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 Harperian Calendar, Gabe & Co for month names
 Posted: Jan 13 2016, 10:21 PM
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Harper's calendar is not dissimilar to our own, although perhaps more consistent. It's composed of twelve months named after a variety of legendary pokemon. Each month holds exactly 31 and 1/120 days in a cycle that follows the moon's phases. Thus, the typical Harperian year consists of 372 days. The Harperian New Year occurs in midsummer, on real life August 18th, Harperian month Victun, also on the 18th.

Every ten years, there occurs a "Resolution Day" which falls between Artic and Rema, the two darkest months, always a New Moon, and is considered by Region lore regardless of religion to be a day of penance and fasting and entirely solitary reflection followed by a night of hedonistic revelry, representing two extremes of behavior not practiced typically at other times. This is believed to serve to resolve the imbalances in a person that have built up during the intervening decade and restore that person to a state of basic internal health, spiritually and mentally. This is a Harperian tradition, stemming from the Harper's original Troupe and blended over time with native ideas, and is very strongly held as part of the region's identity for all that it is not often discussed either before or after the fact.

Tradition holds that participants may not be held responsible for social transgressions during the Resolution Day (lawbreaking, outside of duels, is still dealt with as usual), so insults or defamation are considered to be wiped clean at dawn of Rema's first day and children conceived on this night are always given the prefix of "Ark-" or "Arc-." This is done depending on their physical sex, male or female respectively and carries no shame for the mother or child. There is currently not a separate for any who are born with both gender markers and the parents will typically choose one or the other.

The prefix is applied to the first name and indicates that the child is a son or daughter of the spare moon and are looked at both as solely the mother's child and as a new branch of the family's bloodline but not a direct descendant as a 'trueborn' child would be of their parents (even a bastard). This is especially important for nobility. For example, a daughter conceived on this day might be named ArcElizabeth, and a son named ArkThomas. The capitalization is always done thus, and it is not unusual to name the child after the mother or one of the mother's parents to bind them to the family. Nobles will, with some frequency, insist that the prefix not be used in polite company, but those of lower birth commonly go by the prefix.
    January - Rema
    February - Amin
    March - Selia
    April - Xernal
    May- Viron
    June - Lucan
    July - Tres
    August - Victun
    September - Nocta
    October - Giratus
    November - Velt
    December - Artic
Weeks are also structured not unlike our own, comprised of seven days. These are named more simply, based on common pokemon's names from around the region.

    Sunday - Kernday
    Monday - Combday
    Tuesday - Goldday
    Wednesday - Qwilsday
    Thursday - Murkday
    Friday - Zusday
    Saturday - Paraday


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