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 Gineva Elaine Winstret, Rosalieart || Lord Folgart
 Posted: Jul 7 2011, 11:59 PM
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Experienced Handler
Background Admins/Head Mods
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Joined on 15-July 10.


Awards: None

Character: Gineva Elaine Winstret
Thank you for the picture, Hans's Boyfriend! http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/28.png

Full Name: Gineva "Gin" Elaine Winstret
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Class: Guardian
Starting City: Dedrius
Patron or Trick Lord: Lord Lucius Folgart
Merits: Lv. 08 [ 4.9 / 10 ]
Condition: Fine

Overall Appearance:
    Just on the strange side of normal, Gin Winstret stands at about 5' 2'' with a stocky, though not overweight build where her layer of muscle covered up by a bit of fat. She often stands with her arms crossed over her chest or with her fists on her hips, planted with her feet slightly apart. She is not a woman who is easily toppled or tripped. She keeps her gray hair short and spiky, somewhat reminiscent of a porcupine, as though to assert her youth despite the premature loss of colour in er hair, and often ruffles the back of it when she's thinking something through. Her skin is something of a contrast to her hair, deeply tanned and somewhat weather-beaten as it is from working out in the sun tending her mother's gardens and her own. The only exception to her dark complexion is a pale birthmark high on her right cheekbone that stands out like a splotch of beige paint. Her nose is round and slightly stubby, often wrinkled from both smiles and in anger. Her almond-shaped eyes are somewhat close-set and hazel, and about as muddy as hazel gets.

    Gin moves around quickly and efficiently, hating waste of any kind. She prefers to dart around from task to task or keep up a very brisk pace to stopping and smelling the roses every few minutes. She always carries a pair of leather work gloves in her belt or on her person within easy reach, while she keeps her coin pouch in her breastband where no thieves can easily reach it. She dresses plainly, but ensures as best she can that all her clothes are neat and crisp and tidy, free of stains as she can make them despite working with plants and dirt all day. She refuses to wear anything but her boots, which are suitable both for work and hiking, and keeps her leather pack on her back at all times. She does not typically wear her armour because she finds it uncomfortable, but she is careful always to wear her arm guards in case she needs to block something quickly.
Distinguishing Features:
  • Spiky, short gray hair
  • small, pale birthmark on her right cheekbone.
Overall Personality:
    As curious as she is courageous, Gin has something of an adventuresome steak. She often acts on whims or on gut feelings rather than truly thinking things through when it comes to risking her own neck or dabbling in new ideas or fashions, though she is much more prudent when she is responsible for other people or pokémon. Despite this, she is very practical with her needs, for all she might dabble in eccentricities, she rarely ventures out in anything less or more than exactly what she needs: function over form, if only because she's more likely to ruin anything whimsical with her running around after adventures.

    Although she is chipper by default, she isn't always peaceful, and is rather argumentative. Gin also tends to have a short fuse on her temper, so her usually cheerful attitude is undermined by her tendency towards frustration and impatience. Similarly, however, she is quick to return to her normal demeanor after an explosion. One might say that she has both a fast heat-up and a fast cool-down. Perhaps because of this, she is always, always, always up for a challenge, rarely able to really turn down a dare once someone has set it before her. Her favourite catch-phrase might be considered to be "Do you doubt me?" Along with this, she's as stubborn as an irritated camerupt, and given to an unfortunate jealous streak, which has often pulled her into tight quarters in the past.

    A more hidden part of her personality lies in her coping abilities. Heavily influenced at a young age by the death of her father, she has been sensitive to the topic of mortality ever since despite moving on, and her mother's recent death has been another heavy blow to her mind. This time, however, she is intent on blocking out the grief and channeling it into a positive venue very much unlike the anger that it manifested as in her youth. She has a very hard time handling death because of these tragedies, and is often brutality reminded of her own mortality by the world around her. It is her one true fear, and shows in her discomfort with outright fainting pokemon or otherwise badly hurting them.
    Gineva is a born and bred botanist, through and through. Her father, Lou Winstret was a locally famous flower-seller who was known especially for his cross-bred lilies and the brightness of his plants' colours. He was already getting on in years, being almost a decade older than his wife, Dora, when Gin was born to them. She was always something of an ornery child, stubborn and strange compared to the other little girls of her age, most of whom were still dreaming of their own ponyta or skitty to raise while she went off in search of as many different kinds of grass or bug pokémon she could find in the outskirts of Edgewood and around the city since she could first walk. Up until she was about seven years old, her life was happy and proceeded easily on a day-to-day basis between the greenhouses and the nurseries and her own childish escapades with her best boy friend around the city and Edgewood. That December was the Scarlet Fever epidemic that took a chunk of the city's population and forced Dedrius into a state of quarantine. This was the same epidemic that hit Lord Folgart, who sent for Gin's mother after hearing of her reputation when his own healer's failed to cure him. Dora brewed a special tonic especially for the lord, but refused payment, to his puzzlement. Instead, Dora accepted his promise to do her a favour in the future as she had done for him, should she need one.

