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 Harper's Passion - A Guild for Handlers
Ice Cold Glalie
 Posted: Jan 20 2012, 01:19 PM
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Harper’s Passion
A Guild for Handlers
    Harper’s Passion is a guild that is well known throughout the Harper Region for its reputation almost as a family and not just a group. Unaffiliated handlers can feel safe and protected within its walls or bearing the crest when going about their daily duties and missions.

    This guild, like most other guilds, takes revenue through the members that complete jobs for them. As a member you will find that the guild has a yearly fee of 650g. This goes to the upkeep of the building and services, as well as the food and drink that they have. It also pays for protection for the back-up of lower members by higher ups of the guild, be it higher ranking members or even the guild master.

    As a guild member you are acting on behalf of the guild wherever you may be, and you need to take into consideration your position when dealing with members of the public. When you gain experience, the guild will gain good publicity. Basically, the higher up you get, the more likely you are to get higher paying jobs, especially jobs that are too important or too dangerous for the asker to hire just anybody on the street.

    When members are accepted into the guild, they are given an option about how they want to show themselves as a member of Harper’s Passion. Hard-core members can be tattooed or branded with the mark, although tattooing is a painful process and will take a long time to heal given the time period. People who don’t like the pain or tattoos can opt to have a brooch, necklace or some other accessory that shows the mark. It is not uncommon for a member to have the crest emblazoned on their armor or on a small buckler. The mark is, of course, one of the Harper’s beloved pokemon. For this guild it was decided that the majesty that was Noctowl would work perfectly.

    With the guild being self sufficient, it isn’t affiliated with the government or the order, making it a neutral guild, created for the people and no-one else. It is very rare that the guild feels the need to take sides. The general public feel safe with this, and this shows as they trust the guild to complete the various jobs and missions that Handlers that aren’t affiliated would rarely see.

    The guild’s history is an uninteresting one. It seems to be one of these institutions that has always been there, and more then likely will always be there. Many of its members' families have been involved with it for generations. The current guild master is reclusive, and rarely leaves the Guild building, thanks to his heavy workload. Many of it’s own members have yet to see him, however his name is well known: Lawrence Sheppit VI.

    Although the Guild Hall is located in the heart of Seaway City, all of the region's major cities have a property that serves as an office or proxy, typically beside or above the city's General Store.
Main Points
  • Major pokemon handlers' guild in the region
  • Offers a wide variety of services to members and non-members alike
  • Flat fee of 650 gold per year.
  • Membership opens many opportunities for better jobs
  • Members must display the guild's noctowl crest
  • Each major city has a branch
  • Guild hall is located in Seaway


Lyra Sparrow
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Ice Cold Glalie
 Posted: Feb 28 2012, 12:24 PM
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Lyra Sparrow | Gregory Beauchamp

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What Harper's Passion Offers
With Harper's Passion being a Guild for the public they offer a lot of services that members of the public wouldn't be able to get otherwise. They require payment, but far less expensive than they would be elsewhere. If the person in question is a member, all fees for the guild's services are steeply discounted.
  • Harper's Passion OOC Membership Badge: user posted image
  • Random Trade Hall
    Each of the Guildhouses all are home to a Trade Hall where Pokemon that you do not want are traded for a random Pokemon of the same rarity. The Pokemon that you receive will be the same level as the one traded.

    Members may specify the type of pokemon (except dragon) they'd like to receive. Please note that the pokemon you receive still will never exceed the rarity of the pokemon you put in. For example, you can trade a patrat with a dark-type request, and receive a random ubiquitous dark-type pokemon.

    The Pokemon that is chosen for you the member is selected at Random by a Random Number Generator, as are egg moves, gender and ability(ies).

    The cost of the service increases in price as the level of a Pokemon increases due to the increased care and training that the stronger pokemon need.
    • Levels 1-5 - 50 Gold
    • Levels 6-20 100 Gold
    • Levels 21-30 150 Gold
    • Levels 31-50 300 Gold
    • Levels 50+ 500 Gold
  • Tradeback Service
    This service is mainly for Handlers who wish to evolve their Pokemon, but unfortunately cannot find someone to invoke a trade with. For 100 Gold, handlers can trade their Pokemon to Guild Handler and trade it back. This sort of evolution will work for pokemon like Gurdurr or Machoke.

