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 Alexander Fitzgerald, The Man, The Mission, The Thread Tracker
 Posted: Jan 4 2016, 02:49 PM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Background Mods
Total Posts: 1615
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

Application | Profile | Travels
Team Development | Aptitude Development | Breeding | Training
Dream Team | Team Roles | Team Goals

Now I've Moved and I've Kept On Moving
Travels with the Dedrius Guardians

Mission 1 - Alexander joined Val, a fellow Guardian, to reclaim a chest of goods from the Order. Alexander and Val split up to battle different groups of rogues; in the end, although they had a spooky feeling of being followed, they got the chest and all the other cargo back to the base successfully. For his efforts, Alexander was granted ownership of two pokemon he rescued from the rogues' leader Hugh, an axew and an arbok.

Mission 2 (Mission Impossible) - Alexander and Val were tasked with bringing Hugh to justice. Along the way, they stumbled upon a huge Order camp and were forced to endure a chaotic battle influenced by Order psychics. Upon their victory, the two entered the camp thanks to a kirlia and Alexander was able to find and rescue his brother's noctowl, Caledonia, before retreating and bringing information to Lord Folgart.

Mission 3 - Alexander journeyed alone into the forest past a small village, where he encountered an ancient gothitelle named Ojinjintka. After completing her assigned task - stopping a lampent and a newly deceased froslass from hurting newcomers to the forest - he was given custody of the lampent, and he formally earned his Senior Guardian rank.

Mission 4 - In progress!

Found Others on the Way
Development of Team Bonds

Amarie - Amarie, as part of Alexander's Rose Bowl team, angrily stalked around a hotel room in this post. Ongoing...

Antoine - Antoine met Alexander, Gyro, and Victor and began a partnership with the two pokemon in this post. Ongoing...

Ayla - Ayla met Alexander in this post after she was given to him as a gift from Lord Folgart. After her double evolution into a haxorus, she spent some bonding time with her mentor, Comet, in this post. Ongoing...

Caledonia - Alexander and Casper bring Caledonia into an old family tradition with baked ziti in this post. She later clarifies her intentions about her time with the family in this post. After a devastating loss in the Rose Bowl and the subsequent breaking of his promise, Alexander trusted Cal with a much deeper view of himself in this post. Ongoing...

Casper - Casper, as part of Alexander's Rose Bowl team, rested and got to know Clover a bit in this post. He later brought Caledonia into a family ritual in this post. He kept up his involvement with Caledonia, helping her air her concerns to Alexander in this post. When Alexander recovered Liliana, he helped her gain a basic level of trust with Alexander in this post. Ongoing...

Clover - Clover earned her final happiness bar in this post as she dealt with her own insecurities and brought Alexander relief from his with her bulba-bye. He later traded her to a home where she would be able to have a calmer life.

Corvus - Corvus helped Gyro decide to evolve into a hitmontop in this post. Ongoing...

Gyro - Considering the "honorable and protective" note that came in his profile when he came to Alexander, it was only fitting that he evolved into a hitmontop. In the first post, tyrogue helped Alexander welcome a new member to his team, the murderous mime named Victor, and encouraged Victor to at least try to form a relationship with his new handler.He earned a happiness point for his efforts. In the second post, he urged Victor to put aside his inclination towards violence, which netted a note in his profile that he developed a "moderate" personality and worldview as well as the beginning of a friendship with the mime. Finally, in the last post, he learned about the evolutionary options available to him and chose to imbibe three rare candies and become a hitmontop, this time with Victor's guidance. Now secure enough to mentor other pokemon, he and Victor began mentoring Antoine in this post. Ongoing...

Liliana - Alexander was given care of a sylveon he took after her Order Rogue handler's death in this post, but she attacked him on sight. When Victor later informed her about how her previous handler died, she decided to not kill Alexander, pending answers, in this post. She received her new name and some answers about the past - and formed a basic trust of Alexander - in this post. Ongoing...

Maverick - Maverick met Alexander and named himself thanks to some encouragement from Victor in this post. Ongoing...

Nola - Nola became a member of Alexander's team and learned of his generosity in this post. She now lives at the Dedrius barracks.

Rhiannon - Rhiannon, egged on by Ayla, decided to evolve into a dragonair in this post, along with sharing some of her backstory with Alexander. Ongoing...

