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 The Ten Strings of Harper
 Posted: Mar 13 2017, 10:41 PM
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As a harp cannot play its full music without each of its strings being both intact and in tune, nor can a country function while lacking or bending in its core principles. It is for this reason that when the region was founded, the Harper himself and the region's first Queen together with advisement from the original troupe composed ten basic governing laws of the region to establish order and portion out powers of law. These ten laws form the backbone of the region's constitution and are known throughout the region by the metaphor they were first presented to the people with: The Ten Strings. Below is a transcription of these fundamental laws as are posted on the public board in each city and as are mandated to hang upon the wall of each church in the region and guardian outpost.

Universal Laws of the Harper Region - “The Ten Strings” colloquially
  1. No murder of another human is permissible except in cases of self defense or when pursuant to the will of the Crown.
  2. No theft of goods, services, resources or coin is permissible except when pursuant to the will of the Crown.
  3. No slanderous proclamations or baseless defamation is permissible in public forums.
  4. No persecution on the sole basis of faith is permissible within the Harper Region for any reason.
  5. Crimes committed by foreign nationals in violation of Harperian law will be punished following the legal code for punishment of their country of origin.
  6. Laws created by City Lords may not countermand Laws issued by the Throne. Laws created by lower nobility may not countermand Laws issued by the City Lords or Throne, nor extend beyond their holdings and property.
  7. City Lords may discipline and administer punishment for crimes committed under their jurisdiction at their discretion.
  8. Where a disputation of guilt arises and where the City Lord with the advice and consent of the most senior Captain of the Guard judges that there is reason for doubt, the accused may appeal their guilt to the Lord and his Guardian representatives and possibly receive recompense for injury dealt as punishment at the Lord’s discretion.
  9. All Harperian Citizens are to be afforded resources and opportunity to attain basic learning in literacy and arithmetic at no cost, provided by the City Lord.
  10. The ascension of a new City Lord may proceed in accordance with familial traditions. The ascension of a new Councilman shall proceed in accordance with a vote taken of all land holding family heads, the eldest children of land holding families, and all Guardians of the Realm of sufficient reputation whose loyalties lie with the City in question.


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