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 A Rogue's Story, Ark Reuter / Emily Baker
 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 04:25 AM
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Ah, Marchton: the city by the sea.

Or, rather, the city of what Ark felt like was nothing but docks. The amount of goo on the ground by the water which, for what he assumed was bird returns, made him wrinkle his nose. He’d rather be from the humid, dry plane of Fough than the wet shores of Marchton. Maybe it was his pride, or maybe it was his ego. Whichever it was, it was an internal struggle he dealt with himself.

Ark was there, of course, on a business trip – let’s just call it that. His father, while he hated the man, had set him off on a little ‘guardian-like’ mission, just to see if Ark would play along. Boaz, of course, would. Why wouldn’t he allow his father to think he was runt, the perfect child who could never take the seat? He rolled this around in his head as he walked up along the path. He didn’t really care for the ‘mission’ –find some pretty rich girl and talk to her. Petty theft wasn’t his thing, but stealing money from his father was another…

He glanced around the storefronts and felt the heavy weight of gold in his pocket. Maybe he should splurge on something? He pondered as he watched the people around him. A boy was knicking carrots from a farmer’s stall, and several Pokemon scurried along the roadway. Interesting.

He didn’t make himself stand out, but he didn’t do anything to provoke people, either. He was just there.

He took himself a moment to get his bearings and allowed himself to step into an alleyway. It wasn’t super crowded, but it definitely wasn’t home to the best of people, either. Why not do some work for a rogue while he was here? He slid up to someone and patted the table between them, “I’m new to the town, looking for some easy jobs. Need a lockpick to do anything?”

The man huffed and jabbed a finger deeper into the alleyway, an agreement for Ark to go in. Freelance rogue work. Maybe he’d find a partner here who needed a little bit of help.


Aneirin "Nirin/Nye" Vaughan
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 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 07:39 PM
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Emily walked along the streets of Marchton, looking around and taking in her surroundings. She could smell the salty air drifting up from the sea and heard the loud noise of people busying themselves with the ships. Scout perched on her shoulder, tail twitching in anticipation as he looked around in a bored manner. He looked down with distaste at the pumpkin clutched between Emily's arms, its smiling face seeming to mock him. He gripped her shoulder tightly, "Why don't you dump that stupid thing," he complained loudly.

Emily ignored him, having little idea what he just said. Instead, she gripped the pumpkin tightly and protectively. She couldn't explain why she felt protective over it, she just did, ever since Halloween. Scout perked up on her shoulder, diverting his attention from the plant, instead craning his neck up to look at the birds soaring high in the sky. He was pretty sure he spotted a Wingull up there, but couldn't tell for sure.

While Scout was focusing on the Pokemon flying above them, Emily was more worried about the shops nearby. They all seemed so interesting and seemed to call out to her. As she walked along the streets, she would stop here and there to peer at the merchandise of one shop after another. All of it looked so good...

She forced herself to look away, having not enough money for the stuff she really wanted to buy. She signed wistfully, "We need to find a way to make more gold." She stared nervously at the people around her, clutching the pumpkin more tightly, wondering if she could find a job or something to do to gain more gold.

Scout swung his head back to look at her, sniffing the air as if that could be any help at all. Suddenly Scout tensed up, balancing on his hind legs. Sometimes, Emily just need a push. Scout suddenly flung himself off her shoulder, taking off down the street. "Hey! Scout get back here!" Emily shouted after him. "Why does he always have to do this," Emily groaned before taking off after him, holding the pumpkin close to her chest.

Scout weaved in and out of people's legs before darting into one seemingly dark alley. This was the kind of place people tended to find work. Right? Emily didn't have time to think and contemplate what she running into as she chased after her Pokemon. However, as realized the shady-looking people around her, she did slow down, clutching the pumpkin even tighter. "Scout get back here!" she tried one last time, though her voice came out more like a strangled squeal, trying not to attract too much attention to herself. How she did hate people seeming to notice her.

Scout's ears twitched at the sound of his Handler's voice and he turned his head to look back, momentarily distracted. "Hmph!" he grunted as he ran head first into someone else's legs, falling back onto his tail. "Scout!" Emily cried, voice filled with worry as she darted forward to comfort her Sentret. "Scout are you okay?" she asked, bending down to stroke her hand through the fur between his ears. She then stood back up, turning to the person he ran into. "I am so sorry for my Sentret," Emily apologized, though it came out more as a timid mumble as she looked away, not having the courage to even look and see who Scout had ran into.

(Sorry, I just remembered Emily has a condition to be emotionally attached to a pumpkin)


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