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 The Slave Trade
 Posted: Jan 4 2012, 09:36 PM
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The Slave Trade
    Slave trading in Harper is far from an anomaly. Like many real life nations around that time period, the slaves in the region are not the slaves that were used in pre-civil-war America, but rather indentured servants. Despite the existence of pokemon, the Trade has persisted because human slaves can be communicated with far more easily and are generally cleaner. They remain a luxury and a symbol of status for those who own them due to the price of owning and maintaining slaves. People may enter the trade in a number of ways.
Entering and Leaving the Trade
    A person usually enters the trade legally, via their parent, spouse, or own self selling themselves to the trader in order to pay off a debt or as punishment for the same. Children, being in large supply among many poor families, are often used as collateral or sold simply for some extra gold.

    On the other hand, however, because the business is so lucrative there always less than honorable slavers gathering their 'livestock' from inner city areas or docks. An unattended child is easily taken, for example, and it's not so difficult to kidnap a man or woman alone on the road if their pokemon aren't up to scratch or if they don't/can't put up a fight.

    In order to leave slavery and return to the freeman's life, the slave must either pay off their debt (which will be difficult to do separated from any income they once had) or serve their number of years. Generally, a person isn't a slave for more than ten years of their life, but depending on the debt or crime in some cases, the sentence may be anywhere from a few months or until their death. It's possible for slaves to run away or be freed by an owner, but they are almost always branded by either the owner or the trader, making it possible to return the slave or sell them back into slavery for a bounty.

Main Points
  • Slavery in Harper = Indentured Servants
  • Owning Slaves are seen a status symbol
  • The Slave Trade is usually legal, but there are slavers that kidnap and force people into slavery
  • To leave slavery, a slave must pay off debt or serve their time


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