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 Shale Strelley's Travels, ABX
 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 06:57 PM
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{ hello! welcome to harper! please remember when you’ve posted in your travels to then hit up the update request thread so we know to update you! keep track of your egg counts in your post, whether it’s at the bottom or the top doesn’t matter. if you have any questions or concerns, you’re always welcome to PM me or any other member on the staff team. we're all super helpful! lastly, and most importantly, remember to have fun! }

roleplay sample

Once Shale’s sister had led her out of the inn, she gave the new handler a pat on the shoulder, made an excuse about work, and disappeared. It was clear that no matter the decision, Shale was able to go home. At this rate, it was more did she want to go home, or start her adventure?

Regardless of anything, Shale had plenty of opportunities to choose from. No matter her decision, she would most likely want to separate herself from home, so it was really a matter of time before anything happened. She could, of course, check out who or what was in the Pokeball – maybe a strong, adaptable Pokemon, or someone similar to her own personality? Perhaps they would become best of the friends without any real struggle whatsoever. She could, of course, spend a few minutes learning and meeting her new friend. Her first partner. The one of, hopefully, many she’d receive and earn in the not-so-far future.

Then, of course, there were various things after that Shale could decide to do. One of them was head over to the job board, a singular wooden board with nailed in pieces of parchment of different sorts that offered gold and fame to the people who took them. Out of the pieces that were stuck there today, a few might have taken Shale’s interest.

The first was on a single piece of parchment that seemed weathered and old, as if it was there for a while. The words on the paper were semi-faded and while the whole message wasn’t quite legible, the address was. It read:

Looking for help –
Handl… is desperately need… important….

Come find me
Water Works Diner

While it wasn’t clear what the important – something – was, it might prove useful. Should Shale go with this route, she’d have to find the Water Works Diner, a small hole in the wall several paces away from the job board itself, although tucked into a rather… dank looking alleyway. It definitely didn’t seem like the safest idea or route, but maybe the pay would be good. Either way, should Shale decide this route, she’d end up finding an older man, maybe in their mid-forties, who would seem rather dismissive until she brought up the job… and then he’d usher her into a seat and bring her a glass of rather dirty looking water.

Of course, should that route not interest Shale, there was another job posted, too. This one was on rather crisp looking pidgey-parchment, with broad, well-focused strokes of each letter to the word on the page.

Looking for someone capable of finding a missing Pokemon in a short amount of time.
May also include travel fee for returning said Pokemon out of the city.
If interested, ask for Jona at the Three Pine Pidgeys.

If Shale went this route, the Three Pine Pidgeys was a rather hustling inn located on the southern side of the town. This inn was mostly filled with guardians and more established handlers, so perhaps Shale would feel a bit awkward. Even so, asking the lady at the front for one ‘Jona’ just like the help wanted sign said, the lady would usher Shale into a small room maybe just big enough for two people comfortably with one singular window, and tell her to wait. After a few minutes, a rather sickly looking lady would come in, introduce herself to Shale, and take a seat before she would start to ramble about anything besides the sign. In this case, it would be Shale who would have to press the conversation that way.

Of course, if neither of those routes seemed particularly interesting, there were always the stray Pokemon looming about. Perhaps Shale might want to try and catch one?

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/29nidoranf.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/32nidoranm.png
- playing together

- looking rather confused, wandering

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 Posted: Feb 23 2018, 10:18 PM
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Shale Strelley

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[Egg Count – 1]

Shale pulled the hood of her cloak up over her brilliant hair and made her way quickly out of line of sight before any family member that wasn't Fern could see her go. She didn't do confrontation, not well at least, and Shale power walked to the end of the street and around a corner before she let herself relax. Alright. Adventure day one. Should she keep a journal? This seemed the sort of thing one ought to keep a journal for but Shale didn't have one on her.
Shale shook her head and quietly scolded herself for letting her nerves get to her before she looked down at the ball she had been holding since Fern gave it to her.

After making sure she was on the edge of the street and not in danger of being in someone's way, Shale took a knee and clicked open the ball with her thumb. She blinked her eyes closed against the flash of white light, and before she could open them against there was a soft thud of feet landing on the streets and a curious humming cry. And there she was, soft and small and staring at Shale with round mauve eyes. “Hello,” Shale said. She held out her hand to the oddish and offered her a small smile, “my name's Shale Strelley. It's nice to meet you.” The oddish blinked and turned its head slightly before Shale reached out and gently ran her fingers over the leaf growing from the middle of her head. The oddish leaned into the touch and hummed again in delight and Shale laughed.

Really, she ought to have expected as much. Her brother had a fondness for fire types but Fern had always had a preference for grass type. Of course her sister had bought her a grass type too.

”If I start walking will you follow me?” Shale asked. The oddish – quickly, Shale decided to think of her as Leafy until the name stuck or she thought of something better – made a humming noise again and Shale decided to take that as a yes. Shale kept an eye on her as she started walking away and to her delight Leafy followed after, almost jogging on her tiny feet to keep up.
Shale wasn't interested in chasing after the wild pokemon just yet, she needed to get a handle on Leafy before she immediately went about gathering more. She only glanced at the wandering pokemon on her way to the jobs board to see what was listed.

The neat sign caught her eye first and she pursed her lips after reading it. She knew the Three Pine Pidgeys – her family business was innkeeping and calling them competition would be over selling Ruby's inn. It would be easy enough to find but looking for a lost pokemon? Shale was sure she could do it but she wanted an adventure, she wanted to try new things and going to a new inn to find a lost pet wasn't that.

The other ad seemed . . . sketchy? And ambiguous. Probably dangerous. Definitely a worse choice than the other job. ”We could always turn it down if we're out of our depth, don't you think?” Shale asked aloud, and her question was answered by Leafy's curious hum and a rustle of leaves.


When she walked into the diner, Shale almost turned around and walked back out. It looked as shady as she had worried it would be and she couldn't begin to guess what the cryptic work she was about to find. Leafy hopped around next to her feet and Shale bent and picked her up in one arm, and held her so she was facing outwards and walked fully inside to find Taiso.
He wasn't very hard to find at all, as it turned out.

Shale set Leafy down on her lap when she sat down herself, and she graciously thanked Taiso for the glass of water, though she made no move to reach for it. Her hands were busy holding her oddish and, well, it was water. Surely it wouldn't be rude not to drink it right away.
”So Mister Taiso,” Shale said after she gave her name, ”If you would be so kind, I would like to hear more about the job?”

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