, so when Aylwen attacks you, you're to let the pain of it exist and balance between clinging too rigid against it and letting it cripple you." She raised an eyebrow as the horsea's expression became one of noble affront at the very idea that the meowth could cripple him. "Too tight and you are like a sheet of ice in the winter -- one sharp blow and you crack and break into pieces. Too loose and you collapse like a sandcastle in the waves. Ah, I see ye think it'll be simple! Well, we'll see as to that!

"Aylwen, show me how you'd go a-fishing if you fancies the horsea for your dinner plate!"

Indignant, the horsea set the water around him to spinning in a whirlpool, pulling his head back so the proud arch of his neck spread his spines out with a shake. Without the childish gardevoir to wrap them all in one like a pond where all of their thoughts swam together, he was quickly finding that the divide between them that rendered him all but mute in terms of speaking up for himself to the human was uncomfortable. Closer than he liked to the feeling of impotence he had suffered in the poacher's nets and cage.

The meowth crept up to the edge of the dock in the only way he knew how -- the play-stalk of a kitten -- and snapped at him with a Bite that almost overbalanced him and sent him tumbling into the sea.

Instinctively, Pelleas responded not with an attempt at endure but with a sudden burst of Dragonbreath at the feeling of the darkness on his scales. Aylwen yowled and leapt back to hide behind Rohesia's ankles in shock. Rohesia crossed her arms and waited for the horsea to realise what he'd done, to defensively meet her eyes and her easy, interminably patient stare until that spark of defiance went out of his eye and he swished his fins in contrition if not quite apology.

Quietly, Rohesia reminded him, "Today, you are to learn endure. If you cannot master yourself, I can't teach you strength, and you will never be safe when you're wild again."

Aylwen looked curiously up at the Wodarch woman. She did not look surprised. Had the human planned on this happening? Pelleas, when he looked back, had vanished under the lapping waves and left a trail of bubbles in his wake: not gone, just retreating for perhaps some space. Aylwen mewed.

The woman waited for a moment longer to see if her pokemon would resurface quickly or not, and when Pelleas did not immediately reappear, scooped up the scratch cat to tickle under his chin. "He will come back. You'll get nowhere with someone like him if you push, little one. You, on the other hand... Let's give you a bit of a quick lesson in the time twixt, shall we?"

Cat cradled in the crook of her arm, she begged the use of a length of thick rope green with algae from one of the few fishermen hanging around the docks. She knew him, Fisher Marion, and he teased that he knew where her family lived if she didn't return it when she was finished -- though he'd give her a discount if she put on a good show. Rohesia laughed and swatted him before taking the rope and looping it over and around into a pancham's fist once, and then again so that she had a hefty rope ball with enough of a length left that she could dangle and swing it.

She set the purring kit down, to his objection, and let the fist hang like a pendulum before him. Aylwen's eyes glued to it as it slowly swung to and fro, and he sank into a crouch, tail all a-twitch. "When you've got a moving target, a kitten-stalk won't do if you're wanting to be effective. Don't waste your time and energy on the creep, little one. Prepare yourself and choose your moment. The more you move, the more they'll see you. You've it in your blood to be effective, especially with that ability of yours... All you need is practice."

She punctuated the word with the thump of the rope fist being thrown down the dock, followed by the meowth's intent stare. Her foot was in his way so that he could not immediately charge. "Wait for it to slow, wait until you know where it's rolling... and then, all at once -- Go, scratch!"

Aylwen sprang forward as soon as she drew back her foot, scampering wildly and then leaping to cling with all four feet to the big ball of rope and scratch deep, tumbling to the very edge of the dock until suddenly his kitten-vicious clinging became a wet tail and a desperation to become no wetter, holding himself up by his claws and shoulder muscles as he clung to the rope and dangled off the edge of the dock. Rohesia hauled the whole mess back into solid boards.

"You, too, will need practice to learn control -- but I admire the effort! You'll grow into those lanky limbs of yours, never fear. I'll throw it again -- leap on it with your Bite this time before its roll slows, just like if it were a raticate whose neck you needed to break!"

On the fourth toss, Aylwen no longer let his pounce roll him and his prize off the edge of the narrow dock. On the sixth, he finally found the beginning of his stride and wasted less of his effort in a galloping run like a long-eared puppy and discovered that he could dart much like a sneasel if he took care. On the eighth, he sat down and flopped onto the boards, tired out. Rohesia gave him a long rub, and returned the rope to its owner, picking the knot out as she went so that he received back the loose coil.

Pelleas had resurfaced on the third or fourth toss, camouflaging himself among the waves and lurking to watch. Roh settled herself down and let her feet dangle over the dockside without looking at him.

