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 Battle Between Buddies, Chase Redwood vs Lucius Lancaster III
 Posted: Apr 27 2017, 04:59 PM
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I know nothing
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Chase Redwood
Lucius Lancaster III

Location: Route 8
Double Battle
Rose Bowl Rules Apply


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Sir Eev
 Posted: Apr 27 2017, 06:10 PM
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That guy
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Lucius Lancaster III "Lucky"

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SETTING: – Route 8; Reference


Lucky half-stumbled across the street of rickety boards as he tried to read the ticket between his fingers. His opponent-to-be was a Guardian named Chase Redwood, former Rose Bowl contestant. Those two labels alone told him that the man’s experience in combat far outweighed that of the semi-matured farm boy from Route 3, and Lucky was no longer sure which was more unstable—the boards, or his knees. At least it’s not an ‘official’ fight, Lucky tried to calm himself, but his nerves were already getting the better of him. As fate would have it, both combatants arrived at the registration booth a full week late, even as the first round was coming to a close; in any event, the pair of would-be contestants were offered the unique opportunity to participate in an “Exhibition Battle,” that was intended to make up for a forfeiture in the games, or so they were told. To Lucky, that was as much as he could’ve hoped for. He probably wouldn’t have made it past the first round anyways if he were being honest with himself, so it mattered little to him that this battle would be the only one.

And so here he was, clumsily attempting to make a mental map of the swampland that would serve as the landscape of their battle. His portion of the walkway carried him directly forward without veering at all while trees absolutely infested the area, the roots of which extended from every pool of water and gave the place an eerie quality to it that made one feel as though something were about to jump out and drag them into the shallow water, never to return. Lucky shook off a wave of chills, but the feeling remained. The location was quite obviously not a part of the main road structure where the wooden planks were sure to be sure and steady. Instead, it was broken in parts, tattered in others, and in very poor condition overall, but Lucky presumed that this was the price for missed deadlines. As he strode along the narrow street, his mind wandered to the battle looming over him.

It would be a simple, two-versus-two double-battle, and it would have all the same rules as a traditional Rose Bowl matchup, just without any of the perks of winning. But what concerned Lucky was his aptitude as a handler at all. He just couldn't shake what happened to him and, more importantly, his former pokemon at Miramossa. Had he known just a little bit more, what might have been? Had he been stronger, and more experienced, could he have saved them? He squeezed the two pokeballs in his left hand as if making a promise: I will get stronger. For them. That's why he was here after all, right? In spite of impending failure, he was ultimately here to learn, to train, so that he would be strong enough to protect his friends in the future.

Before very long the haphazardly-put-together planks gradually seemed to grow steadier as he walked, newer even, although a more apt description might have been 'less old'. The near-sudden change in foundation caused Lucky to feel as if he were a sailor first setting feet back on land after a day at sea, and it was then that he noticed that the road had changed.

A handful of paces ahead of him, the 'street' began to curve around before culminating in a sort of cul-de-sack of an arena--for he knew that this would be the battleground—where a seemingly abandoned inn rested hauntingly. The creepy trees still surrounded them in every direction, however they had been all but completely cleared from the circular hollow of the cul-de-sack, giving them a largely open space for battle. Looking over the side, Lucky could only guess how deep the gray, murky water was.

Clutching the pokeballs in his hand, he followed the walk until he came upon the inn. He knocked once... twice... no answer. He shouted a simple greeting and still no answer came. Maybe it was abandoned after all? If so, that meant he was alone, although that thought did little to quell the uneasiness in his stomach.

"Looks like we beat Mr. Redwood here," Lucky whispered to the pokeballs and, with that, he pressed the circular dial that would release his partners.

Boadicea's form emerged first and landed ever-so-gracefully upon the rickety wooden planks as she calmly examined the surroundings. Right out of the gate, the arcanine knew that she would be at a disadvantage here between the lack of solid footing that suited her breed and the water that she was inherently weak against; regardless, her outward appearance showed no sign of concern. She was confident in her own abilities to still be effective in the battle.

Lucky smiled at her as he lovingly pat her back. As prideful as Bo was, he knew that she would never admit to being nervous even if she was. The two of them had been through much together in a very short amount of time, and he cared more for her more than he thought of himself. To him, she was nothing short of a godsend, and he was thankful for her presence in his life. But now was not the time for sentiments, the young man rationalized. Instead, he turned his attention to the umbreon.

Sirius was his name… or, at least, that’s what Lucky called him. Honestly, the young man didn't know what his real name was, but it seemed to fit him nicely, and the umbreon would at least respond to the name. As fate would have it, their paths crossed purely by chance when Lucky's captor recruited the boy's help to escape from the city of Miramossa, giving him Bo and Sirius as a sort of 'restitution' for having sold the rest of his friends. That being the case, he and the pokemon knew very little about one another... he would be a wild card in the upcoming fight.

"Y'all ready?"

Sirius' ears twitched at the sound letting Lucky know that he was heard, though he gave no other indication. Indeed, he was a rather serious creature, even more so evidenced by the callous concentration in his eyes as he surveyed the arena for himself. Bo huffed a simple, Yes.

Unfortunately, neither of the two pokemon had very many status-boosting moves of their own, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t prepare. ”Alright, then,” Lucky began, nervous as he attempted to truly play the part of a handler, ”Each of you know what you’re capable of, but I want you two to work as a team. Mr. Redwood and his team have experience on us. We can’t try to beat them separately. Sirius…”

The umbreon shot him a look as if to say, ”I know what I’m doing,” and Lucky suddenly found himself low on confidence once more. Bo nudged him comfortingly with her snout, but before Lucky could say anything else, Sirius dove head-first into the murky water, completely disappearing from view. So much for working as a team.

”Watch yourself out there, Bo,” Lucky pleaded. The last thing he wanted was for her to get hurt.

With that, Bo jumped to the top of the inn where she would bark in an effort to intimidate anyone who dared challenge her while somewhere in the mire, Sirius lurked nowhere to be seen.

As they awaited the arrival of their opponent, Lucky felt as if his innards were about to burst.

  • Lucky sucks as a handler.
  • Sirius is gonna do his own thing; he's somewhere in the water, unseen.
  • Bo is probably going to be the first thing that anybody sees/hears barking on the top of the roof.

OOC: Link to Chase’s profile for ease-of-reference for me lol

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2

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