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 Plague Notice
 Posted: Mar 1 2012, 12:09 PM
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It's a box of spiders.
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Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

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Plague Notice

Reports have been streaming in from all over the region and after careful investigation, the queen has issued the following notice on the matter:

    Citizens of the region, be advised! A plague has beset our land and our partners, the pokemon. Poison types have begun a swarm around our proud queendom, and a mysterious sickness of unknown origins has been infecting wild pokemon. Affected pokemon can be noted by their distinct violence towards both humans and others of their own kind, often sporting unusual black coloration of their teeth, claws, horns, or shells. These pokemon have been deemed impossible to catch after several senior Guardsmen were killed in this process. Pokeballs of any description simply fail to release on these pokemon, and we have concluded that the disease has fundamentally changed them so as to be unrecognizable to the devices. Pokecards also fail in recognizing these pokemon.

    It is unknown as to where the plague originated, although our primary reports come from men living in the deeper mountains. These pokemon secrete a venom that we have yet to find a cure for in herbs and healers alike in humans, so avoid being bitten at all costs. Pokemon do not seem to be affected by this toxin beyond a normal poisoning, and it is unknown how the disease is transmitted. Beware of any pokemon corpses you may come across, however, as these infected pokemon appear to also be unable to heal themselves despite their increased strength. Many of our researchers contend that this outbreak may have stemmed from failed experiments in the revival of deceased pokemon. The Mages' Guild has declined to comment.

    Be advised that these pokemon are most mobile during the early morning, late evening, and nighttime hours, and that despite the swarming of poison-typed pokemon, these types and steel types appear to have some sort of natural immunity against the disease. Our most current research into the issue seems to be that this plague will last until the summer months.
Battles with these pokemon will yield triple the typical pokemon experience due to the difficulty and ruthlessness of the opponents.
  • Guardian missions will more frequently entail the hunting down and execution of such pokemon via either a bolt/arrow to the heart or decapitation once the pokemon is unable to battle.
  • Handlers will find that these pokemon may appear on occasion in the wild, and job requests for them to be hunted will begin to appear on message boards.
  • Unaffiliated Rogues should be careful on the nighttime streets.
  • Order Rogues will be sent to defeat, though not kill, and cage these pokemon in metal cages and returned to their Trick Lords for study to determine usefulness.
All classes will be able to opt out of specifically taking jobs relating to these pokemon, but random encounters may still occur.


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