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 And He Never Forgave And He Never Forgot, Casper Fitzgerald's Thread Tracker
 Posted: May 5 2017, 11:20 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

Application | Profile | Travels

Travels with the Order

Mission 1 - Casper is tasked with solving a riddle, but the complicated series of events that follow lead to him betraying the Order in trying to save Caledonia. He succeeds in keeping her alive, but he is murdered by Trictess Blackwell in the process and Cal is taken captive.

Freeform Threads

Tarzan the Amazing Jungle-Karp - Casper goes looking for a magikarp that supposedly lives by bouncing through the trees of the Edgewood.

Everything I've Ever Had - Casper meets and befriends Caledonia, a golden hoothoot.

A Legend and a Rarity - Casper meets Jonna, who also has a rare, unusual pokemon.

Girls - Casper gets trailed by Arty as he attempts to poach a magby; he eventually winds up with a Guardian's gothita, Brenna, on his team.

I dunno, something fun - Casper begins to work more closely with Windermere and Pit.

I Suck at Titles Someone Help - Casper meets Hadrian, and the pair go through a haunted house and encounter a strange man who seems to worship Caledonia.

Time to "Bale" Us Out - Casper journeys to Shooting Star Acres to buy some gear for Caledonia, who continues to grow ever-closer to evolution.

Steel Forged in Fire - Caledonia meets Altair, a non-shiny noctowl.

Rose Bowl 2015

Rose Bowl vs. Gregory Beauchamp - Casper defeated Gregory in his first-ever match, thanks to Windermere and Caledonia.

Rose Bowl vs. Dionisia Bosc - Casper's team lost to Dionisia's in the second round of the Rose Bowl.

Grand Festival 2015

Meet and Greet - Casper meets Terrance, and their pokemon interact.

Mismagius Mischief - Windermere befriends Nimue, and the two mismagiuses go on the hunt.

A Night to Remember - Wingpeople Unite! - Casper gets caught up in a drinking contest, and Hadrian tries to fix Casper up with a girl.

Bandit Party - Casper lets Caledonia out of her ball for a brief moment, and panic ensues as people try to steal her and help Casper find her.

The Kecleon Hunt! - Casper joins the hunt to search for the infamous purple kecleon.

High Risk, High Yield - Casper joins an impromptu battling tournament and faces off against Chase Redwood.

Team Development

Everything I've Ever Had - Casper bonds with Caledonia and introduces her to the idea of becoming a flying mount.


My Gay Son vs. Casper Fitzgerald - Casper meets Matthew Newgrange for a duel; Caledonia bickers with his roselia, Lorelei.


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Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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