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 You Will Be My Blades, Emilie & co. Training
 Posted: Aug 7 2016, 02:05 PM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Head Moderator
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Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire | Talia

Awards: 4

Pokemon: Mica

- Help Mica appreciate the taste of milk and milk products in preparation for teaching Milk Drink
- Maybe like 1% of Milk Drink when she puts the idea together at the end? http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/13.png
- Bonding with Mica


Emilie sat in the grass, watching her pokemon as they frolicked in the grass. She particularly had her eye on Clark, of course, but even he seemed to be enjoying himself - although not quite as much as Karma, who was rolling around in the grass. Emilie couldn't help but laugh as her kecleon rolled into a tree, then promptly scampered up its trunk to grab berries, only to get stuck on a branch and require Clark's help. Even if she was uneasy with the elgyem, it seemed Karma wasn't...

She was startled by the cheese sandwich she held in her left hand nearly falling to the ground. With a thief's reflexes, she caught it, only to find her new skiddo standing beside her, tongue out, licking the sandwich.

"Eurgh!" Emilie jerked her hand back, only to see such a sad look in the skiddo's eyes that she couldn't help but rip the cheese sandwich in half and give the already-licked portion to the skiddo.

"Skii!" Mica exclaimed as she pounced on the sandwich, promptly tearing off both pieces of toasted bread to get at the cheese inside. Emilie giggled. She had never seen a pokemon eat this fussily before, she considered as she watched the skiddo paw away any bits of bread that had become stuck to the cheese, and finally whined when there was one she couldn't quite get.

"You really just want the cheese, huh?" Emilie said as she obligingly peeled the bit of bread off the gooey melted cheese. She had been looking forward to this, she heard the cooks in the Guardian barracks made an excellent cheese sandwich, and now she was only getting half because of a skiddo. She had to smile, though, at how happy the grass-type was to munch on the fresh cheese.

"Skii?" Mica nudged Emilie when her half was done, far too quickly.

"This part's mine, Mica," she said, and she watched as the skiddo pouted. "You got a lot already..." The skiddo didn't seem to understand this, or perhaps she didn't want to. She sat next to Emilie, then flopped onto her belly, staring at Emilie as she took another bite of her sandwich.

"You really like cheese, huh?" Emilie noted as the skiddo continued to watch, and after she had taken another few bites, she had lost her ability to resist the wide brown eyes any longer. "All right, just this once." She tossed the rest of the sandwich to the skiddo, who eagerly snapped it up and devoured it rapidly.

Cheese would be a good training motivator, Emilie thought. It certainly seemed like the little skiddo would do just about anything for cheese. Emilie hadn't done much formal training with Severus and Squirt, and definitely hadn't attempted to do any with her new team, but perhaps it was a way to get to know them better. A way to examine their fighting styles so when they inevitably got into battles, she would know how to utilize them most effectively.

To start that, though, she'd need another cheese sandwich, or at least a hunk of cheese. "Clark, Karma, come back over here, we're heading back to the barracks," she called out before noticing a depressed look on Karma's face. The kecleon was enjoying herself too much to want to return, it seemed. Sighing, Emilie looked around, hoping to find another Guardian, but of course when she needed one she couldn't find one. She sighed. "All right, Clark. I'll trust you, this once. Don't make me regret it." Did the elgyem smile as she walked away, skiddo in tow?

She left the skiddo outside as she entered the barracks from the back, heading straight for the kitchen. Before too long, she had a large hunk of cheese, and when she came back out, the skiddo nearly pounced on her like a feline. "Hold on, we have to get back - to - the - others!" she dodged the skiddo with every footstep, and eventually had to run to reach Clark and Karma before she could get bowled over by the overly enthusiastic goat pokemon.

"All right, you'll get the cheese, but we're going to do some training first. Now, what shall we do... do you want to learn how to defend yourself more effectively against fire-types?" She didn't even need Clark's voice in her head to see the boredom in Mica's eyes. "How about some speed trials, increasing how fast you can run? You nearly caught up to me there," she said, still panting slightly from her unexpected run. The bored look returned. "Would you like to practice more with the moves you've got?" Emilie said, grasping at straws.

"She wants to eat the cheese."

"I figured that one out for myself, thanks," Emilie said sardonically before a thought occurred to her. It was strange, and yet in a way it made sense. She took out her pokecard and pointed it at the skiddo, and looked down the list of its moves until she found the one she was looking for. She had heard skiddos produced milk, and some could even drink their own milk if they were trained, and it appeared this skiddo could learn as well.

She had a sudden idea. "Come on, Mica, let's go to the kitchen. I bet they have a great surprise for you there," she said enthusiastically, once again leaving Karma in Clark's care. The elgyem definitely looked happy now, she could see it in his eyes, but she didn't take too long to consider his happiness once she felt the harsh headbutt of an eager skiddo. "All right, I'm coming," she said, running once again alongside her skiddo.

