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 Lilith Fauve, Seasle || Lady Greene
 Posted: Jul 30 2013, 10:18 PM
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Peace and safety, friend.
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Carmen Caldwell, Lahi Sharandi, Gilen Bassett

Awards: None

Character: Lilith Fauve
user posted image

Full Name: Lilith Yarina Fauve
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Guardian-- Lilith has 4 months's subscription to Harper's Passion's exclusive TM service, starting from May 2017.
Starting City: Miramossa
Patron or Trick Lord: Lady Greene
Merits: Lv.10 [ 9.4 / 10 ]
Condition: Fine

Overall Appearance:
    Lilith looks as though she's caught somewhere in between a child and a woman. Her body is slender and delicate. Her feet and hands are tiny, flitting creatures, her wrist and ankle bones so small they look as fragile as glass. Yet she does have the telltale curves of a woman - tucked above her hips, sloping down the back of her legs, gently rounding her stomach - and it's hard to miss the slight swell of her breasts.

    There's a wiry strength that lurks under her slim build, only visible in the back of her thighs and the flex of her arms. She has skin like a sleek, pampered Seel's, soft and moon-pale, unblemished by all but the smallest, faintest scars. It makes a lovely canvas her glossy indigo hair. Lilith cuts it like a boy would and dyes it with Bluk berry powder every time she washes it - she no longer knows what her hair's original colour was. She inherited her stubborn mouth and long, elegant nose from her mother. Her tiny ears and the graceful curve of her neck come from her father's side of the family. Her eyes are a murky weaving of both her parents: the amber brown around her iris fading into a sharp green, ringed completely by a brown so dark it looks black. Her sharply defined jawline and pointed chin are her own. She appears mischievous when her face is relaxed, she resembles a Skitty when she's thoughtful, and she looks wild when she's laughing, crying or furious. She is, as it happens, somewhat tall. It's often overlooked due to everything else about her; in memory, she is always thought of smaller than she is.

    Her clothing choice is not one particularly common or one that anyone appears to approve of. She will inevitably find a shirt that it both longer and larger than she needs it to be. When on duty, the shirt will be leather backed chain-mail and when off duty it will be a men's white shirt that's been worn so often it's as soft as Beautifly wings against her skin. Underneath this shirt she will wear leather shorts that barely reach the middle of her thigh - unless she's off duty, in which case she doesn't bother wearing more than a pair of panties. She dislikes shoes and in summer she can often be seen without them. When she does choose to wear them, she wears light, thin leather boots that stop just before her knee. If the weather outside requires something more than a simple shirt, Lilith will wear a coat. Like her shirt, the coat will be far too large her, which results in her spending most of her time rolling up its sleeves.

    Lilith is a young woman used to living fully and it shows. Her hands will run through her hair every few seconds, making it fluff up at the front. All of her clothes have holes, oddly coloured stains, and ragged edges on them. She moves like a Purrloin trapped in a human's body - with effortless, lethal grace. This is mostly lost in her natural enthusiasm, which adds an energy and a kind of charm to her movements. She walks like a woman, her hips swaying slightly with each step. She runs like a child, her hands flailing behind her and her steps clumsy but quick. She fights like a Salamance, her strikes whip-quick and startlingly aggressive, a feverish heat in her eyes that's seemingly able to propel her endlessly. But she's fragile - one hard hit and the fire fades from her eyes. The fierce fighter turns into an ethereal acrobat who twists her body into countless shapes to keep herself a safe distance away from the threat. Lilith is nothing more and nothing less than a breathing contradiction.
Distinguishing Features:
  • Short indigo hair
  • Wears a shirt too large her
  • Slim, tall
Overall Personality:
    It is possible to doubt everything about Lilith except her bravery. She is fearless: not dragons or monsters or evil will make her so much as tremble. She believes that it's wrong to run away and she denies the dangers that await her if she continues to fight until she cannot. Even then, when she is all too aware of how her courage can hurt her, she will banish the knowledge to a dusty corner of her mind. This deliberate pretense that negative consequences do not exist leads her constantly into trouble. She knows that as well, but the truth is that even if every terrifying consequence ran through her brain when she tried to do something, she would still set all her strength into succeeding. Lilith will never desire to lose a fight, even if it's only a fight with herself.

