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 Whispers in the Night, Emilie's Thread Tracker
 Posted: Jul 15 2016, 08:20 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
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Total Posts: 1614
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

Application | Profile | Travels | Development | Training | Dream Team | Team Roles | Team Goals

Travels with the Dedrius Guardians… and Order

Mission 1 - Emilie was assigned to Senior Guardian Ashton for her first mission, which involved finding out about the renegade group in Dedrius, the Black Forest Phantoms. After helping the Egg-lady and receiving a few pokemon in return, she found an in with the Phantoms courtesy of Levia, a handler. After recruiting Guardswoman Shannon Lockton to her cause, they embarked for the camp. They earned their way in via a battle, but then were captured, and Emilie had to find her way out with cunning. She was joined by a stufful who Clark manipulated, who joined her party after evolving into a bewear. Both the Guardians and the Order were pleased with her performance during the mission.

Mission 2 - In progress!

Development of Team Bonds

Clark - In this post, Clark debates the reasons why he is staying with Emilie even though she doesn't seem to want him around. He wasn't too great at keeping Toasty out of trouble in this post, but he was there to support Emilie when Tiny evolved in this post. After supporting Emilie in various ways during her first mission, Clark offered his own terms for cooperation in this post. Ongoing...

Eorlund - Eorlund wound up in Emilie's care after a rather strange incident at the Guardian-only shop in this post. She later traded him away.

Littlefoot - In this post, Emilie learns about Littlefoot's species and rarity and makes a commitment to making his life comfortable. He followed up on her lack of enjoyment of cold crystal hugs by finding a pair of mittens in this post. Ongoing...

Oddtwig - In this post, Emilie receives Oddtwig from a Harper's Passion trade and learns more about his backstory thanks to Clark's intervention. She later traded him away.

Rick - Rick met Emilie and mustered the strength to evolve into a boy-band dugtrio in this post. She later traded him away.

Soren - The cottonee met Emilie and covered her in cotton, later agreeing to travel with her and Clark, in this post. Ongoing...

Tiny - This post served as an introduction to Tiny - and her eventual size - and Emilie gave her a Lugia's Pearl and so began Tiny's love of bouncing. After growing and battling in Travels, she evolved in this post. Ongoing...

Toasty - The eevee egg hatched in this dev post, where he also discovered a Fire Stone and evolved into a flareon. She later traded him away.

Zero - In this post, Emilie reaffirms her desire to get close to the sneasel that she first declared upon immediately seeing her - and the two shook hands and agreed to never harm each other. Ongoing...

General Freeform Threads

Fuel to the Fire - Emilie and Aedan briefly become separated from their pokemon, who have their own adventure.

You've Goat My Back - Emilie purchases a skiddo from a weary farmhand.

No Rest for the Weary - Emilie and Arty go on a mission to rescue rare pokemon, but nothing is as it seems, as Emilie must work for the Order and the Guardians at the same time to keep a ditto out of the wrong hands.

Open Freeforms

Sneasels in the Snow - In progress!

The Art of Pokemon - In progress!

The Great Schism

The Final Disguise - Emilie infiltrates an abbey disguised as a new acolyte to solve a murder mystery.

Grand Festival 2016

Two in the Bush - Emilie meets a woman named Emilia and the two decide to do some pranks.

First Mark - Emilie tries to figure out if Manx is a good mark for her to steal from, and learns very quickly that he isn't.

The Trickiest Type of All - Emilie asks Silva for advice about raising a psychic-type pokemon.

Got a Reputation? - Emilie tries to help two rogues, Sabina and Zoe, find their way to join the Order.

Roguish Tricks - Emilie is forced to participate in a gauntlet of sorts where she must stop Ameridan from performing multiple pranks.

A Day in Battleville - Emilie signs up for the Nooblet Tourney and experiences a harsh battle against Chase Redwood.

Surfin' Stall - Emilie borrows a Surf HM to teach the move to Zero, but Mica butts in - literally - to learn the move as well.

Rose Bowl 2017

Battle Against Jason Teyrn - Emilie's opponent never showed up, so she got an automatic win in the first round.

