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 Emily Baker's Travels, Acinonix
 Posted: Dec 2 2017, 08:00 AM
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Hello! Welcome to Harper, @Acinonix! I apologize that I've started this so late; life kind of caught up with me and now that it's settling, I have a little more time to do other things. Anyways, lemmie give you a brief introduction! When you've posted in your travels, hit up the Update Request threads and let us know you're ready for an update! Keep track of your egg count in your post, either at the top or the bottom. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any one else on the moderator team, and we'll be happy to help! Lastly, make sure you have fun!

role play sample

Ah, who knew if it was the right thing or not. Clearly, it would be an adventure for Emily to learn about her decision. With her new Sentret tucked away safely in his ball, Emily was finally on her way for an adventure. But the question was, what adventures would wait for her?

The shop keep was definitely more annoyed at her, despite the fact that she was (previously) a paying customer, and wouldn't bother to give her much more of a rather rude sounding grunt should she eve be interested in any of his wears. It'd probably be best for her to get a move on. That was okay -- Marchton City, while small and tucked away on the coast, definitely had plenty to do.

The first place Emily could look was the message board, where several pieces of pidgey-parchment were scrawled upon and tacked up with sharp little pieces of metal. If she decided to stray this way and look, she'd find some rather... ahem... interesting choices to choose from:

HELP NEEDED. It's important. Can't write about it. Come to the Pied Pier by noon. Ask for Noah.

Well, good thing it was.... oh, say, eleven twenty. The Pied Pier was a little saloon on the docksides towards the ports of Marchton, tucked away in a small alleyway that would be hard to miss. Perhaps it'd be something Emily would want to look into. If she headed that way and asked around for Noah, she'd be met with a rather straggly looking man who never quite looked at her in the face...

Besides that one, there was also a rather well etched one that seemed to be more... formally written:

Looking for help for a very specific mission. Will pay nicely. House and food provided for the duration. Must be comfortable leaving Marchton. If interested, come to the Forks in the Road and ask for Annebeth. Any time between 10 and 2.

The Forks in the Road was a little restaurant -- if it could even be called that -- that was aptly named. It sat on the corner of a two way intersection, and was, well, quote on quote a "fork in the road". Who knew what this job would pay, especially if house and food were provided... and, of course, should she go this route, Annebeth would greet her with a smile, ask to take her break from waiting on rather irritated seeming customers, and lead Emily into a small and cozy room just beyond the counter and offer her a seat in a rather plush looking sofa.

Of course, if neither of those were interesting to Emily, she could also poke around and attempt to catch, harass or bother the stray Pokemon lurking about:

- looming about underneath one of the various stalls, unnoticed by shoppers

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/60poliwag.png x2
- hopping around in a small puddle, clearly having the time of their lives

Aneirin "Nirin/Nye" Vaughan
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 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 03:48 PM
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Scout instantly leaped up to Emily's shoulder, twining his tail around Emily's neck and rubbing up against her happily. He never wanted to be separated from Emily as long as he lived. "So what should we do now," Emily muttered to herself more than anyone else. Scout cocked his head to one side, shrugging his shoulders. Great, no bright idea would be coming from him. But the moment he thought of something to do, Emily had no doubt he wouldn't hesitate to speed off, dragging Emily with him wherever he went.

Emily took quick stock of how little money she had left. "Maybe we should go try and make some extra cash," she muttered to herself, slipping between the crowd towards the message board. Suddenly Scout perked up, swinging his head toward one of the stalls, nose twitching, and ears flicking this way and that. Before Emily could so stop him, Scout leaped off her shoulder, landing gently on the ground and dashing around people's feet, making his way to one of the stalls. "Scout!" Emily cried, giving chase after her troublesome Pokemon.

Scout peered underneath the stall, cocking his head to one side, always the curious Pokemon. "Scout don't run off--" Emily stopped mid-sentence. "What is it?" she asked, feeling on edge.

Suddenly Scout hissed, jumping back and fur ruffled as he spotted the Gastly, tail curling around his flank protectively. He froze for a minute, scared to tear his eyes off the ghost type for even a minute before suddenly turning around and lunging back onto to Emily's shoulder, looking to her for protection. Emily froze, going tense. There was only one thing Scout was afraid of, or at least only one thing he'd admit to being afraid of: ghost types.

Emily shook off her initial sense of dread and fear and crouched down to be at eye-level with the Gastly, peering under the stall. "Why hello," Emily greeted, trying to look as friendly as possible. "Sorry about Scout, being a normal type he's not too fond of ghosts." Emily tried to hide the fact that she was tense and just a little scared of Gastly as she was of all ghost types. It appeared Scout's fear of them had spread to her, but it was more of a wariness than fear, Emily hadn't had much contact with them to be too afraid. But based on what she did know of them, she didn't want Gastly to take notice of her fear, but then again she didn't like when anyone caught her afraid. She waited, tense, to see what the Gastly would do...

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