    Lilith's impulsive nature makes her a difficult person to control, both others and herself. Being given responsibility controlling Lilith's actions would be comparable to a curse - Lilith doesn't always accept responsibility her actions. As well, she is highly likely to ignore any orders she was given and instead do what she thinks is best. She won't see anything wrong with her disobedience either, not unless it directly injures someone other than her. This is rare, as Lilith fancies herself a hero. She will not let another person be in danger if she can prevent it. And to the dismay of those that are to teach her why disobedience can be fatal, Lilith is very good at being a hero. She is skilled at settling her mind into a trance that allows her to wait patiently hours on end and still be alert when she's needed. She is talented at taking seeming unrelated information and turning it into an unmistakable pattern. And to the surprise of many, Lilith is extremely practical. She will not carry anything beyond the essentials her day; sentimental value never decides what she will wear. She judges people on what they do, not what they say or how they look. If something needs to be done, Lilith will do it.

    Perhaps most interestingly, Lilith is inherently unpredictable. Her mind doesn't have reliability - she spins her wants and what she perceives as others' needs into a patchwork quilt of 'things to do'. She believes herself to be perfectly understandable, but she'll tell someone how she needs to have this flower that grows on the edge of a riverbank, talk almost endlessly about how hard it would be to get to it without slipping, and the next day she'll have bought the dried flower from a old woman selling them. Her words steer people away from her personality; it's unclear if she does it purposefully. The other factor that creates her seeming randomness is her lack of regard society's conventions. Pieces of her run entirely on instinct and she's focused more on survival than anything else. There's no doubt that Lilith has a wildness to her, but it's rare those who meet her to realize it runs so deeply.

    She talks almost constantly and most of the time, she's asking questions. So far, nothing and no one has escaped her interest - she's curious about most everything. This curiosity is also why she often enjoys playing jokes on people. She wants to see how they will react to her mischief; the varied responses intrigue her. Of course, she also loves the pure outrage she gets most of the time, finding it amusing instead of frightening.

    Lilith will never be described as 'nice' or 'gentle' and rarely as 'kind'. She sees the world in reds, blues, and violets - in heroes, stories, and making a point. She wants to live more than she wants anything else in the world. She'll protect those she thinks she needs to with all of her heart; she'll love completely. But if she fails to keep them safe, she will move on after she's mourned them. There's no one whose death would break her so badly she couldn't fix herself and she likes it like that. The one fear that will never leave her is that someday, she will care so much about someone that she would rather die than live without them.
    Lilith was born to a mother who had long since lost hope of Lilith's rogue father ever coming home. Her name was Yarina Fauve and she had once been a Guardian and planned to be a Guardian again.

    Until she turned one, Lilith was a happy baby, basking in her mother's attention. But after her duty of breastfeeding was done, Yarina began to slip away from her child to work her way back into the Guardians of Marchton. Lilith was left more and more often with her maternal grandmother. And when Yarina finally succeeded in becoming a Guardian again, five days before Lilith's second birthday, the amount Lilith saw her lessened even further. Yarina was a presence she only knew late at night and on the one day off her mother was given. Her grandmother was happy to watch her, but she was heavily involved with her husband's business and often too busy to take Lilith. When Yarina could afford it, Lilith was left with the wife of a Guardian she was on friendly terms with. When Yarina couldn't afford it, she was watched by one of her mother's pokemon - Silence, her mother's liepard, because Yarina trusted no one more than her first partner. In essence, Lilith was mostly raised by pokemon and while Sileence kept her fed, safe, and happy, it had an undeniable effect upon her. The most obvious was how she learned to read body language long before and, arguably, better than she learned to understand what people were saying. She started to speak two years after when most children started to speak and as though to make up her former silence, she spoke almost constantly. She never grew out of the habit and it was a common joke that Yarina sent her to Mistress Iris simply to get some quiet.

    Mistress Iris was a dignified old lady who taught the daughters of rich merchant families how to be 'ladies' in an attempt to make the girls appear more attractive to noble boys. Yarina had no such desire Lilith's future, but she could see the wildness in her daughter and thought Mistress Iris could tame it. More importantly, she had saved Mistress Iris' life and the woman was willing to take Lilith due to that, which meant money was not a problem.