Victor - Victor arrived with one happiness bar and a habit of murdering people, yet Alexander always showed faith and believed in him. In the first post, he brought Victor into the team with acceptance and Victor mentioned his previous handler, Oliva Frisell, and two of her pokemon, a nidoqueen and a hoothoot. This mention netted a note that he was "beginning to understand Alexander." Alexander was intrigued and in the second post, Alexander tried to find Victor's previous handler and learned that she had been missing for about a year. Victor learned, with tyrogue's help, to acknowledge Oliva's love towards him and he begun to work with both Alexander and tyrogue with more earnest. He made a brief appearance in tyrogue's evolution post to encourage him to follow his heart. Victor's first solo dev thread is the first move towards deeper understanding between the mime and his handler when discussing the events of the Roguish Ties freeform. He then celebrated the holidays with Alexander in this post and discovered a newfound appreciation for chocolate - and his handler. Now at 6 bars, the next logical step for Victor and Alexander's relationship was verbal communication... Alexander obtained a Psychic Amulet during a mission in the Great Schism and in a frank discussion with Victor after the mission, he and Victor mutually decided to start trying to get closer and open up more with each other. Victor later assisted Gyro when he was emotionally conflicted after killing a human opponent, which brought him even closer to the team. Victor showed his devotion to Alexander when he welcomed an abused arbok to the team in this post, and he encouraged the arbok to trust Alexander even so soon after becoming liberated. He finally got rid of his lingering hatred for Alexander as a human in this post, and earned his final two happiness bars! Now settled with Alexander, he brought Nola into the team in this post. When Antoine joined the team in this post, he took a liking to the young meditite and began to mentor him. Ongoing...

Alexander's Development

And They Can't Take That Away - Alexander faces his own morality as he makes difficult decisions during the interrogation of a prisoner named Blackbird.

Tu Fui, Ego Eris - Alexander confesses his knowledge of Casper's death and transformation into a yamask to his parents and holds a wake for his brother. During his speech, he also confesses to his guilt over being in the Guardian base the night Casper died, and not helping.

Wise as an Owl - Alexander begins his study of noctowls by consulting a scholar at the Dedrius Guardian base.

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light - Alexander confronts truths about himself and his recent actions while listening to his brother's death.

Getting Even - Alexander goes to his mentor, Alrik, for help after he is dumbstruck while facing off against Trictess Blackwell.

Traveled Hard, Sometimes with Conscience Flying
General Freeform Threads

I Lived - When Alexander fails to save a civilian, he is forced to confront powerful feelings about his family's past as he comforts the man's widow.

Fish and Grubs - Alexander meets Hadrian, an old friend of Casper's, and they share memories and repel a wave of aggressive water-types. Amarie falls in love with another corphish.

Law and Order - Alexander and Sieglinde are joined by Elise as they investigate an attack on a small town.

Roguish Ties - Alexander and Skye join a competition to bring in food for a nobles' feast and end up bringing in a blaziken as their prize.

Prepare for Trouble (Make it Double) - Alexander and Kenneth begin to investigate what seems like an incident of corrupt employees at a Harper's Passion in Cypwater.

Kong Vinter - Alexander flushes out some thieves at a winter festival, where he is accompanied by Jonna.

Second Impressions - After an excruciating battle, Alexander defeats notorious Order rogue Louis deFleur and collects the bounty on his head.

Shooting Star Acres, Part Deux - Alexander confronts his deadbeat father, Alexius, who tries to poach Caledonia on their way to Shooting Star Acres. Casper realizes his new role in his brother's life.

The Sum of His Parts - Alexander and Denzil discover a particularly gruesome poaching business and take the information to the Guardians.

Bouncing Treasure - Alexander meets Arty as they chase off a flock of flying-types bothering a meowth. He befriends a spoink.

This Is What We Live For - Alexander reunites with Casper's old friend Hadrian for some conflict and eventual team bonding.

Ghosty Fun - Alexander meets Nye, and Casper meets his first other ghost-type pokemon.

The Legend of Koro - In progress!

Open Freeforms

Going to the Market... At Night - Alexander travels to Cypwater Point for the day to buy TMs for himself and some other Guardians.

Always Looking for Trouble - In progress!

The Great Schism

Kicking the Collection Pan - Alexander meets a young Order Rogue named Emilie and together they incite a mob to oust the murderous Arcean priest Meredith from power.

Tending the Red Fields - Alexander, Eglantine, and Apollo assist a group of healers after a bloody battle.

Wolf in a Sheperd's Clothing - Alexander and Emilie joined Puck and Levrin to escort Smithfield the healer to a safe house in Dedrius.

Pestilence - Alexander, joined by Alyssa, guards a battlefield where healers work to save lives.

MedExpress - A spiritomb follows Alexander as he plans to make a delivery with the help of Jaweaca.

In Our Nature - Alexander confronts Alyssa after she betrays the Healing Circle.

Pokemon Bonanza - Alexander has a brief encounter - and fight - with Hadrian Treefeller, an old friend of his brother Casper.

Metamorphosis - Alexander and Tiera search for a human-pokemon hybrid.

On Broken Wings - Alexander battles against Eirabella after an explosion interrupts a meeting between the Healers' Circle and Mages' Guild.

Strange Allegiances - Alexander battles against Alphaea as she tries to steal valuable Healing Circle papers.