    For an evolution that involves an item or a certain Pokemon, as well as a trade the cost is more so. You will have to pay 200 Gold, but the way the trade works out is the same. A pokemon that would benefit from this is Seadra or Clamperl. If you were wanting to evolve a Karrablast or Shelmet, you would need to ask if there is a Guild Handler with the pokemon before asking for a trade.
  • Banking
    Harper's Passion runs and maintains the region's most universal system of banking, and allows both members and non-members to have accounts.
    • Pricing
      250g for members, 400 for non-members -- this is a one-time fee
    • Interest
      Any gold in the bank acquires 10% interest per year to be added to the account at the Grand Festival
    • Loans
      Any amount can be requested and will have to be paid back within 8 IC Travels OR 3 months IRL time or invite the wrath of pokemon repo men. If the loan is not paid back, the gold will be taken—or item or pokemon equivalents—and you will be removed from the Guild.
  • TM Swap
    Another service that the Guild provides is what's known as a TM Swap service. This is where you can come to swap TM's if you find that you have no need for them or are duplicates. The service is mainly for requesting a certain TM, and trading one in return.

    A TM swap for a non-member costs 50 Gold. Members get this service free.
  • TM Subscription
    (optional) For 100 gold/month, you can apply to receive a randomized TM every month, to be received on the second Saturday of the month.
  • HM Rental
    Have a Pokemon that you want to learn Surf, or Fly? The Guild's HM rental shop is ideal for you. Here you can pay a set amount of money and you are given access to an HM of your choice. The standard fee is 300 Gold per HM, but it may be used on as many pokemon on your team as you want.
  • Aptitude Teachers and Tutors
    Take a class to learn a new aptitude or work on an existing one. Prices change based on current rank of the aptitude and the aptitude itself, and max out at a rank of 7. Average prices run between 150-400g per session depending on the rarity or difficulty.

    Each city offers two different aptitudes, one in a martial skill or pokemon and one from any other area as follows:
      Harper's Pass: Tracking & Authority
      Istin City: Pokemon Handling: Flying-types & Mapping
      Cape Augustine: Swords & Persuasion
      Marchton City: Pokemon Breeding & Fishing
      Miramossa: Staves & Hiding
      Dedrius: Pokemon Finding & Herb Lore
      Fough Place: Shield Use & Haggling
      Navdia Crater: Hand-to-Hand & Speaking
      Cypwater Point: Trick Fighting & Languages
      Doran Village: Bows/Crossbows & Regional Lore
      Seaway City: First Aid & Swimming
  • Pokemon Rental
    If a character is in need of a specific type for a mission or venture, the guild will loan the character one for the duration of the mission up to Uncommon Rarity and equal to the highest level in the character’s active party.

    This service will cost a fee of 100-300g depending on the rarity of the rental
      Ubiq: 100g
      Common: 200g
      Uncommon: 300g
  • Transportation Services
    Harper's Passion is now contracted with most transportation services around the big cities, such as stables and aviaries. Members of Harper's Passion can rent these pokemons for between 50-100% off regular price depending on the individual proprietor. They will also be given priority for rare, strong fliers that are combat-capable.
  • Discount for General Shoppe.
    The Guild Master has managed to strike a deal with the owners of the General Stores in Harper, and by showing your crest you are entitled to 20% discount from your purchases.

    This Discount Card is only available for use in the General Store.
  • Discount for Pokemon Shoppe & Finder Services
    Members of HP get a significant discount for both of these guild-run services, as detailed in the main Pokemon Shop/Finder thread!
  • General Mission Prompts
    Members of HP have the option to purchase a general mission prompt - as outlined here - for 100g. This type of mission prompt has a higher minimum gold reward for completion, and may even include items from specialty shops! The Guild does take a cut of the rewards, but as this type of mission is insured by the Guild, the minimum rewards for your character will still be higher than normal general missions. Limited to one per character that's a member of the Guild.


Lyra Sparrow
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 Posted: Jul 19 2018, 01:41 PM
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Harper's Passion Guild FAQ
    What is the Harper's Passion Guild?
      The Harper's Passion Guild is a subscription-based membership guild that can give your character discounts to their services, the general stores around the region, and a few special services run by the Guild such as the Pokemon Shoppe and the Pokemon Finder. All of their services are available without having a membership at full cost rather than a discount!
    What sort of services does the Guild offer?
      Various services, detailed above! Their services range from a Random Trade Hall where Pokemon can be traded for others to a TM swap service where you can trade TMs you don't want with ones you do (for a fee), to a service that can help you evolve your Pokemon if it's one that requires trading!
    How do I join the Guild?
      Over here is the market thread for all Guild services - post here, using the form in the bottom of the first post! If you want to do something IC as well, that's up to you - but this is where you will actually be charged, so keep it in mind, as without posting in the linked thread, your character won't be considered a member of the Guild!
    What is the Random Trade Hall and why would I want to use it?
      The Random Trade Hall is where you take a Pokemon that you don't want, have a mod put it through a randomizer, and get a Pokemon in return! There is a fee involved based on the level of the Pokemon you're trading and whether that Pokemon was a ubiquitous capture or not. At this time, Pokemon caught in the King's Preserve cannot be put through this service. The rarity rank of the Pokemon you put through this service, which can be found in this post, determines the rarity rank of the Pokemon you receive - for instance, if you put in a Vulpix, you could get any Pokemon that's in the Common rarity rank in return! You cannot receive a dragon-type through this service, nor a part-dragon, though - you'll have to get your dragons elsewhere!