This time, she let Mica into the building. "Let's be careful, Mica. Pokemon aren't usually allowed in the kitchens, but I want to see something. Be a good skiddo, all right?" She approached the kitchens and asked for a bottle of milk, only to see a look of longing in the skiddo's eyes like she had never seen before. "Do you want the milk?"

She shrieked and jumped back when the skiddo went barreling straight for her. The milk slipped out of her hands, and the bottle shattered on the floor. The cook's indignant reply was cut off by a loud "SKIIIIIII!" as Mica pounced on the fallen milk bottle, shoving the glass aside and lapping up the milk enthusiastically.

"Guess that answers my question," she said, and when the skiddo was finished with her impromptu snack, she turned up to Emilie with a dripping wet, white face. "Come follow me," Emilie said, and led the way back to Clark. She was curious to see if she could use this somehow, and Clark had interfered before... unusually enough, she was actually seeking him out. The skiddo pranced beside her, still looking up at the cheese in her hand. She had a bottomless appetite, it seemed...

"Clark, can you tell me what Mica is feeling?" The elgyem nodded, and quickly began to concentrate. Emilie watched his facial expressions, trying to see if she could find an indication he was reading minds, but she couldn't see anything. It only made her more nervous. She hoped she wasn't inflicting pain on the skiddo by making Clark read her mind. She was so innocent...

Clark dove into the skiddo's mind, and found the milk and cheese right at the front. He sensed happiness first, a great deal of happiness, and a desire to eat these foods whether or not she was actually hungry. As he dug deeper, though, he began to discover memories. Gogoat's milk as one of her first memories. Comforting, sweet, sleeping with the scent in her mind. Somehow, along the way, the smell and taste of milk and cheese had become more than just a happy memory for Mica. "The closest I can say is that it is home, for her."

Emilie hadn't expected anything nearly so deep, but she could definitely work with that. Kneeling down, she faced the skiddo who was now trying to lick the milk off her own face. "So you really like milk, right? And cheese? Cheese comes from milk. I can try to get you chocolate one day, I bet you'd love that as well." Mica looked up at Emilie, smiling widely. "From what Clark said, it seems like you more than like milk. I think there might be something we can work on together where you can have milk whenever you want - does that sound good?" She was forced to stop for several moments as the skiddo bleated enthusiastically. "There's a pokemon move called Milk Drink that lets you make your own milk that you can then drink to regain some of your health. It's a ways off, but we can start practicing now, and perhaps you can even - what are you doing?" Emilie giggled.

The skiddo was craning her head around, trying to drink milk from her tiny udders. She craned her head just a bit too much, and came toppling down, falling in a heap near her laughing handler. "Maybe not quite yet. But we can practice! You've got the right idea, do you remember your mother feeding you? It's like that, I think. And when you get it right, it'll be nutritious milk that will make you happy and healthy. How does that sound?"


Emilie rubbed her knuckles on her ears. "I'll take that as a yes," she said, and even though the loud skiddo was annoying, she found her enthusiasm endearing. It was nice to work with this pokemon. She had been a good purchase. And in the meantime, Emilie would concentrate on getting her as many milk products as she could to encourage her and keep up her enthusiasm. With motivation like that, Emilie thought it surely wouldn't take too long to learn the new move.

And the skiddo was thrilled as well. Not only to eat her favorite food, but to have someone help her make her own supply! She walked up to Emilie and nuzzled her new handler. She didn't know about training except that it usually involved wearing a saddle, and that hadn't been particularly fun, but she was ready to try something new. She could only hope her handler would match her enthusiasm as she began her journey to a lifetime supply of tasty milk.


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The Stonehearted Lady

Past Characters

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Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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 Posted: Aug 8 2016, 09:25 PM
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Top Handler
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Joined on 21-June 13.

Artemis Froste, Tybalt Cromwell, Cadence Mansel

Awards: 3

Writing Quality & Length: 5/5

Nothing much to say here. It was a good length for your goals and the quality was excellent (as per usual from you). Overall very good.

Training Effectiveness/Plausibility/Creativity: 5/5

The post was effective in showing the Mica loves cheese and milk! I would technically call that an appreciation of the taste of milk. So, goal accomplished and Mica will gain a note about loving cheese and milk. I don't think that she has gained any in learning the actual move Milk Drink as much as gaining the idea of the move, which will be noted as well. The bonding was also successful to me so 1 happiness will also be rewarded to Mica!

Wow Factor: 0

Even though there was an overwhelming amount of cuteness from Mica, it just didn't warrant any wows from me. Sorry!