Going Against the Grain - Alexander convinces Tybalt, a supporter of the Church, to help him escort some healers to wounded citizens.

Where Do I Go From Here? - Alexander, briefly joined by Brenda, befriends a dratini while dealing with a threat to the life of Fough's councilwoman.

Keeping the Balance - Alexander agrees to help Liadain, a former Rose Bowl opponent, restore the peace in Dedrius as the Church and Mages' Guild prepare to fight.

Does this story have dragons in it? - Alexander and Lev, joined by their dratinis, journey to a mysterious island on Route 12.

The Ends Justify the Means - Alexander is faced with his worst nightmare as he encounters Trictess Blackwell, his brother's murderer.

Rose Bowl 2016

Battle against Luca Catore - In what began as a difficult battle between Victor and a sableye, Luca quit partway through the bout, giving Alexander the victory in his first Rose Bowl battle.

Battle against Saxon Montague - In a grueling and particularly violent battle, Amarie vanquished a quilladin by quite literally tearing it apart. Alexander won his place in the third round.

Battle against Liadain Kenyon - Alexander's team fought valiantly against fellow Guardian Liadain Kenyon, but her cyndaquil overpowered his team, which led to a loss in the third round.

Grand Festival 2016

A Gathering of Guardians - Alexander meets and begins to mentor Aedan, a new Guardian.

Make New Friends but Keep the Old - Victor reconnects with Nola, a pokemon from his previous handler, and they share stories.

A Menagerie of Tempers - Alexander's dragons cause a ruckus as their handler tries to complete a mission.

Bulba Fun in the Sun - Clover finds another bulbasaur to play with.

Masks for Peace and Masks for War - Alexander encounters Alphaea again, and the two attempt to navigate what they know about each other.

Surfin' Stall - Alexander borrows a Surf HM to teach Ayla and Rhiannon the move after Ayla's shocking double evolution.

Rose Bowl 2017

Battle Against Leslie Howard-Steele - After his most intense battle yet, Alexander was knocked out of the Rose Bowl in the first round.

Grand Festival 2017

How To Train Your Obnoxiously Destructive Dragon - Alexander teaches his old friend Líadain Kenyon how to deal with her newly hatched jangmo-o with the help of Ayla and Rhiannon.

Round Two - Alexander encounters his former opponent, Leslie Witcher-Steele, after his upsetting loss in the Rose Bowl.

What a story - Alexander meets Gry for some impromptu storytelling.

The Great Golden Test - Alexander meets Katherine Hammond when he experiments with letting Caledonia out of her ball.

Eevee-palooza - Liliana and Victor encounter a gathering of eevees and eeveelutions.

Event: A Mansion in the Woods

Event: A Mansion in the Woods - Ongoing!

I Know What I Will Do Tomorrow
Short-Term Goals
  • Prove himself as a good mentor to Edward Gardiner
  • Fulfill his promise to Caledonia to let her get revenge
I'm Steady Thinking, My Way Is Clear
Long-Term Goals
  • Train Antoine to be able to battle effectively
  • Avenge his brother Casper's murder at the hand of the trictess
  • Reach 10 happiness bars with Caledonia
  • Reach 10 happiness bars with Liliana
  • Become a Lieutenant
  • Place in at least the semifinals of the Rose Bowl
  • Not die
Completed Goals

Proved the Points That I Needed Proving
Training the Team

Swag Isn't an Attitude, it's a Behavior - Victor began training Swagger in this post, almost accidentally, as he watched Gyro train with Alexander. As Alexander began training with the bastard sword in this post, Victor followed along and tried to mimic different positions for Swagger to better understand his new move. He finished learning Swagger via TM.

This Is How We Roll - Gyro began his inquiry into formal training in this post when he studied the theory and practice of shaking off Confusion. Ongoing...

You're My Sunshine - After the Rose Bowl, Clover decided to start trying to become more brave in pokemon battles. She began by learning Sunny Day in this post and practicing her evasion in the sun. Ongoing...

Fight Against the Sword - Ayla has become Alexander's impromptu training partner with the bastard sword. In this post, Ayla began working with Alexander, and she developed a more sophisticated technique after her evolution and showed it off in this post. Ongoing...

Little and Broken but Still Good - Antoine began his training journey with his previous handler Marie in this post, where he learned basic strategies to use his disabilities to his advantage. Ongoing...

Let Me Tell You That I Love You
Breeding Pokemon on Alexander's Team

Amarie x Sears (Wild Seadra) - Amarie and Sears met and battled for the first time in this post, leading to the creation of two corphish eggs. They developed a deeper relationship in this post, where another two eggs were produced; this time, Amarie kept the horsea egg and Sears kept the corphish egg. The horsea egg hatched in this post.

Stolen Dreams, Yes, There's No Denying
Otherwordly Adventures with Alexander & co.

