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 The Unlikely Combination, Adrian Carlisle & Tybalt Cromwell|closed
 Posted: Aug 3 2017, 12:29 PM
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Tybalt leaned against a tree, watching the crowd and his jolteon. His armor rested with the rest of his gear back in the room the Guard had provided him. He had served his active duty time and was given the night off from standing guard over the festival. Tybalt almost felt naked without the armor but it was nice to be free for the evening. He hadn't been able to actually enjoy the festivities just yet.

Truth be told, he hadn't been able to enjoy much recently. Even with the starting of his own breeding business, Tybalt had so much going on that he couldn't sit back and take in completing one of his goals. With everything going on, from the passing of his former patron to the end of the Schism, life had just been chaotic. This was the first time in a while that he had been able to let down his guard and have a good time.

Though he wasn't the only one that was going to have fun.

Blitz wandered around meeting and greeting new Pokemon. The electric type happily chatted up another Guardian's mankey before he decided to move on. Blitz weaved between people, staying within Tybalt's eyesight. This was the first time he had been allowed to freely wander the party. Tybalt did trust him though, more so than many of his previous handlers. The jolteon sat down on ground and scanned the area for his next target for conversation.

Not too far away, he spotted a fire type that he had seen before but never really talked with. A ponyta that seemed to have as much energy as he did. Blitz bounced toward it ready to strike up another conversation. "Hey there Ponyta!" the jolteon called out.


Cadence Mansel

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 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 08:37 AM
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Like Tybalt, Adrian was taking a laid-back approach to the festivities. He wasn't a kid who wanted to be in the center of each and every happening anymore, and although the excitement and enthusiasm of the other Festival participants were contagious, he found that the best balance of safety and fun was to stay on the outskirts. Adrian was keeping a close eye on everything going on around him, always aware of potential dangers or the possibility of being recognized. He doubted it; though there were Guardians here to keep the peace, most were here to simply have fun as well. They weren't equipped to deal with him even if they were in the right state of mind to recognize him, but Adrian would prefer not having to leave these Grand Festivals early.

Unlike Adrian, however, Prometheus was still a child in mind and heart. The Ponyta knew that his handler probably had some good reason to stay away from all the bustling crowds, but he was proud of himself for having learned how to control his fire, and now that the risk of burning the entire area to ashes was reduced, he just wanted to meet some new friends. Adrian kept him on a loose rein, but the colt wanted more. He would have already gone up to speak to another Pokemon if everyone wasn't so concentrated on some handler chugging down too much alcohol for his own good.

Huffing slightly to himself, Prom was preparing to sulk back to his handler and maybe drag him somewhere else, where he could actually talk to someone, when another Pokemon finally approached him. The Ponyta was still young and his knowledge of other Pokemon species were limited, but he...vaguely recognized the general shape of this one. A Jolteon, right? Hopefully he didn't get this wrong and screw up a new friendship. "Hello!" he replied just as energetically. "What's your name? I'm Prometheus, but you can just call me Prom!" The Fire-type was about to launch into some more questions, hoping to strike up a good conversation with the other, but stopped himself. He didn't want to seem desperate, after all.

A few feet away, Adrian was leaned back against a tree, watching the two interact carefully before raising his line of sight to scan the crowd. The Jolteon likely had a handler close by; perhaps he should learn a lesson from his Pokemon and go socialize.

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 Posted: Aug 25 2017, 02:34 PM
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It's a box of spiders.
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It's a start, and not a bad one, but I can only give you .3 exp each for such a short thread, sorry!


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