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Posted by: Rosalieart Jul 25 2011, 11:22 AM
We know that things on this site can seem a bit overwhelming, and we understand that, especially if you, Sir or Mistress New Member, are unaccustomed to this style of roleplaying, or even this genre. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide of sorts to help you find your way around here.

Informational Topics & Before You Start
    Right off the bat, we'll be clear. This site is a site for humans only. There are no pokemorphs, no straight pokemon characters, etc. You may not play as a Venusaur, and you may not play as a Venusaur-girl hybrid. In addition, legendaries do not exist in the Harper Region except as legends.

    Of course, you'll have to read the, but what about all of those other topics floating around? There are an awful lot of them!

    To that, the first thing we would like to tell you is that we have so many in the interests of keeping things fair and to explain the mechanics of the more technical aspects of the site, as well as some region-specific details in depth. Please don't worry too much, though. Not all of those topics are going to be relevant to you right off the bat, if at all. This guide, you might notice, doesn't lead you to all of them. We didn't link you to the more cultural or flavor-text articles such as the religions or the Legend, but feel free to read them if you're interested!
If this guide isn't really your style and you're looking for information about the game rather than how to apply, after you read the setting notes and the rules, the best place to start is probably the game mechanics section, which explains how things happen in Harper. After that, you'll want to skim through some of the region specific stuff, which can affect how your character acts and fits into the game. You'd be well-placed then to see what kinds of topics are available for pokemon information (even if you don't need to read them in regards to your own pokemon yet). After that you can go ahead and see about how to apply or join (if you're a guestiefish browsing the site) in the site information and character information forums.

Starting out
First, you'll probably want to know about the region itself. Here are a few common questions and the topics that answer them.
  • What does the region look like, and what are the cities and routes like?, and

  • What do I need to know about the setting here?

  • What's with the noctowl and roselia?

  • Can I trade things with other players, or even NPCs?

  • What kind of stuff goes on here on the "dark side" if you don't have any 'Team Rocket'?
    Outside of the, you could be involved in,, or even work for Rogues who aren't with the Order and don't want to be involved in any of those things can also do whatever they'd like.

  • What about normal characters? What can they do?
    The character class for your normal fellow is the class, and they're free to do essentially whatever they want. In addition to picking up random jobs in towns, they can be a part of or take special jobs from the

  • Do you have pokemon rangers here or officers or anything?
    Sort of! We have the who are the region's primary peacekeepers and who act like knights for the Lords, Ladies and Councilpeople.

  • Where are the current plots located?
    You can always find information about the current plot event in the There isn't always an active one, but they turn up every other month or so, so keep an eye on this forum and our quick-update Twitter feed in the welcome box!
Game and Pokemon-related Questions
Next, we've tried to head off some of the more common, pokémon- and game-related questions, which I've listed below for you, along with topics relating to the question.
  • How does my pokemon battle or level up? Can I train my pokemon without battles?
    We use a battle style like the anime rather than stiff turns like the video games, and yes you may train your pokemon beyond simply battling. Read more on pokemon growth through training, and battling here:

  • What about my character level? What's that all about?

  • How do pokemon evolve? happens similarly to the canon ways.

  • What's all this nonsense about pokemon happiness? Is there a system for it?
    Indeed there is! has a few extra bonus effects here as well.

  • How can I catch pokémon?

  • How do/can I teach moves?

  • Can I store my pokémon/How many pokemon can I carry?
    You can keep the standard six with you at any one time, and is also possible.

  • I see stuff about weapons and armor -- does that mean my character can fight people too?
    Absolutely! It's one of the ways to gain and

  • How do I heal my pokémon here/Can I be a healer?
    Player characters are not allowed to have magic, so no, you may not be a healer.

  • Can my pokémon breed/How do I get eggs?
    You can indeed breed your pokemon.

  • Where does pokémon [x] live?

  • Can I ride my pokémon around?

  • What happens if a pokémon dies / where do ghost pokémon come from?

  • Based on the ghost pokemon's powers, do psychics get anything special?

  • This site is realistic, so what happens if I have a water pokemon? can survive fine on land, but they'll be a bit slow.

  • What about pokemon like Ditto and Porygon? Isn't one sort of super powerful and the other breaking the setting? What about fossil pokemon?
    Pokemon like these can be read about in our Special Case Pokemon topics. Each one of these three topics covers a few different things:,,
    They're broken up so that when you view the forum, the topic subtitles tell you what's in each topic.

  • Pokemon Abilities! Do you use them? How do they work? information is all set up there for you.
Phew! You got through that madness alright, did you? Awesome! Now, if you're still reading this, I assume you still want to know more about joining us, right? If you do, there are a few more things you'll want to have answered so you know what's up.

Applying to and Joining Harper
  • What's the general application process? How do I get my starting gold, and what does my character start off with? can be found here, along with details on the device that serves as your pokedex.

  • What are my starter pokemon choices?
    You get your after you post your application, and they're based on your character.

  • Can I play with anyone other than the mod?
    Yes, now you can! We have both a and different types of

  • How do I 'update' my own travels/How do I play here?

    Think of it as though you're walking through a story. The moderator moves one foot, while you, the player, moves the other. There's very little reflection on what each person has written, where instead your main focus should be on furthering the story, because the moderator generally plays the role of the environment or the NPCs -- you wouldn't muse about the existence of the tree next to you before picking an apple, really. You certainly may reflect a little on what the moderator has set up for you, but it is just as important to give back to the moderator just as much as what they've given you. Don't leave each other hanging with fluffy posts or just repeating everything that the mod already said. Move the other foot! Keep it going!

  • How many characters can I have?
    Currently just two, and a second only after you've played with your first for a while since more characters mean more work for the mods who update everyone. You can play as many as you like in the freeform section, however.

  • How should I register?
    You can register under any name you want as long as it is appropriate. Because Jcink has sub-accounts, you should do account-per-character and link them to your main via your UCP. There will be a dropdown box at the bottom of the forum after you do so that allows you to switch between them effortlessly.

  • What the heck is a promotion and where can I find them? are like giveaways. We use them to give our members a little thank you for playing with us and to keep things fresh. They usually will occur around major holidays or milestones on the site and can be anything! You can find them in under Announcements. They'll always be announced on our Twitter feed in the welcome box too, so don't miss out!

  • Where can I find information on the pokemon -- movesets and pokedex entries and so on?,, and are all great sources of information.

  • I am ready to play!! Where's the application?

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