The Adventures of Murder Mime and Creepy Crab, Chapter One - Victor, also known as Murder Mime, and Amarie, also known as Creepy Crab, save the city of Miramossa by killing 53 people.


user posted image

Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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 Posted: Jan 4 2016, 02:53 PM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Background Mods
Total Posts: 1615
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

The Changes That Have Come Over Me
Intended Moves for Alexander's Team

  • Hidden Power (TM10)
  • Ice Beam (TM13) - Done! 6/10/16
  • Dig (TM28)
  • Sludge Bomb (TM36) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Aerial Ace (TM40)
  • X-Scissor (TM81)
  • Strength (HM04) - Done! 5/19/16
  • Icy Wind (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 7/11/16
  • Superpower (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 1/8/17
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 6/7/16
  • Hidden Power (TM10)
  • Protect (TM17)
  • Grass Knot (TM86) - Done! 6/10/16
  • Drain Punch (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Gravity (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 8/27/17
  • Helping Hand (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Magic Coat (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Pain Split (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 6/22/17
  • Counter (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 3/7/17
  • Metronome (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Hone Claws (TM01) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Hidden Power (TM10) - Done! 4/29/17
  • Incinerate (TM59) - Done! 6/1/16
  • Poison Jab (TM84) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Surf (HM03) - Done! 8/20/16
  • Strength (HM04) - Done! 5/19/16
  • Draco Meteor (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 5/11/16
  • Superpower (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 1/8/17
  • Steel Wing (TM51) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Tailwind (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Heat Wave (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Magic Coat (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Zen Headbutt (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Air Cutter (Tutor, Gen 4) - Done! 10/19/16
  • Ominous Wind (Tutor, Gen 4) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Twister (Tutor, Gen 4) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Nightmare (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 10/7/16
  • Toxic (TM06) - Done! 6/24/17
  • Psychic (TM29)
  • Thief (TM46)
  • Energy Ball (TM53)
  • Payback (TM66)
  • Confide (TM100)
  • Shock Wave (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 5/2/16
  • Pain Split (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Magic Coat (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Toxic (TM06) - Done! 4/29/17
  • Bulk Up (TM08) - Done! 7/5/17
  • Hidden Power (TM10)
  • Earthquake (TM26) - Done! 7/15/16
  • Dig (TM28)
  • Focus Blast (TM52)
  • Giga Impact (TM68) - Done! 5/5/17
  • Stone Edge (TM71)
  • Swords Dance (TM75) - Done! 4/27/16
  • Focus Punch (Harper TM101) - Done! 4/27/16
  • Strength (HM04) - Done! 5/19/16
  • Stealth Rock (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 4/26/17
  • Knock Off (Tutor, Gen 5)
  • Fury Cutter (Tutor, Gen 4)
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Endure (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Work Up (TM01) - Done! 7/31/17
  • Hidden Power (TM10)
  • Dig (TM28)
  • Sandstorm (TM37) - Done! 5/25/17
  • Stone Edge (TM71) - Done! 6/1/16
  • Rock Slide (TM80)
  • Work Up (TM122)
  • Strength (HM04) - Done! 5/19/16
  • Drill Run (Tutor, Gen 5) - Done! 2/4/16
  • Twister (Tutor, Gen 4) - Done! 1/28/16
  • Sucker Punch (Tutor, Gen 4)
  • Seismic Toss (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 4/24/16
  • Substitute (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Calm Mind (TM04)
  • Dig (TM28) - Done! 5/25/17
  • Heal Bell (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Iron Tail (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Magic Coat (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Double Team (TM32) - Done! 7/5/17
  • Giga Impact (TM68) - Done! 7/31/17
  • Dragon Tail (TM82) - Done! 6/24/17
  • Infestation (TM83)
  • Dark Pulse (TM97)
  • Aqua Tail (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 7/31/17
  • Giga Drain (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done!
  • Iron Tail (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 7/31/17
  • Double-Edge (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Endure (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Rain Dance (TM18) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Thunder (TM25) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Attract (TM45) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Surf (HM03) - Done! 8/20/16
  • Draco Meteor (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 7/11/16
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Swagger (Tutor, Gen 3)
  • Hyper Beam (TM15) - Done! 5/18/16
  • Solar Beam (TM22)
  • Thunder (TM25) - Done! 6/24/17
  • Aerial Ace (TM40)
  • Infestation (TM83) - Done! 5/3/16
  • Grass Knot (TM86) - Done! 6/24/17
  • Swagger (TM87) - Done! 7/30/16
  • Fire Punch (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done!
  • Ice Punch (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done!
    Magic Room (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 8/27/17
  • Signal Beam (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 2/7/16
  • Thunder Punch (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 3/24/16
  • Metronome (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done!
  • Mega Kick (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 1/28/16
  • Thunder Wave (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 2/4/16


user posted image

Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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