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 Councilwoman Aldys Dunn, Dedrius
 Posted: Jun 5 2016, 09:03 PM
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judge of the stables
Total Posts: 1012
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Joined on 30-January 14.

Eryn Norwood, Adelaide Hawksworth, Seung Han, Iuchra Nic Longáin (Retired)

Awards: 1

Name: Councilwoman Aldys Dunn
Age: 32

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Dunn: The Samaritan

    Aldys values people, seeing them endlessly fascinating; she has no trouble being empathetic or sympathetic to someone. She is charismatic, in that she knows people and what drives them, and she is good -- very good -- at listening to people. She is a very good orator; she does not stutter, nor struggle with words. If her past or lineage as a Dunn weren't known, some joke, they would think her a noble or a gentry.

    She also hardly ever gets mad. Aldys is staunchly neutral, because she doesn’t see the point in intervening. Oft times she is called as a referee or to mediate, and will do so successfully. However, she is deeply involved in the Dedrius community and the Guard; and as a former famous - or infamous - handler, she is not without her own teeth.
    Aldys specializes in dealing with people: the mess, the drive, the flaws and the faults and the things that make them special. She is particularly adept at cutting down to the quick of socializing and outer personalities to peer into the heart, and at listening to life stories until people reveal the core of themselves to her. When she speaks with someone, it is as though the entirety of her attention has narrowed down to focus on them, and for that moment in time, they are the center of her world. It seems to be an unconscious tendency of hers, though no one has ever asked as such to her face.

    However, Aldys is also extremely knowledgeable about the Edgewood and its interactions with humans and pokemon as both an ecosystem and as a natural resource. Though she has only recently begun working with the city and its laws, those that she has thus passed have done much towards the conservation and responsible stewardship of the Edgewood.
    Dunn is an active and celebrated figure in the logging industry, as well as her city proper. The health of the forest matters very much to her, and she hates poachers and those who would set fire to the forest or otherwise do it harm with a passion. Her sawsbuck in particular specialized, and still specializes, in forest regrowth. To those that are sworn to her service in the Guard, she is kind and tries to be an understanding liege, who nonetheless expects their best.
Anger Points:
  • Poachers that use fire in their works.
  • Anyone or anything who/that causes damage to the forest ecosystem.
  • Targeting or otherwise attacking the Guardians sworn into her service.


http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/212scizor.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif - Lv. 65
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http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/470leafeon.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif - Lv. 64
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/586_sawsbuck_summer_front_norm.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif - Lv. 64
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/338solrock.png - Lv. 63

profile & travels
profile & travels
profile & travels
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please refer to me with they/them pronouns!

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