"When I was a girl, I had such a temper. The little firebrand, they said. I was a proud little wench and no mistake -- an' it hurt all the worse because of it whenever I was forced to swallow up that I'd made a mistake. But not nearly as bad as it hurt when I finally wisened up and realised all the things my pride and my fear of being wrong or mistaken had stopped me from doing.

"Everyone's afraid of something -- and there ain't a bit of shame in that. An' everybody wants to get away from something, or beat something, or win something they feel like they ent ever had. Or something they had once and lost." Her eyes slid sideways to glance at the horsea, who had drawn somewhat closer, but still beyond arm's reach, his wounded pride carried over him like a thundercloud.

"Bad things can happen and do happen. Facts of life. And sometimes we need to learn that we're not so noble as we once were or might one day be again. Among humans, the nobles who can remember that they're people too are the ones who find power most easily coming into their hands. The ones with control of themselves and the strength of will and practice to unbend. I imagine that among pokemon, similar things are true. Strength walks best beside temperance, as they say."

She let the words roll out on their own over the water for a few minutes, and then turned her head to the horsea, noting that Aylwen had seen fit to start washing himself rather than simply lying down on the boards, and asked, "Ready to try again?"

Pelleas nodded, stiffly.

Roh swung her legs up beneath her and stood, scooping up Aylwen and setting him unceremoniously back on his paws (he nipped her gently for her trouble), and repeated her description of the desired move, expanding on that Pelleas needed to be relaxed but determined in order for it to work, to nor prevent the damage or flinch against it but focus inward on maintaining his energies. Aylwen needed coaxing to attack the horsea again, but in the end he summoned up his hidden power to keep him at better range.

Rohesia's and Pelleas's shock at the way the water suddenly rose up swirling in a dozen swirling spheres around the horsea left Roh's mind spinning and Pelleas too surprised to prepare himself. When the balls started to crash into him like falling stars he fought not to panic and return fire with a volley of force and wrath of the dragon he would be. The first several only dealt him damage, the cat controlling them so that each had a slight pause between their impacts for him to try and gather himself. The normal type's eyes were bright like sunlight on the water.

And then Pelleas thought that the idea clicked with him -- sunlight on the water. It penetrated and shone but could not travel deep into the depths of his natural home, could not burn their scaly skin so deep. It was less like a balancing beam and more... like being the ocean. Everything that was Him was below the surface, below the flesh, and the attacks could not reach that far down.

The last two balls of water, he met with a steady, almost meditative look, letting the impact push him and letting it strike, but then letting the pain ebb away like the retreating of the tides. He met Rohesia's eye, and she grinned when he nodded. He'd gotten it, at least the start of it.

"Aylwen, bite!"

The cat was emboldened by the lack of retaliation from the fish, and bolted forward just as he had at the ball of rope, darkness boiling from his jaws and around them to form a larger, spectral mouth of shadow. He slipped on the damp wood, went sliding, flying off even as he clamped his bite down on the horsea and Pelleas flailed suddenly and tried to use the new concept on the startling move, while Rohesia shot to the edge of the dock and waited for the cat--

Aylwen bobbed up beside the horsea, at first looking extremely distasteful at being wet, but then as he paddled, his expression became one more of wonder and curiosity. He dipped his head under the water, delighted in the way it parted over his back. Perhaps his hidden power hadn't been a fluke after all.

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 Posted: Oct 14 2017, 05:59 PM
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Potential Points for Writing Quality & Length: 5

I'm so sorry I'm a jerk and took forever! I'll quietly leave this here and bother you no more. Of course your length and quality was spot on, with only a typo here or there. Easy points for you, missy!

Potential Points for Training Effectiveness/Plausibility/Creativity: 5

The creativity to use Aylwen's natural instincts and to hone them was well done. I enjoyed the way you played off his kitteny youth and cuteness combined with his curiosity. Each training tactic was unexpected yet fitting, just as anyone would expect from a genius like you! My only thought is if there might have been another try or two attacking Pelleas in the water but you have quite the lengthy and involved session as is!

Overall you definitely get the full points. However, between Aylwen and Pelleas I would say Aylwen put a lot more toward learning than Pelleas, which makes sense given his stubborn nature and history. For Endure I would say Pelleas has learned about 30% of the move, which he managed twice a little falteringly but true. Given the fact that Aylwen is much weaker and never had a real chance of severely hurting Pelleas, I think he now understands the way the move might work and how he might possibly apply it in the future but will need more practice with attacks more to his own level.

Potential Points for the "WOW factor" overall: 0
While it was a very cute thread with a unique take on training both pokemon, I don't think it warrants any WOW points, sorry!

Both Pelleas and Aylwen gain 10 EXP! Pelleas grew to level 26 and Aylwen gains two levels, reaching 8!
Neither of them learn a new move.

Namid and his Travels

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