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 Lucas O' Leery's Travels, RyoKnetegawa
 Posted: Oct 16 2017, 03:37 AM
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Lucas O'Leery

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Moving over to the ball that was resting on the ground he carefully lifted it up in his hand. He whispered to it not sure if the Pokemon inside could hear him or not “I have spared your life out of respect for your instinct to fight instead of run. Also, you did not harm mine in such violence as your fellows or strike before you were attacked. Your new name is Erecura and I will make sure you become one of mine.” He said tucking the sphere away into a hidden place on his body. With this done he moved over to his pair of Pokemon and knelt down kissing Ashi’s forehead gently avoiding her wound “You need rest, my dear. Go on, rest now.” He recalled her to her Pokeball even if he was not happy to do so. Tucking her ball away he looked to Veteris. The Stunky was injured, and he would need rest, but he was at last check miles above where Ashi had been. He made the decision that he dreaded. Recalling Veteris he tucked that ball away only to switch it with another.

Pulling out this ball was not his first, second, third, or even his last choice. It was a choice driven by his paranoia and desperation not to be alone with whom he viewed as enemies. Dropping this ball to the ground his newest pack member Lugus jumped out of the ball. Retrieving the ball and tucking it away he also picked up the small insect Pokemon smiling “Hello Lugus, I want you to be out and about to see the world for a little while.” He said moving to place the insect on his right shoulder. The little bug Pokemon trusted Lucas being that he was imprinted on the human boy, and he held onto the boy’s shoulder looking around at the world in wonder.

Lucas’ attention was pulled away from his own thoughts by the words that Samson was saying. This threw up red flags in his mind, but he also couldn’t challenge anything. Looking around he was not happy with where he was. He knew that east was back in the direction of his raft. If he faced East the Logger Sea then the right would be south, and the left would be north. He was drilled in the idea of navigating based on the Logger Sea’s location through his entire life. He could vaguely do the same however facing the harper coast to the west only the directions were different. Groaning inwardly, he shook his head slowly “Well, I have vague recollections of such places here in Edgewood. Still, I think the north also has more berry bushes and I could use them right now.”

Shaking his head again he kicked the dirt much to the surprise of Lugus who was on his shoulder. He stood in silence watching the first man, and his Pokemon carefully not daring to take his eyes off them “Well, we need the vines, and I have to go out looking for berries. This can’t be avoided. Still, let’s both be much more alert. I do not want a repeat performance of what we had here.” He pointed at Caboose “I would also greatly appreciate it if he was in a ball or chewing on something. That fight was his fault, and the damage my Pokemon suffered is directly linked to him. Those Drilbur started as curious little things, but that screech and the doubles that followed triggered the fight. This is not something I am going to budge on. He needs to be put into a ball, or silenced.” His eyes were those of an immovable object, the true anger that was on his face showed just how deeply this stance was with him. In his eyes, Caboose was as responsible for the wounds to Ashi and Veteris as both the Drilbur who had attacked them were.

This was the choice that faced him. If Samson did not agree to this condition then he would turn and head back to the Logger Sea and destroy his raft before continuing to Fough Place alone. The reward that Samson had at first offered be damned.

Stufful Egg: 16 (+2 magma ring)
Notes on Drilbur: I am going to call her Erecura, I would appreciate that being noted. Even if she won’t accept it as her name yet, that is what I am going to call her until she does accept it.


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