      Harper's Passion Guild membership allows you to choose the typing of the Pokemon you get, but doesn't let you increase or decrease the rarity rank - so if you put in that same Vulpix from before, as a member you could request, say, water-type and you would receive a random Common-rarity water Pokemon!

      One thing to keep in mind, though: you know absolutely nothing about the Pokemon you will receive! Gender, Egg Moves, and species are all completely randomized!
    What is the Tradeback Service?
      Let's say you have a Haunter, and you want to evolve it. Normally, this would require two willing parties and some amount of time - which is why the Harper's Passion Guild offers a service to help out! For a minimal fee, they will trade your Pokemon with theirs, then immediately trade back - it will still take one level with you for the evolution itself, but a note will be made as a reminder that upon its next level up, it will evolve! It does cost a little bit more if, for instance, you have a Pokemon like a Clamperl that requires a specific item that you don't have, or if you need to trade your Pokemon with a specific other Pokemon (like Shelmet and Karrablast), but the premise is still the same - pay the fee, do the trade, and your Pokemon will evolve after it gains one level!
    There's a bank too?!
      Yep! For a fee, any character can open up a bank account and set aside some gold - Guild members get a discount on this fee. Every year, during the Grand Festival, you can collect interest depending on the amount you have stashed away in your bank account. You can also request a loan, but be prepared to pay it back quick or face the Harper Repo team!
    What TM-based services does the Guild offer?
      The Harper's Passion Guild offers two separate TM-based services for the public. First off, there is the TM swap service - take in any old TM you have lying around and swap it with one you actually want for a fee! Guild Members get to use this service freely with no charge.

      Secondly, there is a TM subscription service you can sign up for! For a monthly fee, you can get one random TM per month! All it takes is posting [link coming soon] to claim your TM every month!
    Okay, but what about HMs?
      Well, they have a service for that too! For a fee, you can rent a single HM! This HM can be used as many times on your Pokemon as you'd like - so long as they can learn the move, you can use it! The HM does have to be returned to the Guild afterwards, though, and the fee paid again in the future if you have need of it again!
    Does the Guild offer anything to do with aptitudes?
      Yes they do! For a fee, you can hire a tutor to get help learning an aptitude up to rank 7! The aptitudes available differ by city, so be sure to refer to the list in the services post above this one for what's available and where! As for actually using this service, that's pretty easy as well! All you have to do is write up a development thread where your character is being taught/tutored in the aptitude you're after, keeping in mind that realism is more heavily focused on than creativity for this service specifically. When you post this development thread up for grading, make a note that you're paying for a Tutor through the Guild, and the mod will grade it with that in mind and let you know how much it cost!
    What about Pokemon themselves, is there a service related to that?
      There sure is! There's two, in fact, depending on what you need! The Pokemon Rental Service can be used if you need a specific Pokemon - or type of Pokemon - for the length of a single mission. For instance, if a mission requires you to have a Pokemon of a certain type and you don't have one, you can rent a Pokemon from the Guild for a fee based on its rarity! The Pokemon does have to be returned at the end of the mission, but this will help you qualify for a mission you really want to do but don't have the Pokemon to do it!

      The other rental service is a whole lot more broad - it's the Transportation Service! The Harper's Passion Guild is contracted with many different transportation services around the region, which doesn't affect most of the general public besides generally stabilizing the prices depending on where you go. However, if you are a member of the Guild, you can receive a discount (outlined in the Guild Services) and a priority on Pokemon that are stronger and more capable of fighting in battle, if it comes to it!
    What sort of benefits does becoming a member actually give me?
      Well, most of the Guild services are discounted, as outlined in each of the different services' descriptions. You also get a discount in any General Store around the region, in the Pokemon Shoppe itself, and at the Pokemon Finder service. In addition, you have the ability to purchase special general mission prompts - more information available in the post above!
    How do I use any of these awesome services?
      Most services are used over here - there are a few that aren't such as Aptitude Teachers and Tutors, Transportation Services, and the discount at the General Store, Pokemon Shoppe, and Pokemon Finder services. The discounts for General Store, Pokemon Shoppe, and Pokemon Finder are all used directly at those stores/services, there's nowhere special for you to have to post there. As for the others, check the rest of this post for more information!

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