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 becoming us, nye's training thread
 Posted: Apr 8 2017, 12:43 PM
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Senior Handler
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Aneirin "Nirin/Nye" Vaughan, ArkBoaz "Ark" Reuter

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Goals (in order of importance, from Major to Minor):
• Resistance Training to Houndour against Water
• Possible level up for Houndour (or just general experience gain)
• Development between Houndour + Nye Vaughan
(• may include a minor happiness towards Houndour)
• Small attempt at a new aptitude for Nye Vaughan
(• aiming for abysmal / low skill add for mediation / mediator (if it goes through))

The one thing that Nye wanted to do before he left Marchton City was to see the water for one last time. At least, the water he came to learn and know and understand. Would the water in different cities be rockier? Would it be calmer and more serene than here in Marchton? Nye wasn’t sure. He couldn’t remember any of the trips to any actual other port cities along the Harper region’s shores, but he could remember crystal clear lakes and rushing streams and rivers. He could remember towering buildings that seemed crooked to one side, and the way some areas were so barren that it didn’t look like it was even habitable to anyone but Pokemon. He wanted to know how it was in other parts of the region, or even the world – but he was still young, and he wanted to learn through the time he spent traveling. He wanted to become someone who could map the area and feel comfortable going anywhere his feet took him, his Pokemon alongside him.

Maybe it was why he stood there, on the small dock that led into the water on the shores of Marchton. Duskull and Houndour were tucked warmly in their Pokeballs, hopefully having a good slumber before he authentically tried to go out of the small town. Duskull was quite pleased with his crystal, and his relationship with Houndour didn’t… it wasn’t good at all still, but he was trying. The dog definitely didn’t trust him, but he could see she was a little more willing on some points. He gave a sigh. It was hard to gain the trust of Pokemon, and he knew it, but he also knew he was up for the challenge. What was Pokemon Handling without a bit of trust and work and elbow grease?

The dock he stood on swayed gently with the current. At the end that wasn’t secured to the ground, it dipped dangerously into the water. It teetered in an unsettling way as Nye’s weight moved. He stepped onto the dock more. It was maybe thirty or forty wooden planks on some less-than-sturdy support beams; just enough for a rowboat of some sort to dock and take off. He shuffled carefully towards the end, just to the spot before the water would touch his shoes. He loved this. This dock wasn’t the one his dad would take him to, but it was close enough. He didn’t want to trek almost all the way home once his journey had already started. That was too much back tracking for right now.

Once in a solid spot, the handler stared out into the ocean. The sun was just starting to cross the horizon, a ball of orange and red and fire expanding upwards towards the sky. It wasn’t across the water, but more over the land, but as it peeked over the tips of the mountains that stretched to the side. As it appeared more and more, long tresses of gold danced along the ripples of the water. It was so peaceful. A little part of Nye’s heart sank. When was he going to be back here? When would he be able to see this? He didn’t know. Wasn’t sure what he wanted, either; he just wanted to enjoy life.

He had enjoyed it for a while, maybe ten minutes, before he turned and started up the dock. He wobbled a little, and as he closed in towards the middle, one of the support beams snapped. It dipped sharply into the water and Nye scrambled to get a hold of the wet boards. As his weight moved, the other support beam broke, and the dock dipped completely into the water. It wasn’t sinking, but there was definitely enough of the liquid that Nye’s clothes, shoes and his body were wet. He made a face. He fumbled himself against the lapping waves that hit his skin like icicles and attempted to get his footing.

It wouldn’t be so easy. One of his feet had dipped almost completely into the water, and as he pulled it out, a Krabby was attached to his shoe. The water Pokemon looked rather annoyed rudely by the handler. It unclamped itself from the shoe and instead of just jumping back into the depths, set itself up on the dock on the way to shore, blocking Nye’s path. The Krabby was definitely not going to let Nye through easily, and the Handler had to think quick.

“Wait, listen. I’m sorry I kicked you out of the water. Can we just… work it out and –” Nye started. He held his hands up clearly showing the Krabby that he wasn’t here for a fight, but the other Pokemon wasn’t having much of it. The Krabby in return hit him with Bubble. It made Nye squint at the water Pokemon as he tried to turn himself away from the onslaught. “No, really, it was an accident. I don’t really want to fight you.”

The Krabby didn’t believe him, and once again, the Bubbles came. Nye could feel the cold water starting to sink into his shoes, and he grumbled in irritation as he shuffled through his bag, “I didn’t want to fight but I guess you gave me no choice.” He pulled out a Pokeball – okay, he thought it was Duskull’s Pokeball, but somewhere in the tussle of trying to get his Pokemon and the onslaught of the Krabby’s attack, he clearly didn’t grab the right one.

And it was apparent once the hound was out.

