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 Try to Make the Worst Seem Better, Adrian's Development
 Posted: Mar 4 2017, 11:30 AM
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张开双手 变成翅膀
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Erebus and Talos
  • Fleshing out Erebus' and Talos' rivalry. (Possible note about that?)
  • Possible exp for Pokemon Handling aptitude?
  • Just outside Marchton.
  • Twilight, Late Winter
Adrian wasn't dumb. He could clearly see that there was a fair amount of rivalry in his team, centered around two of his most confusing individuals he had met on his travels. He still had no idea if the Shuppet had had ulterior motives for joining him, and the Bronzor's decision to tag along had been quite a surprise as well. The two had been behaving well enough (if shooting dirty glares at each other every few seconds could be counted as "behaving"), and he wasn't a fan of confining his companions, so he had released his team upon coming to an empty field outside Marchton.

Though he had enough gold to spare on an inn and proper bedding for a night, Adrian was being frugal with his possessions. He didn't know how soon he'd be able to find a job, and he wanted to keep as much as possible in case of an emergency. Plus, despite the time of the year, Marchton was decently warm - a fact that he very much appreciated. So he'd be sleeping out in the open, in the upper branches of a sturdy oak tree, rather than in the luxurious bed at his parent's house. It didn't matter. In fact, it felt more natural being out in nature this way. He was independent enough to survive on his own, come hell or high waters, and a few nights out in the open wouldn't bother him.

What would bother him was the incessant bickering between Erebus and the new member of their team. Prom and Sera were both extremely friendly and welcoming by nature, though the Sentret was a bit timider than he liked. Aether, on the other hand, was aloof and ignored Talos as he did to most of the others. And then there was Scylla, who Adrian kinda wanted to ditch as soon as possible but didn't know how to. No, Talos would have melded with the team quite well if it weren't for Erebus's decision to despise the Bronzor.

Even now, the two were squabbling. Though neither had physically attacked the other, there was an almost murderous glint in their eyes whenever they were within five feet. Leaning against the tree, Adrian sighed, rubbing his temples as Erebus began hissing like a feral cat again. "Would you two cut it out?" he snapped tiredly. The rest of his companions were all having fun stretching their legs (well, except Scylla, who had managed to flop out of the puddle she had been deposited in and was now thrashing about in panic) - why couldn't the two just ignore each other? Sighing heavily, Adrian would stand and walk over to the two.

Erebus was looking (or attempting to look) innocent, haunting blue eyes glancing up at his handler. The Bronzor was expressionless, swiveling in the air to face Adrian. Putting his hands on his hips, Adrian drew himself to his full height (which admittedly wasn't much) before saying, "We are resolving this right here, right now. I am not putting up with your bickering any longer." His tone was stern, though Erebus didn't seem to take note of tone nor words. Meanwhile, Talos let out a thrumming sound that seemed to convey disapproval.



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