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Posted by: Rosalieart May 3 2011, 07:51 PM
In order to purchase an item, you must play it out in character when in a town, city, or Miramossa. However, here is a list of all general items offered everywhere.

Health Items:
  • Potions: (type is indicated on the label, percentage range listed is approximate min and max amount of healing.)
    • (30g) Basic
        (smaller flesh wounds and most damage to young pokemon -- ~20-40% hp depending on level)
    • (50g) Super
        (medium flesh wounds and most damage to young and middling pokemon -- ~40-60% hp depending on level)
    • (70g) Great
        (large flesh wounds and most damage to middling pokemon and some adult pokemon -- ~60-70% hp depending on level)
    • (150g) Hyper
        (gaping flesh wounds and temporary fixes for near-mortal wounds and most damage to adult pokemon -- ~70-90% hp depending on level)
  • Status Correcting Items:
    • (15g) Antidote
    • (15g) Paralysis Heal
    • (15g) Awakening
    • (15g) Burn Heal
    • (15g) Ice Heal
    • (25g) Full Heal
    • (20g) Mental Herb [cures infatuation]
    • (100g) Revive
    • (150g) Max Revive
Catch percentages are rough, rounded estimates based on an average; the pokemon's rarity and level and mood and so on will affect things IC, but these are good rules of thumb.
  • (20g) Pokeball [35% catch rate]
  • (25g) Heal Ball [35% catch rate, heals pokemon]
  • (35g) Great Ball [65% catch rate]
  • (50g) Ultra Ball [80% catch rate]
  • Specialty Pokeballs: 40g each ( Must ask for, may not always be in stock. Depicted by a white pokeball with a label. Catch rates are under optimal conditions. )
    • Timer Ball [95%]
    • Quick/Fast Ball [95%]
    • Nest/Level Ball [95%]
    • Friend Ball [50%]
    • Repeat Ball [95%]
    • Moon Ball [90%]
    • Net Ball [85%]
    • Luxury Ball [50%]
    • Heavy Ball [90%]
    • Dive/Lure Ball [90%]
    • Dusk Ball [90%]
All Evolution Items: 400g each
  • "Coronet Rock" or "Chargestone Rock" can be used for pokemon who only evolve in Mount Coronet or Chargestone cave in the games. Other location-specific evolutions can be done with similarly named items!
  • Oricorio nectars may be purchased for the same price; please specify color!
  • You can also purchase an everstone for the same price.
(note that pokemon with Soundproof ability may not always respond to the flutes.)
  • (200g) White Flute [attracts pokémon]
  • (200g) Black Flute [repels pokémon]
  • (150g) Red Flute [cures infatuation]
  • (150g) Yellow Flute [cures confusion]
  • (150g) Blue Flute [cures sleep]
  • (150g) Single Dagger
  • (150g) Set of 3 Throwing Knives
  • (200g) Basic Spear
  • (200g) Dual Daggers
  • (300g) Short Sword
  • (500g) Longsword
  • (400g) Rapier
  • (250g) Short Bow
  • (400g) Long Bow
  • (700g) Crossbow
  • (150g) Quiver of 25 arrows
  • (200g) Quiver of 25 bolts
  • (300g) Quiver of 50 arrows
  • (400g) Quiver of 50 bolts
  • (100g) Plain Wooden Staff
  • (150g) Bladed Wooden Staff
  • (200g) Metal Staff
  • (250g) Bladed Metal Staff
  • (300g) One-handed Hand Axe
  • (500g) Battle Axe
  • (480g) Dual Throwing Axes
  • (600g) Steel Halberd
  • (600g) Steel Pole Hammer
  • (150g) Any One Piece of Leather
  • (200g) Any One Piece of Chainmail
  • (250g) Any One Piece of Leather-Backed Chainmail
  • (300g) Any One Piece of Scalemail
  • (400g) Any one Piece of Platemail
  • (50g) Leather Cap
  • (75g) Mail Cap
  • (100g) Leather-Backed Chainmail Cap
  • (150g) Scalemail Cap
  • (250g) Steel Helmet
  • (100g) Basic Buckler (wood & metal)
  • (200g) Round Shield (wood & metal)
  • (300g) Kite Shield (metal)
  • (500g) Riot Shield (metal)
  • (50g) Lockpicking kit
  • (50g) Repel
  • (75g) Super Repel
  • (100g) Max Repel
  • (100g) Escape Rope
  • (50g) Old Rod
  • (100g) Good Rod
  • (250g) Super Rod
  • (400g) All Vitamins (such as Protein)*
  • (125g) All Battle Effect Items (such as X Defend)
  • (25g) All Type Gems (such as Bug Gem)
*Vitamins in Harper give a permanent +1 stage to that stat, similar to when a pokemon uses a stat-boosting move during battle. A pokemon may use up to 12 vitamins maximum.

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