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 Ghosts and Possession Clarificaton
 Posted: May 14 2017, 08:31 AM
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New Handler
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Member No. 2356
Joined on 6-May 17.

Sarra Wood

Awards: 1

I've read that ghosts are allowed to possess the recently deceased for a limited number of hours. Questions:

1. If there are multiple bodies present, can a ghost immediately possess a different body? I'd like to know whether the cooldown period is for that particular body or if it's for the ability itself.

2. Does a ghost's size play a factor in possession? Could, say, a shuppet possess something enormous?

3. Can ghosts use their attacks and other stated abilities (illusions, etc.) while possessing a body?


Current Team
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 Posted: May 14 2017, 03:29 PM
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judge of the stables
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Joined on 30-January 14.

Eryn Norwood, Adelaide Hawksworth, Iuchra Nic Longáin

Awards: 1

Hi Zealous! I don't believe I've met you before, oops. Welcome to Harper - we're glad to have you here. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/1.png

1. The cooldown period is specifically for the bodies involved, as said bodies start to decompose much faster during ghost possession than in other situations. However, the speed at which a ghost switches between bodies is dependent on their strength and level. A ghost below Level 20, for example, would need to rest about ten minutes between bodies in order to rest and regain their strength or else risk injury. However, a ghost that is Level 20 and above can start to switch between bodies without pause, though of course possessing a body will still wear down on their stamina.

2. In terms of possession, the ghost's physical size is irrelevant. However, its capability is based on its level - thus, a younger or leveled ghost would not be capable of possessing as large a body as one of a higher level.

3. For abilities whilst possessing a body, it would be related to the ghost's level - the answers are highly subjective because much of it depends on how they are written and played by our members. However, possessing a body and utilizing their other ghost-powers at once is extremely tiring for the ghost, so it is something that would, ideally, be trained over time. As such, they are capable of it, yes, but again younger or lower-leveled ghosts would struggle severely with the task while a powerful or much higher-leveled ghost would be able to do both with relative ease.

However, doing so may negatively impact the length of the body possession time depending on circumstance and what powers are used. In addition, any special-type attacks that the ghost attempts will be at 0.75x power; they are not able to use any physical-type attacks at all, as they are physically possessing - and are puppeteering - a body.

These are all very good questions! We'll be adding them to the Ghosts informational topic for future reference. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/3.png If you have any more, feel free to post them here and we'll answer them when we can!

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profile & travels
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