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 Councilman Matthais Lindsey, Istin City
 Posted: Jul 17 2011, 09:41 PM
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Name: Councilman Matthais Lindsey
Age: 46

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Lindsey: The Analyst

    Impartiality is Lindsey’s forte. He is able to see everything in context of the bigger picture, and it is a strength and a trait that has served him well in the past. Breaking a large problem down into its component parts is easy for him; give him an interesting enough problem, and by the time you’ve made a cup of tea, have drunk it, enjoyed the weather and come back, he will have one solution, or three, or more.

    He holds most others at arm’s length, though Lady Grey and his pokemon are an exception. It is not known if he has a partner or children, or if he’s ever had a romantic partner, period. Matthais Lindsey is also an expert on the quiet sort of contemplation, of waiting and listening until he holds all the cards. He doesn’t like to make the first move, and if he does, it is only because he absolutely cannot help it.
    Espionage and assassination are right up Lindsey’s alley. He has a network, quietly created and quietly maintained, that feed him information and carry out tasks for him. He keeps in contact with certain people by strictly written word, who then pass on the message until it reaches the appropriate people. It is a compartmentalized sort of thing, where one only knows whoever one absolutely needs to know.

    Lindsey is the quiet shadow that is easily overlooked, with how he keeps to himself, and especially compared to Lady Grey’s far more noble presence. But it would be a mistake to think him harmless or passive; you had best watch your back around him, and sometimes even when you are not.
    Lindsey is the strategist working behind the scenes to the Lady Grey’s more visible hand, and he is perfectly comfortable staying this way. He does not feel quite comfortable in social situations, and often leaves emotional problems to those who are more familiar and adept with them. He is perfectly comfortable, however, in dealing with shadier or more morally ethical situations, though he limits himself to treading on the line and not quite passing over it.

    But there is something of… an otherworldly sense, about him. There is a definite feeling that he doesn’t quite understand your emotions and your thought processes, especially if they are erratic, impulsive, or otherwise heated. He works against the Order profusely, but whatever he does he prefers to do it on his own terms. To those sworn into his service, he treats with the same distance and impartiality, but with an additional sense of caution - for them, and not usually, unless they deserve it, of them.
Anger Points:
  • Being rushed. Lindsey hates this with an absolute passion.
  • Being blindsided. He does his absolute best to be informed about anything and everything of significance in his city, because that information is what he uses to make his judgements.
  • The slave trade. His reasons are his own, and are thus far unknown.
  • In other points, it is difficult to discern whether or not Lindsey is well and truly angry. He has had years of experience in concealing his emotions, and it is all too apparent in the way he conducts himself.

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/478froslass.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif Lv. 92
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http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/18pidgeot.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif Lv. 90

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