    The only effect Mistress Iris had on Lilith was instilling her with a pure and vicious hatred of dresses, jewellery, and anything else that was particularly 'ladylike'. Lilith's opinions were not the same as the other girls who learned from Mistress Iris and they avoided her determinedly. She was the girl that no one wanted to sit next to and not surprisingly, she spent most of her time with Mistress Iris trying to escape it. When she did escape, she headed straight home every single time - of course, Lilith was not familiar with Marchton City and always became lost. Since she tended to run far and fast at the first sight of anyone who might try to take her back, she was difficult to catch. Yarina often had to be pulled into the matter and after the fifth time Lilith tackled Silence and started wailing, she decided to take Lilith out of Mistress Iris' care.

    This led to Lilith being left with the children of the other Guardians, who tended to hang around the Guardian headquarters when they had the time. Lilith might have been accepted into their group, if she wasn't the youngest of them all or if she hadn't had a thief as a father or even if she just accepted these two facts meant she would never be respected by them. As it was, Lilith fought anyone who suggested she wasn't good enough any reason. The Guardian parents looked the other way so long as no one was seriously injured in the fights, which began Lilith's habit of collecting bruises and likely encouraged her fearless nature.

    When Lilith finally beat someone in a fight, one of the older boys of the group took a liking to her. He shared his food with her and taught her how to use a fishing rod. But before Lilith could do more than decide she was his friend, he started searching out the street kids. The street kids were often the children of rogues and all of them were petty thieves. Lilith tagged along and quickly fell in love with the way of life. It was freedom and excitement and they cared about what she could do, not who she was - everything she wanted.

    Her friend took a month or so to figure out that he didn't really want to upset his parents that much and went back to the Guardians' kids' group. Lilith stayed. She had found she wasn't much liked by the street kids either, since her mother was a Guardian and she had money, but they were all too willing to use her food and as a distraction. And she was willing to be used, when she could learn such interesting things as how to pick locks, how to pickpocket, how to fish without a fishing rod, and how to fight dirty. But what caught her attention the most, what kept her there even when her only friend had left, was the Bluk berry 'tattoos' that the street kids had. They most often tried to imitate their parents or someone they thought was important and they always had stained purple-blue lips from eating a few of the berries. To Lilith, they looked dangerous, fascinating, a direct opposite to the pointless frilly things she was supposed to wear as a girl. She did many things to finally get her own Bluk berries and the first time she tried to give herself a 'tattoo' she ended up with a blotchy patch of purple-blue skin on her arm. She continued trying though and a few days after she turned eleven, she was the proud owner of a spiky design that resembled a liepard wrapped around her leg. Yarina was furious. Until the dye faded from her skin, whenever Lilith saw Yarina she would be told stories about the very worst of rogues' tattoos. This had two effects on the young girl. The first, as her mother had hoped, was that she decided that she had no need to imitate the tattoos of rogues. The second was somewhat less expected - Lilith formed a desire to become a Guardian. She had always been proud of her mother, but the descriptions of chases over rooftops, vicious fights in the sea, fierce pokemon, and just barely escaping death by fire captured her heart completely.

    She did go back to the street kids, but she spent time with the Guardians' kids and even the girls of Mistress Iris' school. Often she visited her grandmother, who was delighted to see her. She would go to the Councilman's lessons to learn to read and write. She liked to fish and often traded whatever she caught a small amount of money, which she saved and kept under her bed (unless she saw something tasty on her way home and had to buy it). There was no particular pattern to her days.

    This was when she had the idea that she could dye her hair instead of her skin. It was a half formed thought that floated around in her mind, originating from her fondness of the purple-blue Bluk berry dye and a girl's Tomato berry red hair. She was just beginning puberty when she finally bought the Bluk berry powder and applied it to her hair. It turned her hair an ugly gray-black colour and in horror, Lilith had it cut as short as she could until her natural hair colour was back. That failure only encouraged her, of course, and she cheerfully kept attempting new formulas on her hair. She spent years with strangely coloured hair - normally a variant of purple or blue although at one point it turned bright orange. Another mother might have been horrified at her daughter's short hair (kept short so that Liltih could try new dyes mixes faster) but Yarina approved of short hair since it was hard to grab onto in a fight. She ran out of money quickly, but her grandmother (who didn't like Lilith's short hair) was always happy to buy more Bluk berry powder her, in the hopes that when she found a hair colour she liked, she would grow her hair long again. She did eventually find the right Bluk berry powder mix to make her hair the dark purple-blue she so coveted.