Mica gains 10 EXP and grows to level 9 (2/4 EXP) and learns Tail Whip! Great job.


Cadence Mansel

All Characters
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 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 03:25 PM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Head Moderator
Total Posts: 1393
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire | Talia

Awards: 4

Pokemon: Bewear

- Teaching the murder-hug-bear the difference between lethal and non-lethal hug force
- Setting some hugging rules in place
- Introducing the idea of when to use which kind of hugging


The day-long mission to prune the Edgewood of some overgrown trees by Lord Folgart's base was the perfect opportunity for Emilie to address a rather urgent problem on her team.

Specifically, the problem related to her new bewear. The pokemon was powerful and strong, everything she'd hoped for in a fighting-type, and more. But there was one slight problem with this theory - the pokemon was powerful enough to snap trees in half, and it seemed that all it wanted to do was hug. Not that it wasn't bad enough to have a large and uncontrollable pokemon, but having one that would eagerly crush her spine with a smile was enough to make her worry.

Which was why she had joined at the pruning expedition. Not only would it boost her reputation with local lumberjacks (and hopefully the Guardians, for doing a good deed on her day off), but it could also give her a way to demonstrate exactly what her bewear would need to do in order to be on her team.

She waited until the process had already begun before approaching the foreman and introducing the idea of bringing out her pokemon. With his tentative approval, and a nauseated look on his face, Emilie set out to teach her bewear how to hug properly.

He emerged from his ball with a great lumbering noise, looking around at the people and trees and smelling the old familiar scent of his former home. Even though he hadn't had much time to enjoy his original home, he still recalled the pleasant scent of trees and freshly cut wood as a highlight of his imprisoned days, and he grinned widely. But when he turned and saw Emilie, his grin turned into a full-on shriek and he barreled straight towards her.

"STOP!" she yelped, leaving the bewear to fall over from his excessive momentum. Emilie took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself down, before kneeling down to face the bewear. The dejected look on his face made Emilie groan softly.

"It's not that I don't like you," she said hesitantly.


Briefly, Emilie wished she had brought Clark, but the ultimatum she had recently received from the elgyem had been enough to make her want to keep him out of sight. "I don't mind that you like me so much, either. It's just that... well, humans are weaker than many pokemon, and if you hugged me like you wanted to, you would hurt me."

An instant look of shock passed over the bewear's face - had he not realized? "BeeeeEEEeee!"

Emilie winced at the loud noise, poking her fingers in her ears. When she withdrew her fingers,
she noticed another disappointed look on the bewear's face. "You're just a little much for me," she said.

She was beginning to understand why the Black Forest Phantoms had wanted to use this specific species of pokemon to do... well, whatever diabolical plans they had in mind that somehow angered both the Guardians and the Order. The species grew from small, manageable baby pokemon into powerhouse fighting-types who could kill humans and destroy just about any environment with incredible ease. And if they were kept prisoner, with a lack of affection, there was no danger of any of them trying to hug their handlers. (She had looked in her pokecard, and if the data available there said that the very new species of pokemon was fond of hugging their handlers, she was not going to argue with the facts.)

"I don't mind you trying to hug me, but if you were to hug me like that, I'd be dead - so we need to lay down some ground rules to keep both of us safe." Knowing that the authorities would likely confiscate a pokemon that murdered its own handler, even by accident, Emilie knew she and the bewear were both in danger from the latter's uncorraled force.

The bewear sat up, watching Emilie carefully as she stood, her eyes scanning the forest for examples. "Remember how, when you evolved, you knocked into some of the large trees? They fell over when you didn't think about the force you were using. I'm not half a sturdy as a tree - in fact," she said as she noticed what looked like a few newer trees in the underbrush, "see how there's a grove of smaller trees here? These are like the humans. Smaller, weaker, needing protection." She neglected to mention that protection would be useful against the one who she spoke to, but details. "If you can topple a large tree with one of your hugs, you'll need to master the control of your force so that if you try to hug me, you don't crush me by accident."

The bewear nodded, looking to his handler for guidance. "So what I brought you to do today is, I want you to practice hugs of different strengths on different size trees. With that in mind, I'd like you to start over here." She walked over to one of the largest trees, one that could provide logs for summer bonfires and likely even last through the winter. "When you go for something like this, I want you to consider the force you're using. Which muscles, how hard you're working to make this tree fall." At the pokemon's confused look, she added, "Not that I want you to do this to me, but if you can try to think when you're using a lot of power, it might help you remember to use less."

That was the best Emilie could hope for as the bewear studied the tree intently before wrapping his arms around the sturdy trunk. Emilie and the other Guardian volunteers gave the bewear a wide berth as he began to hold the tree more rightly, hugging it with all of his might. She couldn't help but wonder whether he was thinking about it like she had said when the tree began to groan from being squeezed, and she could only hope he was as the tree finally fell to the ground.

