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 Dust Bowl Dance, Quinn Fox's training thread
 Posted: Aug 15 2017, 10:00 PM
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Quinn Fox

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A full pokeball sat in the palm of Quinn's hand. She stared at it, noting the shimmer it had in the afternoon sun. She was so happy that she had caught her first pokemon, but in all honesty she had no idea what to do with it. How would she train it? How do you even handle a slowpoke? Quinn had only ever been around fire types on a consistent basis, and they were usually already trained. All she'd ever done is fed, groomed, played and worked with the pokemon at the smithy back home.

'What do I do?...' she thought as she rolled the ball back and forth between her hands. She'd been avoiding trying to train, but she new it wasn't fair for Slug if she never let him out and tried to teach him at least something. The girl drew in a deep breath and pressed the button on the ball. Her heart was racing as the ball spat out an orb of red light. The light was gone as fast as it had come, and in it's stead was a slowpoke that yawned and immediately laid down on the dirt beneath him.

Quinn smiled, she couldn't help but think he was kind of cute even if he was lazy. But quickly she shook her thoughts of just letting him nap away and knelt down next to the slowpoke. "Hey slug, I was thinking we could do a little training today. Whatcha say?" She ask nicely, trying not to be to pushy (although Slug probably needed pushy).

"Po..." the pink creature muttered as he closed he eyes and proceeded to try to sleep. He yawned deeply, licked his lips, then laid his head on his paws and drifted away into a dream state.

His handler grunted and poked him gently on the shoulder. "Slug? Let's train." She spoke a bit more sternly than before, but it wasn't enough and his snoring started to annoy her.

"Slug!!" Quinn exclaimed forcefully while shaking the slowpoke with both of her hands. The critter opened one of it's eyes, sighed, and gave her a look that said "What do you want?" with the most obviously annoyed attitude possible. Slug wasn't really a fan of being woken up it seemed.

Quinn sighed and said with a calmer voice "It's time to train." Her slight bitterness regarding his aloofness was apparent, but Slug was too oblivious to notice. He sat up, tilted his head and said "Slopo?"

The handler had no idea what he said, but it seemed like he was at least willing to give listening to her a shot. That made Quinn smile. 'At least I have his attention for now.'

"Okay, umm..." she paused. She hadn't actually come up with a plan regarding what to train and was now regretting it. The girl pondered for a few more seconds, then it came to her. Why not try doing something he already wants to do?

"Let's work on rest and snore, hmm? That'll be good." She smiled, and so did slowpoke. "Alright, let's try rest. I'll tell you when, but you have to wake up when I tell you to okay?" Slug nodded reluctantly even though he knew that it might not be that easy. He was a heavy sleeper and needed to learn to sleep with one ear open.

"Okay Slug, rest!"

Slug happily laid back down, closed his eyes and started to sleep. A warm glow started to emanate from him. Had he been injured, that light would have helped heal him, but for now it was just a pink light. The light pulsated with the slowpoke's heart beat, then stopped for a few seconds before it pulsed again. It did this a few more times before Quinn decided it was time to wake him up.

"Okay, wake up Slug."

No response.



Quinn walked up to the slowpoke and shook him awake again. He grumbled and opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize he hadn't awoken on time, and when he did he looked up at his human appologetically. "Po..." He pouted.

Quinn sighed, she was annoyed, but it seemed he hadn't been intentionally ignoring her so she just moved on. "It's okay, just, try to pay attention this time okay?"


Over and over, Quinn's attempts to wake up her slowpoke after he'd gone to sleep had failed. It was now getting dark, and she was frustrated. Slug was asleep as she had yet to try and pry his eyes open this round. She decided she wanted to just give up and let him rest. Besides, she was hungry.

Quinn turned her back on Slug for a moment and rummaged around in her bag and pulled out a small leather bag. She untied the laces and pulled out a piece of smoked fish. The fish was quite pungent, and the smell wafted toward Slug. As soon as the delicious scent graced his nose he awoke, stood, and walked over to Quinn to be for a piece. He pawed at the back of her leg and cooed. Quinn spun around, startled.