    Luckily, Gin escaped the worst of it, as did her friend and her mother, but her father fell deathly ill with it. His pride meant he continued to insist that it was nothing, and hid his condition right up until it was much too late to cure, and that was the year that Gin lost her father, whom she had been very attached to. In the years that followed, she became impatient and aggressive, using her anger as her defense against grief for him. While much of those emotions' potency has worn off, it definitely left its mark and traces in her psyche, and death has since been a very touchy subject for her. It took her almost five years to move on, but when she did, she threw herself wholeheartedly into the trade she had rejected so vehemently in her early teen years for the memories it carried: botany. Working alongside her mother, she learned the craft and trade almost as well as Dora knew it, and together with the other head gardeners gradually began to take on more and more of the tasks that her aging mother could no longer handle.

    Through her work, she met a great many different kinds of grass and bug and water pokémon, although none of them ever belonged to her personally. By the time she had reached her mid- to late-twenties, she had begun to long for a baby pokémon to begin raising herself and to share in the happiness that even the work pokémon brought her. Unfortunately, by this point her responsibilities in the conservatory/apothecary had all but taken over her life, prohibiting her from having the time a pokémon would require to properly raise and train. The time that wasn't devoted to the business was spent with her mother, who she constantly worried over and took care of. Unknown to her, Dora knew that she wasn't going to live much longer, and dispatched a letter to the Lord, asking that he transfer her debt to Gin, her daughter. The Lord agreed, and Dora kept the letter hidden carefully in the big book of herbs that no one in the conservatory referenced anymore.

    Exactly one year ago, Dora passed out of Gin's life and into the void. Gineva sat by her bedside every night, talking to her, pretending it wasn't inevitable that her death was so near. She was too aware that her mother had had a long life and was nearing seventy. She was too aware that she had been born quite late in Dora's life, and had probably taken a toll on her mother although she would never say. She fought back her terror of death and all things related to it in order to comfort her mother, even though her squeamishness worked her into an illness of her own, so that she suffered her own weakness even as Dora's health spun into a rapid decline. One night, when they were talking (Gin seated on the edge of Dora's sickbed, pale and almost feverish herself), her mother suddenly reached for Gin's arm, looked her straight in the eyes, and told her that she wanted her only daughter to go out into the world for once and do what she had always loved: working with pokémon. She begged her daughter to go to Folgart, explaining about the letter, telling Gin where she had it hidden. Gineva agreed, fighting the urge to vomit. She could tell what would happen. That night, she slept in bed with her mother. The next morning, only one of the two woke up.

    For almost a full year, Gin herself was bed-ridden, so badly had her mother's death affected her. She passed the whole weight of the greenhouses and the apothecary and the conservatory on to the head gardeners with something approaching apathy, which worried her co-workers and friends, many of whom made sure to bring her food and ensure she kept her strength up, until finally she rose early one spring morning, much recovered, but quiet, and locked her doors against visitors. She ate her breakfast in silence and solitude before the sun had fully risen, and then threw open her shutters for the first time that year to let the light stream into the dusty old room. That morning, she made the decision to do as she was bidden, and retrieved the letter from Lord Folgart, addressed to the late Dora Winstret. She resumed her work in the gardens the next day, far quieter than she had been, but slowly recovered both her personality and her muscular, thick build, even putting back on much of the fat she had shed. On the first day of summer, she went up to the city and sought an audience with Lord Lucius Folgart.

