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The onset of the Summer season has led to a swarming of Fire-, Electric-, and Bug-types, overtaking most populations in the Region. In their place, Water- and Grass-types have retreated to the shade and to cooler areas, while Ice-types have all but vanished. The rising temperatures has also led to the annual thaw of the infamously cold Istin City, though it remains the coldest.

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 Requests to Complete Transactions, Post when your Trade/Giveaway is done!
 Posted: Aug 3 2014, 02:44 AM
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nerd hater
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If your trade and/or giveaway is completed, please post here so that our mods can tell at a glance which transactions are ready to be handled. If you have a quick trade that needs completing, you can also post here, instead of making a separate thread.

Just 3 rules:

1) the person who initiates the giveaway/trade must be the one to make a request here.
2) include a link to your Market thread in your request.
3) please, only 1 request per page max in your Market threads, dangnabbit*. If trading away multiple items, try to keep it all in one thread for us.
*this is slendy not cursing at members

Thank you, and we apologize for any tardiness in getting to your trades!

Staff: Please delete requests as you finish them, thank you. c:

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