The girl was dumbfounded when she saw that it was Slug that had poked her. His drive for food was so strong that even the smell of fish would wake him from such a deep slumber?!
'Wait...' she thought 'I can use this!'

"You want some fish?" the slowpoke nodded. "Po!Po!" Quinn smiled and continued, "I'll give you a piece every time you wake up when I tell you, deal?" Again the slowpoke nodded.

"Okay Slug, rest again!"

Immediately Slug plopped down and fell asleep. His light started pulsing again, and when Quinn deemed the time to be right, she pulled out a piece of fish, pulled off a small morsel, and held it in front of Slug's nose at the same time as she told him to wake up.

His eyes opened immediately, and he grabbed the fish and swallowed it without chewing. Quinn smiled widely and patted the slowpoke on the head. "It worked!!" she exclaimed more for herself than for the pokemon.



Several successful attempts later and Quinn was out of fish, but Slug didn't know that.

"One more time Slug, use rest!" He happily obliged, and when Quinn said wake up, he awoke to find that he had done it without a piece of fish being in front of him. Slug felt a bit proud of himself, but he also felt a bit shafted. He wanted his fish!

"Yes! You did it!" Her glee was interrupted when she saw how disappointed the pokemon was that he didn't get a treat in the end, so she grabbed a piece of bread from her bag, her last piece of food, and handed it to him. "Here you go, you deserve it." Slug grabbed the bread, nodded thankfully, and nibbled on the bread. Quinn sat on the ground next to him and started petting him. He cooed as he ate his bread and that made his handler happy.

"I'm so proud of you Slug." She yawned and leaned over onto her side, resting her head on the slowpoke. Slug just kept eating, not really paying attention to the fact that his owner had just fallen asleep on him. The pokemon just ate and ate, then when done he fell asleep as well and the pair slept through the night together, snuggled and happy.

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 Posted: Sep 7 2017, 10:39 AM
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Katheryn Knighton, Edith, Leslie Witcher-Steele

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Writing Quality & Length: 2/5

Considering what you posted as your goals, this seemed rather...bland and short, unfortunately.

Training Effectiveness/Plausibility/Creativity: 2/5

I'm...actually not sure what you're trying to do here. Are you trying to get Rest to heal more? Make it easier to wake up Slug while he's using Rest? It all seems a bit muddled to me, to be honest. All I can see is Slug using the move over and over again while Quinn tries to wake him up. One thing that might be able to clear something like this up in the future, is to lay out what you're trying to do in the goals section.

WOW Factor: 0/2

Slug earns 4 experience points for this post! Slug levels up! Quinn gains no experience from this post. No happiness gain warranted, from what I see - keep in mind that happiness is generally harder to earn through training posts, though!

Okay, so. Don't take any of this personally, dear! I'm just gonna try and clear up a few things here. First off, I'd recommend taking a good look here, which should be the post detailing what a training thread is in Harper. You did follow most of it remarkably well - except for the notice of generally no character experience earned in these, and quite a bit of what felt like vagueness in your stated goals.

What I'd recommend for the future, is for you to actually specify what you're aiming for in your training post. In this case, I already mentioned that it was hard to pinpoint what you were actually trying to do - as near as I could tell, you were basically food-training your Slowpoke to wake up on command, but why? Were you trying to make sure it could be woken up easier? Was this meant to be specific to the move Rest, or just in general to any sleep state and Rest was the easiest to use because it specifically puts the user to sleep?

Yes, this seems complicated - that's because it is. What was it you were actually trying to do here? A generic "become better at Rest" is all well and good, but were you trying to get Slug to heal more? Wake up easier? Be hungry all the time?

I don't know, and that affected the grade you got, unfortunately.

However! One good thing will come of this. I'm going to add a note to Slug that says "Becoming comfortable with the move Rest," which basically adds up to future training maybe having a bit of an edge in terms of what your goal there is, or might be used by you to help with other training or development down the road - up to you to take the note how you will.

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