The Player:
Name: Anne
Age: 19
Time Zone: -5 EST
How did you find us? Founded it! http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/1.png
Anything Else: If you need to reach me in a hurry, feel free to catch me on msn: Rosalieart@live.com


Items Bag:

Money: 0 gold.
Weapon(s): Short Sword. Dagger
  • Standard scale-mail shirt
  • Ribbed, leather-backed mail arm guards
  • Small Shield
  • (1) Pokecard
    • Pokecard Upgrade: Dowsing
    • Pokecard Upgrade: Map Upgrade - Berry Trees (does not specify Berry Type)
  • (2) Pokeballs
  • (3) Potions
  • (1) Leftovers Held by Sola
  • (1) Super Potion
  • (1) Lucky Egg Held by Cardon
  • (1) White Flute
  • (2) Revives
  • (2) Max Revives
  • (5) Rare Candies
  • (1) Transfer Gem set
http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/berrybag.png Berries:
    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/tmcase.png TM & HMs:
    Mission: Go out to Route Eight with Dydrie and pass him to the team of people waiting for him. Force has been granted if he resists.

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    Nora Jean Wilkins
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     Posted: Jul 8 2011, 12:20 AM
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    Experienced Handler
    Background Admins/Head Mods
    Total Posts: 116
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    Joined on 15-July 10.


    Awards: None

    Party pokémon

    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/BWPokemon/636.png http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335251.gif

    Lv. 22 Exp: .75/10
    Friendliness: {||||||||||}
    Original Handler: Gineva Elaine Winstret ( Rosalieart )
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Health & Condition: Tired from using high powered moves. Few scrapes.
    Flame Body: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with BURN when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
    Swarm: When HP is below 1/3rd, Bug’s power increases to 1.5 times.
    Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
    Ember, String Shot, Leech Life, Take Down Morning Sun [egg], Zen Headbutt [egg], Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Overheat, Incinerate, Will-o-wisp, Struggle Bug, U-Turn
    Starter pokémon

    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/331cacnea.png http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335252.gif

    Lv. 26 Exp: 0.5/10
    Friendliness: {||||||||||}
    Original Handler: Gineva Elaine Winstret ( Rosalieart )
    Held Item: Lucky Egg
    Health & Condition: Fine.
    Sand Veil: Raises the Pokémon’s evasion during a sandstorm by one level.
    Water Absorb: The Pokémon heals up to 1/4 of it’s maximum Hit Points when hit with Water-type moves.
    Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
    Poison Sting, Leer, Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sand Attack, Pin Missile, Ingrain, Grasswhistle [egg], Magical Leaf [egg], Solar Beam, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Bullet Seed, Giga Drain
    Promotional pokémon. Slightly twisted sense of humour

    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/BWPokemon/626.png http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335251.gif

    Lv. 23 Exp: 0/8
    Friendliness: {||||||||||}
    Original Handler: Herman Brassard ( NPC )
    Held Item: ---
    Health & Condition: Fine
    Sap Sipper: Attack is raised by one stage when the Pokémon is hit by a Grass-type move and no damage is inflicted.
    Soundproof: Unaffected by sound moves. If this Pokémon switches out with Baton Pass, Perish Song against the switched out will not be nullified.
    Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
    Pursuit, Leer, Rage, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Scary Face, Amnesia [Egg], Rock Climb [Egg], Hidden Power, Protect, Frustration, Return, Double Team, Facade, Attract, Round, Retaliate, Giga Impact, Swords Dance, Work Up, Swagger, Substitute, Cut, Strength
    Traded at Harper's Passion of Fough Place. A proud Pokemon.


    Stored pokémon

    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/370luvdisc.png http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335251.gif

    Lv. 22 Exp: 0/10
    Friendliness: {||||||||||}
    Original Handler: Gineva Elaine Winstret ( Rosalie )
    Held Item: ---
    Health & Condition: Fine
    Swift Swim: When rainy, The Pokémon’s Speed doubles. However, Speed will not double on the turn weather becomes Heavy Rain.
    Hydration: All status problems are healed when raining.
    Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
    Tackle, Water Gun, Agility, Take Down, Lucky Chant, Aqua Ring [egg Move], Heal Pulse [Egg Move], Rain Dance, Scald, Water Pulse, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool
    Obtained through the Valentine's Day Promotion.

    :spritehere: http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335252.gif / http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/e335251.gif
    Species or Name

    Lv. ## Exp: 0/4
    Friendliness: {||||||||||}
    Original Handler: --- ( --- )
    Held Item: ---
    Health & Condition: ---
    Abilities: ---
    Moves: [ primary / secondary ]

    user posted image user posted image user posted image

    Nora Jean Wilkins
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     Posted: Mar 28 2012, 04:50 PM
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    It's a box of spiders.
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    Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

    Awards: 1

    Personality Notes

    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/BWPokemon/636.png Sola:
      Somewhat quiet, Gin doesn't know all too much about her own starter's personality yet. Gineva isn't entirely sure how she feels about the larvesta yet, although she trusts it completely as her partner just as much as Sola relies on Gin as her Handler.

