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 Laila Blackwood's Travels
 Posted: Apr 10 2016, 11:11 PM
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The night would not let up as she moved out of the house into the forest, the lantern she held being the only light source to show her the way. The way the shadows flickered and loomed about the branches and trunks threw illusions every which way out of the corners of her eyes. After she had run for quite a while, she may faintly hear the shouts of the villagers coming upon the house she had abandoned and seeing only the dead body of a man, half beast, laying limp upon the floor. Her lamp flickered. She only had so much time left before she ran out of fuel. She couldn't stop at any houses, probably wouldn't want to risk it now. Her best bet would be to make a makeshift torch, but there weren't any branches nearby suitable for the task.

Soon she could hear the shouts of the people catching up to her, growing louder by the minute. They may give up the chase, but chances were that they would catch up to her before that happened. Many among them probably thought her a witch, unable to control the beast which she had seemed to create, and thus killed it. They had identified the man by the pouch he carried on his person at all times, containing a few relics of his guardian days. His son was among those who found him, becoming furious at the sight and insisting on a man-hunt until she was found and caught. It would be this drive that would bring him to his prey, as well as his growlithe, smelling her out and leading the way.

As she ran however, she would spot out of the corner of her eye a flash of white and black, running even with her on her left. Should she turn to look, she would see an absol. As she passed by the next tree, it disappeared. It would seem that, ironically, it would show its face once again, on this night of all nights. Perhaps it meant she was safe, though it could mean something different. She didn't have much time to figure it out, however, as she was suddenly knocked to the ground by a heavy force from the side, into a small alcove. Above her stood the Absol, giving her a look that was almost pitiful, then rubbing itself against her slightly before heading back the way she came, though she might see it move off of that path a little ways away. There was some water nearby, and it would be her lucky day should she find herself a sturdy branch for a torch. As she would look, the shouts would get closer, fade for a moment, then start heading away from her from what she could tell. She seemed to be out of the frying pan now, but where would she go now? She had no place to call home, and yet, her thoughts would return to the letter.

Thinking it over, Fough was only about a weeks trek from here. She'd have an easy time navigating her way there if she could find the lake. Right now, though, she'd probably be more concerned about the slowly flickering fire held in her lamp. She'd probably get another half an hour out of it, but she would either need to find a place to sleep or get a torch and keep moving, else stand petrified in her fears of the dark. With the townspeople off of her back, she'd likely be able to move about the nearby forest without worrying about being caught. The alcove she had been knocked into could easily be made into a makeshift shelter until morning. What will she do?

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Auron Ripoate

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 Posted: Apr 26 2017, 07:02 PM
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Why... Why did this happen?

It was a question that plagued Laila's mind as she fled through the forest. Wilbert was never the type to be violent, in fact, she knew he was one of the kindest souls among the Watch, and his tolerance and understanding of her situation were without equal. No, that trinket must have been responsible for his monstrous transformation, there was no other logical explanation behind it.

Nevertheless, her flight continued, and the flickering of her lamp only served to intensify her feelings of concern. She knew all too well that the moment the lamp went out she would lose the only source of light she had left, and with the landscape on the verge of being shrouded by darkness it would only be a matter of time before her paranoia took the better of her.

With the distant shouts, she knew they would have discovered the man's corpse. It didn't matter if she tried to stay and explain, in the end, most labeled her a witch and would have put her on a stake rather than listen to her pleas. No, escape was her only option.

A sudden flash of white and black moved along the corner of her eye, her gaze shifting sideways when to her surprise she spotted a Pokémon rushing along the forest to her left: It was an Absol.

Instinctively memories of the past resurfaced within her mind, each incident that she had experienced was accompanied by the sighting of an Absol, but was that enough to give her a reason to blame them for it?

Child of Misfortune!

Most would have accepted such superstition, but having experienced the suffering of being the suspect of such a way of thinking she had become more open-minded than most. However, she didn't have much time to think further on the subject, for a sudden push to her flank, one that came with an unnatural force.

Gah! a soft gasp came from the young lady as she tumbled into the alcove, her senses disorientated as she reached with a hand to her head, attempting to subdue the ringing that coursed through her brain. However, she also felt the light rubbing of the creature's snout against her face before it darted off toward the direction she had come from.

Wait, could it be... However, the sound of the approaching voices made her heartbeat grow erratically as she tried to curl body up into a small ball, trying to make herself as difficult to notice as possible while listening carefully. It was after a moment the voices finally faded away, and breathing out a sigh of relief the girl picked up her lamp and looked around.

Although Fough was only a week's journey, she knew that traveling in the darkness was impossible for her. No, she'd need to find some shelter and wait for dawn to approach.

In the end, the first thing she did was find some suitable branches nearby the alcove and once she had obtained enough attempted to start a fire. It shouldn't be a problem to make a small campfire, especially considering she did it plenty of times before, but it was the moment she had finished it that she decided to take a moment to investigate her possessions a bit further.

There was a locket, one that seemingly had a lock of a creature's hair attached to it, but for some weird reason she felt slightly nervous about opening it, so for the time being she turned her focus onto the dual-colored sphere: She had seen them before, special catalysts that contained a Pokémon, if she recalled right they were called a Pokéball? Grasping a hold of the sphere she idly shifted it in her grip, and finally after a moment figured out that if she pressed the button at the front a small ray of crimson light shone outwards.