Seeing his power up close was frightening - the first time she had seen it, it had been too dark and there were too many other things on her mind to consider the ramifications - but watching the tree go down made her doubt what she was doing. How in the world could she manage this bewear, especially with Tiny on her team too?

Before she could react much more, the pokemon turned to face her, an expectant look on his face.

"G...great job bringing down that tree, Bewear," she said, mentally chiding herself for not having named the creature. There was a burgeoning bond there, yes, but she needed to know that he was most definitely on her side. Then again, there were other ways to test that more practically: "Bewear," she piped up again, "Can you go over to that tree and see if you can squeeze it without it breaking?"

Bewear looked confused, so Emilie walked over to a small sapling, wrapping her arms around it. "Just as your hugs can destroy, they can also hold things upright, which might be useful for helping people or pokemon. It could be good on missions, too - but for now, why don't you try to see how hard you can hug the tree without breaking it?"

At the first snap of bark, not quite breaking the tree but leaving a gouge in it, Bewear looked back at Emilie, embarrassed. "Well, you learned what was too hard for that tree -and it didn't completely break," she said as she drew her pokemon aside, leaving room for others to help bring that one down. "I want you to try to feel the wood straining before it snaps even a little. If you can feel it strain, that's how you'll know when to stop."

Bewear nodded and followed Emilie over to the newer-looking grove. "These trees, for instance, are much more fragile - so we'll see if you can hug a few bigger ones before tackling these. Once you can do that, I'll take a look at the ones you've hugged and then we can see if you're ready for people yet."

Bewear took his mission very seriously, facing a tree of medium girth and sizing it up. He could encircle it with his arms all too easily, and yet, when he did so, he tried to picture Emilie standing there. His human, the one who had rescued him from the Phantoms - and then he began to squeeze. He pictured her squishy human-ness caught between his arms, and at the slightest sign of resistance from the thick wood he was actually hugging, he withdrew his arms entirely.

At a nod from Emilie, he continued, looking for other trees that the nearby Guardians were trying to cut down. He pushed a pinsir away and grasped onto a larger one, this time able to squeeze more before he felt that initial resistance. The trees followed that pattern, he noticed as he started to hug more. The larger the tree, the sturdier it was, and the more force it could take. Vice versa for the smaller trees, some of which he could barely touch before they would shudder and groan.

As he continued to practice, Emilie kept a close eye on him, eventually letting him get near the small grove. "These are very new trees, which means they're even more fragile. You can't even let these start to crack, or they may fall apart altogether. They're like human bones," she mused as she watched her bewear approach the first sapling, her heart pounding in her throat.

He wrapped his arms around the sapling, noticing that there was some space in-between for him to tighten his grip. Now holding onto his right arm with his left paw, he kept his arms loose around the tree, barely even touching it at all. Only at a nod from Emilie did he begin to experiment, pushing ever so slightly towards what he felt was a proper hug, letting go very early to let Emilie take a look.

"It'll be easier with humans and pokemon than with saplings - we can talk, after all, and let you know if something hurts," she encouraged him when he looked dejected upon finding a scratch from one of his claws on the new bark. "Just keep trying - picture yourself holding up the tree first, and then if you want to give a very gentle squeeze, you can try to do that."

Emilie continued giving advice like that as she and Bewear worked their way through the grove, not stopping until he hugged a very young tree without leaving a single scratch.

"That's great, I'm so proud of you!" Emilie said, her voice unusually cheery as her bewear came back over in her direction. Now that he seemed to be able to at least recognize which force was too much, she needed to clarify when to use each level of physical power.

"So that first tree, the one you crushed - you can do that in battle, or if anyone's trying to harm me or any of the other pokemon on my team. We can work more on that later, but for now, that kind of hug is only fine for someone we want to hurt." There would be a myriad of uses for that, especially if Emilie's spying ever got discovered, but for now, it was best to keep things simple. "A friendly hug is meant more for support, like trying to hold the little trees without snapping them. Some pokemon can take more than others," she said, thinking of the wailord who she also needed to work with, "but for now, it's best to stick with what would work on me."

An unasked question remained in his eyes.

"So, yes, this means you can touch me, but you'd have to be very gentle."

"Beee?" the pokemon said, standing up and trying to get close to Emilie again. She braced herself, but he approached in a slow walk, and ever-so-lightly poked at her with a single paw.

"You can do more than that, if you want - like the littlest tree, if you were trying to hold it up." She smiled at him nervously, trying to brace herself and wondering if she had made the right choice.

And, to the relief of both Emilie and her bewear, no spines were cracked as he gave his handler a hug for the very first time.


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The Stonehearted Lady

Past Characters

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