The attack from the Krabby stopped with the flash of red as Houndour was released from her Pokeball. The fire dog blinked a few times, and then her ears flattened as she realized what was happening. Her paws were wet. She wasn’t a fan of this. Her head turned to the side: water on either side of her, an endless mass that ceased any escape. There was land under foot, but the water made her constantly pick her paws up, and try to stop herself from getting wet. “Shoot. Houndour, I’m sorry,” Nye pleaded, feeling stupid. The hound’s neck almost snapped as she looked at him, equally as panicked as she was angry.

The Krabby was less than amused at the way the other Pokemon was acting, and yet again, the bubbles came. This time, instead of hitting Nye, it hit Houndour squarely. She yipped out in pain and stumbled back, slipping and sliding against the wet boards underneath her paws, and bumped into Nye’s legs. She was panicking, and Nye didn’t know what to do. Well, no; he did, he just…

“Try using payback,” he suggested to his Pokemon. The Houndour looked confused, and nervously set herself back onto her paws. The water made her unsure of herself, but she turned from Nye to the Krabby. The pokemon across from her was gearing up to use bubble again. She didn’t move, and Nye’s voice pressed, almost as if encouraging her. That’s exactly what he was doing. “Go through the bubbles and give the Krabby a hard hit with payback. Just… you can tough it out. I know how stubborn you can be. I wouldn’t let a little water stop you.”

The Houndour didn’t understand, but huffed in irritation. As if debating that Nye knew what he was doing, the stubborn girl decided to let herself do what he wanted. She could always be stubborn about it after, and it was clear from the way he acted, even subtly, that he wanted to get on the land, too. The bubbles became an onslaught again. They hurt the Houndour, a lot; they got in her mouth and in her eyes, and burned her skin, but she moved. Slowly at first, unsure of how her slippery paws would work against the wood, but as she pushed through the pain, it became easier and easier to move. She gained speed, and Nye cheered her on. She could hear his encouragement, and pushed on more and more and more….

And then she felt something hit against the hard skull of her head. Houndour had butted hard against the Krabby, sending it spiraling against the dock and into the land that it was anchored on. The Krabby righted itself and scurried forwards, ready to attack again, this time with Vice Claw. The fire Pokemon had a clear rebuttal with another payback, and yet again, the Krabby was sent backwards. At one point during the battle, the Krabby got hit by a well aimed and well placed Reversal, which Houndour seemed quite happy about hitting. Throughout this, Bubble was definitely a favorite attack that Krabby had used, and the more it used it, the slower Houndour’s moves became.

“You can do it. Don’t give up. Not yet. You’re almost there,” Nye encouraged. He had slowly gotten himself closer and closer to the battle as he attempted to get towards the shore. The battle felt pretty even. “Just one more really good attack, Houndour, and then you can win.” Nye urged. Houndour did another payback through the bubbles and hit the Krabby. It stumbled on its back legs for a moment before it fell off the dock and into the water, sinking slowly. That was when Nye moved.

Nye was quick on his feet as he slid through the small amount of water towards his Pokemon. He scooped her up (he didn’t even care she growled and tried to chomp on him) and carried her the rest of the way out of the water. He sat on the ground and sighed, letting Houndour go finally as they settled. “You did really good, Houndour. I know that was really hard for you, but I’m really proud of you,” he admitted softly. He hesitated before he went to pet her head, but she shied away. Stubborn as always, and still not entirely trustful of him, she turned her snout away and huffed at him again.


Nye shook his head and let himself fall backwards onto the ground. He knew that it wasn’t what he wanted, but he was glad that Houndour had worked so hard, even when she was afraid. The hound huffed in annoyance at Nye, but let her eyes dance over him to the water and then back to him. She realized that if he was there, she could accomplish anything. Maybe she’d just go along with him to learn what she could do.

Aneirin "Nirin/Nye" Vaughan
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ArkBoaz "Ark" Reuter
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 Posted: Apr 11 2017, 05:25 PM
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张开双手 变成翅膀
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Adrian Carlisle, Silas Arington, Elena Ayton (Retired)

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Writing Quality & Length: 5
    Not much to say here; your writing is great and it was a good length.
Training Effectiveness/Plausibility/Creativity: 3
    There's not much for creativity here, just the usual "hit it until it gets stronger" technique. It also wasn't wholly effective. I would have liked some more explicit description of how the Houndour found it easier to push against the Bubble attacks, as it seemed she was just toughing it out and felt more like an ordinary battle. Some more intensive, specific training should be used for a more efficient resistance training.

    As for Nye, I'll go ahead and set Mediator at 3, making it a Low Aptitude. I don't think the Krabby was in much of a negotiating mood in the first place, but Nye's stammering definitely wasn't helping.
Wow Factor: 0
    No wow moments for me, unfortunately.
The Houndour gains 8 EXP, leveling up twice to Level 6. I don't think any true resistance can be gained from this training, but I will add the note that she Can throw off Water-type attacks better than the average Fire-type. Nye's Mediator Aptitude is set at 3, and he gains 4 EXP, meaning he levels up to Level 2! Duskull and Houndour both level up twice again. Houndour learns Smog and Duskull learns Disable. Also remember to add 3 egg counts to each egg!

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