Battle Against Hadrian Treefeller - Emilie's clever strategy with Kecleon's rock- and poison-type moves helped her defeat Hadrian Treefeller and move onto the third round.

Battle Against Dionisia Bosc - Although Zero battled fiercely, Emilie and her team were eliminated in the third round of the Rose Bowl.

Grand Festival 2017

Old and New - Emilie meets and interacts with Adrian Carlisle.

Many Meetings - Emilie encounters Hadrian Treefeller again after her victory against him in the Rose Bowl.

The Case of the Lost Fossil - Emilie loses Littlefoot in a crowd and seeks Lilith's help as Clark tries to befriend Sigi.

one for the road - Emilie is embarrassed when Clark accosts Iuchra for information.

A Transformative Experience - Zero meets her first weavile as Echo discovers another transforming pokemon.

Short-Term Goals
  • Find the book for the Order
  • Train Soren in Cotton Guard before evolving him
Long-Term Goals
  • Become a valuable spy for the Order
  • Get used to Clark and figure out how to use him for her advantage
  • Not die
Completed Goals

Training the Team

Milking It - Emilie wants to teach Mica how to use Milk Drink. In this post, she discovered Mica's love of milk and cheese and brought up the idea of the new move. She later traded Mica away.

It's So Fluffy You're Gonna Die - Emilie began training her bewear by teaching Teddy how to recognize the difference between lethal and non-lethal hugs in this post. Ongoing...


user posted image

Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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 Posted: Jul 15 2016, 08:34 AM
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Stupidface McNoctowl
Background Mods
Total Posts: 1614
Member No. 1923
Joined on 24-February 15.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Emilie Chartoire

Awards: 5

Intended Moves for Emilie's Team

  • Protect (TM17)
  • Façade (TM42)
  • Steel Wing (TM51) - Done! 5/12/17
  • Flash (TM70) - Done! 6/10/16
  • Confide (TM100)
  • Skill Swap (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Wonder Room (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Pain Split (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Signal Beam (Tutor, Gen 5) - Done! 4/4/17
  • Dark Pulse (Tutor, Gen 5) - Done! 7/11/16
  • None!
  • Light Screen (TM16)
  • Reflect (TM33)
  • Flash (TM70)
  • Psych Up (TM77)
  • Outrage (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Stealth Rock (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 8/9/16
  • Earth Power (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Iron Defense (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Magnet Rise (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Zen Headbutt (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Water Pulse (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 12/29/16
  • Iron Tail (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Hyper Voice (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Toxic (TM06) - Done!
  • Hidden Power (TM10)
  • Sunny Day (TM11) - Done!
  • Taunt (TM12) - Done!
  • Attract (TM45)
  • Swagger (TM87)
  • Covet (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Giga Drain (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Knock Off (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Tailwind (Tutor, Gen 6) - Done! 8/27/17
  • Worry Seed (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Dragon Claw (TM02) - Done! 6/10/16
  • Earthquake (TM26)
  • Aerial Ace (TM40) - Done! 7/5/17
  • Ice Beam (TM13) - Done! 7/5/17
  • Earthquake (TM26)
  • Attract (TM45) - Done! 8/12/16
  • Hyper Voice (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Zen Headbutt (Tutor, Gen 6)
  • Selfdestruct (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 1/8/17
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 4/4/17
  • Toxic (TM06) - Done! 5/14/17
  • Hidden Power (TM10) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Protect (TM17) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Dig (TM28) - Done! 5/12/17
  • Swords Dance (TM75) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Psych Up (TM77) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Poison Jab (TM84) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Swagger (TM87) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Substitute (TM90) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Surf (HM03) - Done! 8/20/16
  • Foul Play (Tutor, Gen 6) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Counter (Tutor, Gen 3) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Endure (Tutor, Gen 3) - Bred! 7/18/16
  • Mimic (Tutor, Gen 3) - Done! 8/8/16


user posted image

Past Characters

Korosensei's Post Count Rewards
Caledonia picture by August! Alexander and Casper sprites by Mackay!
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