    But she didn't get to celebrate more than a few days. Lilith had often been threatened by rogues who were unhappy with her mother, but none of the threats had ever been carried out - Lilith didn't even know that she had been threatened. That was partly why she was so unprepared someone to try to capture her. She fought, of course, but a half trained girl was no match the three male rogues they had sent her and she was easily overpowered. Later, Yarina called in every favour she had to try to rescue Lilith from the group of rogues known as the Dragons.

    Lilith herself had no idea why she had been taken from the streets of her city. The Dragons' men had knocked her out by hitting her over the head and she had a concussion, so she spent most of her time drifting in and out of consciousness. She remembered things that made no sense and wouldn't connect into a story - the twists of the rope tied tightly around her hands, the sun glinting off the smooth stone in front of her, a man's voice deepening on the word 'sea'. But it was undoubtedly the most frightening experience of her life because the first time she could remember, she was completely helpless. Thoughts slid through her mind like sand through her hands, never solidifying into anything like a plan. Her head throbbed and made her stomach sick, so she threw up on herself until she couldn't anymore. Then she dry heaved again and again, rubbing the rope they tied her up with against her skin until it bled. She was aware enough to know how much trouble she was in, but not aware enough to do anything about it. When one of her mother's favours finally had her rescued, she was curled into a miserable ball, covered in her own vomit and leavings. She didn't recognize her mother, just stared at her with glazed eyes and whimpered. Yarina had her taken to a good healer and while that was expensive, in a few weeks Lilith came out of the healer's home bouncing on her toes and begging more Bluk berry powder. Her grandmother felt so bad about Lilith's ordeal that she happily bought more Lilith just to see her smile.

    Lilith wasn't unaffected by the entire thing, though, as much as she tried to act like she was. She became less playful and more malicious, doing things that she could be arrested , if the Guardian wanted to do so. And while she had always been reckless, she started taking it to a new extreme, putting her life on the line without a thought about it. Her mother spent hours lecturing her about it and assigning her punishment, but nothing changed. It ended when she went down to Little Marchton and went swimming out into the sea on a challenge from a girl she hadn't spoken to more than two minutes in her life. If a Guardian hadn't spotted her being dragged under by frillish and had his own pokemon save her, there was no question that she would have died. Instead of lecturing her, Yarina told her about her father. His name was Ties Mattson and he had been a rogue. Yarina was engaged to him when he went home to Fough Place, presumably to fetch her a wedding gift, and never came back.

    Lilith left Marchton that night, with money, a pokemon egg, and her grandmother's blessings. Her own 'charm' got her a sailor's promise to fly her wherever she wanted to go. She was left at Miramossa just as dawn rose.

The Player:
Name: Seasle
Age: 19
Time Zone: No idea.
How did you find us? I live here.
Anything Else: Lilith! My hero, she shall finally live~


Items Bag:

Money: 1,475g
Weapon(s): Short sword
Armour: Leather-backed chainmail armors, leather shorts
(1) Dragon-type bracers - These bracers will never break, and are hyper-resistant to all special attacks except fairy, ice, and dragon.
  • (1) Pokecard
    • Pokecard Upgrade: Stored pokemon stats check
    • Pokemon Upgrade: Pokemon Potential
        Scans pokemon for whether they'd be good for training such as scouting, guarding, assault, etc. Please have a moderator roll these aspects.
  • (5) Pokeballs
  • (2) Potions
  • (11) Rare Candies
  • (1) Shell Bell
  • (4) Full Heal
  • (2) Revive
  • (1) Max Revive
  • (1) Great Potion
  • (3) Hyper Potions
  • (2) Mental Herb
  • (6) Ultra Balls
  • (2) Heal Balls
  • (1) Eviolite [held by Rai]
  • (1) Dragon-type cloak (beautiful and imposing. Gives the user an aura of importance and resistant against most elements - useful anywhere-travels. Never tears or needs washing unless having been damaged by Ice, Fairy or Dragon-type attacks)
  • (2) Proteins
  • (1) Good Rod
  • (2) Free Healing Coupon
  • (1) X Special Attack
  • (1) X Accuracy
  • (1) Steel-type attracting incense
  • (1) Poison-type attracting incense
  • (1) Fairy-type attracting incense
  • (1) Lump of Coal
  • (1) Klefki Totem
  • (1) Dark-type move tutor coupon
  • (1) Fire Stone
  • (1) King's Rock
  • (1) Teleport Coin: minted with HP Noctowl crest, teleports user and party to a major city the character has visited instantly. 3 uses left.
  • (1) Choice Scarf
  • (3) Egg Counts
  • (1) Float Stone
  • (1) serving of cheese dumpling pierogies (+2 happiness bars)
    (1) Coupon for (3) TMs of choice; part of Tier 3 Schism rewards
  • (1) SSA Voucher for a full set of Riding Gear
  • (1) 50% off coupon for the Friendly Giant
  • (1) Psychic-type move tutor coupon
  • (1) Electric-type move tutor coupon
  • (6) One-use Transport Balls
  • (1) Psychic Z-Crystal
  • (1) Fire Z-Crystal
  • (1) Fairy Z-Crystal
  • (2) Sage's Scrolls - Aptitudes TBD
  • (1) Gathering Aptitude Scroll - grants 10 xp in Gathering aptitude OR establish it at rank 5
  • (2) harper's passion guild tickets to use a service without being a member and/or for free
Character-Exclusive Items:
  • Free Travel Services: Can be called remotely from on route. May borrow a bird, teleporting psychic, or land or water mount. This pokemon will refuse to battle and will be returned immediately after use to the guild by the abra network
  • (1) Guildmaster’s Private Tutor: Permanent weakness negating training (e.x. eliminate a 4x weakness to a type and bring it back to a 1x, or become unaffected by a 1x type)
  • (1) Amulet Coin
  • (1) Serving of a Banana Milkshake (+2 Happiness to a pokemon)
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/berrybag.png Berries:
  • (1) Lum berry
  • (1) Sitrus berry
  • (1) Nanab berry
  • (1) Occa Berry
  • (1) Rindo Berry
  • (1) Rowap Berry
  • (1) Cornn Berry
  • (1) Figy Berry
  • (1) Magost Berry
  • (1) Belue Berry
  • (1) Enigma Berry
  • (1) Kee Berry
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/tmcase.png TM & HMs:
  • (1) TM31 Brick Break
  • (1) TM13 Ice Beam
  • (1) TM26 Earthquake
  • (1) TM22 Solar Beam
  • (1) TM 72 Volt Switch
Mission: (if applicable)
  • Mission for Lilith Fauve
    In a tiny village way off-route, civil war is about to break out. There's been a feud brewing between two families for generations - and in such a small village the two families are quite extensive, taking up a third of the town's population each - that's about to break out in a bloody battle. Lilith is sent there to figure out the real cause of the feud and calm both sides before the town is decimated. But things aren't as they seem and the deeper she delves, the more secrets she'll discover. The more complex the feud itself/the more drama, the more bonus points she'll get. This mission is bound to Lilith Fauve and cannot be traded.

Gilen Bassett
Profile --- Travels
Lahi Sharandi
Profile --- Travels
Carmen Caldwell
Profile ---- Travels
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 Posted: Jul 30 2013, 10:24 PM
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Peace and safety, friend.
Background Admins/Head Mods
Total Posts: 2105
Member No. 456
Joined on 22-July 12.

Carmen Caldwell, Lahi Sharandi, Gilen Bassett

Awards: None

Party pokémon

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/561.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif


Lv. 39 Exp: 4.3/10
Friendliness: {||||||||||}
Original Handler: Lilith Fauve ( Seasle )
Held Item: ---
Health & Condition: Fine
Magic Guard: Prevents all damage except from direct-attack moves.
Tinted Lens: The power of “not very effective” moves is doubled. .5x becomes 1x, .25x becomes .5x, 0x becomes .25x, and so on.
Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
Gust, Miracle Eye, Hypnosis, Psywave, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Psybeam, Light Screen, Reflect, Synchronize, Mirror Move, Gravity, Ancientpower [Egg], Stored Power [Egg], Teleport [Bard Month] Psyshock, Calm Mind, Telekinesis, Psychic, Rest, Dream Eater, Trick Room, Aerial Ace, Pluck, Fly, Roost, Thunder Wave (15% learned), Substitute (50% learned), Protect, Double Team
Starter Pokemon.
Electric-type moves do 1.9x damage instead of 2x due to training.
Ghost-type moves do 1.2x damage instead of 2x due to training.

