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 Lyra Sparrow's Travels, Ice Cold Glalie
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 02:31 PM
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[[Welcome to Harper! I mean you probably know this but... please remember to post in Update Requests after you post here, don’t forget to keep an egg count in each of your travels posts, and if you have any questions, also feel free to PM any of the staff; have fun!]]


Lord Folgart maintained eye contact with Lyra, scrutinizing her gaze, seeking whether she was truly what he was looking for. After a few moments, though, he smiled. "I must admit I'm glad to see you back here, Sparrow. You seem determined and your motives are admirable, but I do hope you'll exercise some caution. After all, whoever owns that hypno is strong enough to have at least one evolved pokemon." He smiled. "But now is not the time for that kind of talk... I believe you have an oath to make?"

Once Lyra spoke the age-old words of the Guardian oath, Lord Folgart would motion for her to approach him. "I've got a pokemon here for you, it's got good energy and a strong spirit. A fine exercise for a greenhorn," he said as he dropped a warm poke ball into Lyra's hands. "New Guardians also receive an egg as a test, to see if they are capable of caring for it until it hatches. I wish you the best of luck," he said as he gave Lyra a bundle of blankets that covered a room-temperature egg.

"Now, you'll need armor, yes? Down the hall to the right - yes, what do you need?" his voice deepened and he sat up straighter in his chair as an older female Guardian came running in through the door, belatedly remembering her manners and bowing.

"Lord Folgart, I've been sent here from Councilwoman Dunn. She has a quest and she was wondering if you could spare any Guardians."

"Go on," Lord Folgart replied.

"A dead magmar was discovered in the Edgewood. Odd for a fire pokemon to be so deep in the woods, and it was found near some traps. It looks like some pokemon ganged up on it, but it had a poke ball next to it, it was clearly not wild."

"The councilwoman needs help with poachers?" Lord Folgart said with a small smirk.

"Ordinary poachers aren't so sloppy. This one let his pokemon die, but the trap he had set up was enough to maim a minun I brought back to my base. The councilwoman thinks we'll need more than one person on this mission," the woman answered with a straight face.

Lord Folgart puzzled for a moment. "Sparrow, come here," he finally said, beckoning Lyra forward again. "What's your name, Guardian?"

"June Edwards," she answered. "I usually manage the armory for the councilwoman."

"Sparrow, I want you to go with her. Learn from her, and help her on this mission. Your pokemon should be able to help, and - "

"With all due respect, my lord, I know what a newbie looks like and I did not ask for one."

"But it is who I am giving. Guardswoman Edwards, Lyra Sparrow will be your helper."

June stared at Lyra, finally huffing and turning away. "Fine," she said, beckoning for Lyra to follow her. Once she was outside, she added, "I won't coddle you, newbie. You have to learn to do things on your own. I'll do the fighting, and with any luck, someone else will join us along the way and you can go back to your baby patrols. Are we clear?"

Lyra would have the opportunity to rearrange her gear and ask a few questions before the pair set out, but June would stop walking before they reached the entrance. "Hold up a moment. I'm not working with someone who's got a togepi or something. Show me your pokemon, and if it's not stupidly weak, we can be on our way."


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