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 Fascinating New Technology Takes Hold in Region
 Posted: Aug 24 2015, 11:21 PM
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Fascinating New Technology Takes Hold in Region

All around the region, the usual market throngs have taken on a peculiar pattern. Bird pokemon watch the people from above with curiosity as they catch and swirl around, of all things, the crier children that stood beside the message boards whenever a noble issued a new decree, to shout it to those who couldn't decipher the bits of paper pinned to the soft wood. But something here was catching their attention, letting hawkers go unheeded no matter how persistent when they passed the criers.

Down on the streets, people pushed forward alight with curiosity to reach the forefront of the press, to see what the young folk held that so stirred up the nest. The murmur of voices rose from talk to shout to din, drowning out the voices of the criers within. If ever you made it forward to see what news was held today, you'd see them each with armfuls of paper, scribed in the strangest way. Not only were the letters set so bold and straight that each letter was recognizably distinct and yet matched identically with other instances of the same, but so too the paper was no parchment nor birch-paper-cheap, but true pulped grasses like the Navdians would teach.

Up front you hear the crier's shout as clear as should be again, over friend's excited talk to friend, over lovers' quarrel and angered scribes and grumbling folk whose darkened brows drew low at the hint of our ever-rivaling neighbors' invention each city had been sent.

A Scribing Press they called it in Caledonian, in Harper Common the words took on a simpler twist. The Printing Press has been invented, they said, come and have a look at this. Those who were lettered read aloud from the sheafs of paper given free, and before long the whole crowd would know the change come to their streets.


Harper has imported and spread wide the use of the Printing Press from Caledon (there called the Scribing Press), its more technological and martial neighbor, and with the investments of the Queen, Her Majesty Isadora Rhodes, each city has been supplied with one at a minimum for official business, though booksellers and scriveners might rent them at a price to produce copies that a binder might dress, and then to merchants that could sell these new books at a quarter the price they've been in the past.

Not everyone is pleased -- scribes in particular worry over their work, begin to strive and compete with one another as to who could provide the fastest, most specialised services. Certain scions and noted figures of the Church as well as some other faiths have begun to talk concern over whether scripture and holy words or rites scribed by human hand hold more power or truer purity or ritual significance than those produced by the means of the new machinery. The greater flow of information seems like a wonderful thing right now for most, but what it stirs up in the future remains to be seen. However, for now all is bright!

Welcome, one and all, to the new era!


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