+1 Special Attack via use of vitamin
+1 Speed via use of vitamin

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/37vulpix.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif

Lv. 18 Exp: 2.3/6
Friendliness: {||||||||||}
Original Handler: Lilith Fauve ( Seasle )
Held Item: Eviolite
Health & Condition: Fine
Flash Fire: Activates when user is hit by a damaging Fire-type move (including Fire-type Hidden Power). Once activated, user’s Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. While this ability is in effect, this Pokémon is immune to damage from Fire-type attacks and Fire-type Hidden Power (accuracy and effect from these moves are ignored). Fire-type Pokémon with this ability, Will-O-Wisp activates this ability without having an effect. If a non-Fire-type Pokémon has this ability, Will-O-Wisp will activate the ability and will have an effect.
Drought: Weather changes to Intense Sunshine when the Pokémon enters the battle. As of X & Y, this lasts 5 turns.
Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Baby-Doll Eyes, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Payback, Disable [Egg], Secret Power [Egg], Hex [Special], Inferno [Special], Captivate [Special], Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Overheat, Incinerate, Will-o-Wisp, Psych Up [TM], Energy Ball [TM], Toxic [TM],
Foul Play [Tutor], Pain Split [Tutor], Endure [Tutor]
2014 Rose Bowl Consolation Prize
+0.5 Defense via use of vitamin
+5% training bonus for accuracy via GF Popper 2016


Stored pokémon

:spritehere: http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif / http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif
Species or Name

Lv. ## Exp: 0/4
Friendliness: {||||||||||}
Original Handler: --- ( --- )
Held Item: ---
Health & Condition: ---
Abilities: ---
Moves: [ primary / secondary ]

Gilen Bassett
Profile --- Travels
Lahi Sharandi
Profile --- Travels
Carmen Caldwell
Profile ---- Travels
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 Posted: Jul 31 2013, 02:08 PM
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Expert Handler
Background Mods
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Lev Rabuta, Lilith Fauve, Rook

Awards: 3

user posted image
{Quiet Nature, alert to sounds}

He is a watcher, someone who prefers to observe first, speak second, and fight third. He tends to be quite polite, although it's hard to tell this because he believes that silence shows respect. Sigi will speak, of course, but only when forced to do so - if he has to communicate, he prefers to use his psychic powers. Perhaps due to his quiet nature and long life, Sigi doesn't desire to fight. This isn't to say he won't fight. If he must do so in order to keep an oath, he will. In fact, if someone does make him fight, he tends to be rather vindictive about it, attacking with all his power and intelligence.

Like all Sigilyph, he is devoted to his ruins. His duty of guarding them is his first priority. While he can't imagine that ever changing, he will treat other duties he's been given with the same dedication and loyalty (unless it interferes with his first and most important one). He is skilled at deflecting questions into his past, but sometimes he wishes he wasn't so good at it. All he really desires is to be remembered for his service and how can that be if no one knows him?

[Also known as Shamati]
Sigi as a gijinka, drawn by Carni

work to do

user posted image
{Hardy Nature, somewhat stubborn}
Born and raised in a environment of Guardians, Rai has a clear sense of justice, a level head and a quiet, deep pride. She's the type to think things through before approaching them, though she can occasionally get caught up in a haze of fiery emotion. She's very respectful of authority, particularly Guardians, and generally tends to take a diplomatic tack with everyone but her enemies.

She also has a strong desire to please others. Because of this, she forgives easily and likes a framework of orders and tradition to follow. Meshing with this desire to please is her almost childish sense of idealism and her stubbornness, which far outweighs any of her teammates. It can be a dangerous combination, although the danger is almost always to herself.

[Full name is V'nyarai and means 'desert rose']

work to do

for possible future pokemon

Lilith Fauve

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