      What is clear is that she is a steadfast companion she can lean on if she needs support and a loyal ally. She's kind of reserved, but willing to work for a battle and work well with Gin and other pokemon without complaint. As far as taking orders goes, Sola is most likely to execute everything to the T -- not an ounce more or less.

      Major points:
    • Quiet, reserved.
    • Hard worker, but not overtly skilled at one thing or another -- right about average.
    • Precise and careful.
    • Loyal and Steadfast.
    • She and Gin don't know eachother very well yet.
    http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/331cacnea.png Cardon:
      Gineva's cacnea was her second pokemon ever, one she met only minutes after she set out with Sola. She gets along more easily with the cactus, and sometimes feels bad for favoring him over the starting partner she was given. Card is her go-to pokemon if she needs someone she can count on to be ready to jump to her side in an instant and frequently has him perched on her pack.

      Card himself has something of a darkness to his personality, perhaps because of his eventual typing or because that's simply how he is. He has a bit of a twisted sense of humor, and can be utterly ruthless in battles. He is very protective indeed over Gineva and a little bit of a firebrand, which manifest most often in overall demeanor and sneakiness outside of battle -- He's the type to say one thing and then stab you when you're not looking. In a battle, his firebrand tendencies show as an increase in aggression towards the opponent. He's not fantastic at taking orders, but manages well enough. He would be an efficient and harsh battler on his own.

      Major points:
    • General tinge of darkness to his personality
    • Extremely protective of Gin, will stick by her side and to her guns without fail
    • Bit of a firebrand/backstabber
    • Can battle effectively (and more aggressively than is Gin's style) on his own, deals with orders but may "color outside the lines" so to speak.
      Currently, Gin only knows the vaguest about it, having just obtained it from a trade.

      Bouffalant herself is a fantastic match for Cardon, and a foil for some of his traits. She is headstrong an physically powerful, but somewhat thoughtless. While she can take a beating, she's not the least bit good at taking orders and Gin will have to learn how to work with her impish tendency to do whatever it is she wanted to do in the first place rather than to listen to Gineva. Alone, she tends to push too far and is likely to badly injure the opposing pokemon or exhaust herself without much regard for any type of strategy. With Card in the picture, this gets balanced out by his knack for battle and utmost respect for his handler. When the grass type acts as the guiding influence, the pair operate like a well oiled machine. Gin has no idea why battles destroy the intelligence she displays elsewhere, and the bouffalant isn't talking.

      Outside of the heat of battle where she loses her head, she has something of a wild, high-energy temperament. She isn't the least bit respectful to anyone who hasn't "earned it" by taking her on in a fight, which could result in Gin going up against the buffalo with her own blade to win the pokemon's loyalty. Somewhat surprisingly, this requirement of earning respect draws not from her headstrong way of going about things or reckless lack of restraint in battles, but from a cleverness and perceptiveness that will constantly surprise Gineva. Her other pokemon, while generally not stupid, lack the cutting intelligence that seems so utterly out of place with Bouffalant.

      Major points:
    • Headstrong and brash, but hardy.
    • Poor at taking orders in battle.
    • Reckless, but powerful hitter in a fight.
    • Wild, picky about who she respects.
    • Sharp, cutting intelligence outside of battles; very perceptive, doesn't miss a trick.
      Somewhat cornered into purchasing her, Gin doesn't regret it because the water type is a very useful support pokemon and saves her gold on healers. Gin generally keeps her off of the front lines and would only battle with her as the main pokemon on the field if all her other pokemon were incapacitated and outmatched.

      Lucy is bubbly, simple, and like an infant in her naivety. She has a tendency to wear on Gin's patience with her games and lack of touch with reality. The luvdisc doesn't understand the concept that sometimes things are serious, sometimes things are not a game, and sometimes things hurt. At the same time, she appeals to Gin's whimsical, devil-may-care approach to setting out on a new adventure. Lucille is a pokemon who is both overly affectionate and optimistic to the point of denying negativity (or neutrality, for that matter) exists. She is insufferably cheery. Jobo has an almost supernatural patience with the fish, treating her like his child almost.

      Major points:
    • Completely out of touch with reality
    • Overly affectionate and cheeful
    • Gets along well with Jobo
    --- STORAGE ---


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