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 Item Fair Market Values
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 10:14 AM
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Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

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After an exhaustive evaluation and cataloging of market threads from the past couple years, we've come up with a rough list of market values for various types of goods! These do not require you to offer or ask the given rates, but rather dictate what things approximately tend to sell for in raw gold value. If you're not sure what to offer, it's a good place to start!

Only those items we have sufficient data on have been estimated here -- you should be able to estimate a fair bid for those items not listed from what we have. Remember, too, that values will change over time, especially as events occur and things are added to the site. These are also intended to be regarded as starting bids; especially in cases like pokemon where so many variables matter, prices may be much higher or much lower depending on the player and the item or pokemon's desirability. This list was last updated on 2/26/2016.

Bear in mind the following:
  • Shops buy back items at 1/2 list value; however, they will only buy back items that they carry or items similar to what they carry.
      ex. The TM shop will not buy your potions or evolution items; the general shop will not buy your pokemon or elemental gear, etc. Things that are not listed in any shop will not be bought by 'official' IC shops. This does not include IC general market stalls, only specialty shops and the general shop.
  • Harper's Passion will buy all goods from guild members at 2/3 market value
    Item -- Suggested Purchasing Bid
    Berry --------------------------------- 15-20
    Elemental - Other ------------------ 750-800
    Elemental - Weapon --------------- 1200-1500
    Evolution Item ---------------------- 300-350
    Hold Item ---------------------------- 150-200
    Lucky Egg ------------------------------ 500
    Lugia's Pearl ------------------------- 750-800
    Move Tutor Coupon ----------------- 375-400
    Pokemon - Com --------------------- 250-300
    Pokemon - Egg ---------------------- 250-300
    Pokemon - Ext Rare ----------------- 500-600
    Pokemon - Rare --------------------- 500-550
    Pokemon - Ubiq --------------------- 150-200
    Pokemon - Uncom ------------------ 400-450
    Psychic Amulet ---------------------- 750-800
    Rare Candy -------------------------- 75-100
    TM - Pwr < 50 ----------------------- 150-175
    TM - Pwr > 50 ----------------------- 250-300
    TM - Status -------------------------- 100-150
    Type Attracting Incense ----------- 400-450
    Type Gem ---------------------------- 50-75
    Vitamin ------------------------------- 300-350


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