It took only a moment for the creature to emerge from amidst the light. It was small, almost the size of a toddler although the bone in its grip made the creature look a bit fiercer than normally, and that mask.

"What are you..."

The Cubone made a soft noise, looking at her in bewilderment before inspecting its surroundings. It appeared the creature had been just as confused as herself.

Cuu! Cyuu!

The Cubone threateningly wagged his weapon at her, causing the girl to smile weakly. If it was trying to intimidate her, then it was clearly failing, so in the end she merely leaned back against the alcove and mumbled softly. "Don't know what you're trying to say, but I'm as clueless about this situation as you are. And just when I thought I could finally live in peace again..." Groaning softly the girl raised a hand to her forehead, planting the palm of her hand against it while shaking her head lightly in annoyance. "With Wilbert ... gone it's not like I can stay there any longer. Either way, I don't have anything for you, so feel free to leave if that's what you desire."

The Cubone paused for a moment when finally he turned her back at the girl and proceeded to walk away. And then silence returned. Stashing the locket back away the girl looked up at the sky, noticing that amidst the darkness of the trees it was a full moon tonight.

In the meanwhile, the Cubone had ventured out into the wild by himself and found his way toward what seemed to be a good path to travel, however, it was after a bit it started to notice the full moon up above, causing it to slowly look at the bone in his hand. Cuu Cyuu...

"I guess with this I'm all alone again." The Cubone's eyes sharpened at the sound of a feminine voice, and slowly creeping closer to the edge of the alcove he saw Laila huddled together against the small fire she had started. Never before had he seen a human so lonely and rejected by the world, and looking up at the moon the former reminded him of something they shared.

Ever since his mom died to protect her, he had been mostly by himself also, he didn't even recall how he had gotten stuck in that weird container, but nonetheless, it truly was a painful feeling for him to bear, the sight of such loneliness stirring a cry from deep within him. Cuuu Cuuuu Cuuu another sound came from the Cubone, mournful cries when suddenly Laila sat upright, looking at him in surprise. "W-What are you doing? shh, we don't want to draw attention." Yet the cries of the Cubone continued, to the point that in a desperate attempt to quieten down the beast she scooped it up in her arms. "Shhh now, don't let the bad people find us." It was a surprisingly soothing voice that made the Cubone feel oddly relaxed, and after several moments it finally ceased it cries, causing Laila to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Let us go to sleep, shall we? We can look for food and figure out the rest once dawn arrives."

The Cubone nodded his head lightly, slamming his bone twice onto the ground in approval before shuffling closer, finally laying down on his side an arm-length away from her. "Good Night... Bam-Bam." whispering the last word as a jest to the double slam he did just now, the girl closed her eyes while allowing exhaustion to slowly take her away. Hopefully, she would fall asleep before the light faded away. Else it would truly become a horrifying night.

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 Posted: May 12 2017, 10:35 AM
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The dawn arrived, and with it came an impetus for Laila to leave. The Absol had protected her well enough the night before, or at least thrown her would-be attackers off-track, but now she and the cubone were on their own. The likelihood of the absol coming to protect them was slim, so the pair would have to figure out what they wanted to do - and fast - if they wished to leave no trace behind.

Then again, considering the absol had shown its face before, perhaps it would do so again, if Laila was in need. Or if she could figure out a way to summon it, perhaps by appearing to be in need…

One thing she would need for certain by the end of the day, if she was going to travel, was a new torch. Laila’s torch was long out, but the nearby forest had plentiful sticks and twigs that she could fashion into a torch if she had a way of setting it on fire. There were also torches for sale (or swipeable) in town if she dared to venture back there, but was the potential of finding a ready-made torch and a fire-type or something else able to light a torch worth returning to the place she had fled from the previous night?

Looking towards the forest, Laila and Bam-Bam would see what looked like an open, empty area underneath the nearest trees. Aside from a zigzagoon that skittered across the forest floor, looking like it was in a hurry, there was nothing to see. If Laila and Bam-Bam entered the forest there, they would see three other zigzagoons, a larger female and two smaller males, taking off in the same direction, breathing hard.

A potential reason for this would not take long to emerge: a long squeak, grating to the ears and very high-pitched, sounding like a rusty door opening for the first time in a decade. Just the sound brought a feeling of fear and the image of an old, abandoned house.

If Laila or Bam-Bam looked up rather than to the east, where the sound was coming from, they might notice a pokemon in the trees, happily snoring away. That pokemon was not scared.

But was Laila? She could also try taking a more open path heading to Fough Place. The odd squeaking noise was enough to make the zigzagoons flee; was it worth it to Laila to try her luck against whatever lurked there? Without any clues, was she prepared to face the situation blind - or was there a way she could use her environment to figure out what might be there?

The squeak sounded again, followed by a shuffling of leaves by the forest floor. Laila had little time to make the decision if this was the right road for her - unless she trusted that the thing squeaking like that meant her less harm than whatever she would find on the open road. On her first day of her new adventure, which risk was she willing to take? Or did she have a plan of her own that would guide her way?


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