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 Finding my own Way, Lía's timeline and tracker
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 04:55 PM
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Joined on 8-August 14.

Líadain Kenyon

Awards: 3

Lía’s thread tracker & timeline:

Lía is born in Caledon to Alistar and Cadhla Kenyon on the 31st Giratus.

The Kenyon family move to Harper. Cadhla re-establishes her daycare and breeding business and Alistar joins the Guardians under Lord and Lady Barrie.

Lía asks her parents’ permission to join the Guardians. Lía begins training in earnest, with her application to join on hold until Alistar deems her skilled enough.

Travels prologue occurs.


Lía joins the Guardians under the patronage of Peter Wolfrum. She is given Mairead the spheal as her starter pokémon.

Lía’s first mission; seemly a simple one to re-home a pest family of slowbro from a noble’s warehouse. However this leads to the discovery of a pokémon massacre on the beach, at the hands of a mystery assailant controlling a tentacruel.

Training post 1
Development post 1

With Lía’s mentor suffering after an encounter with the man, Lía’s position on the mission is in doubt due to her inexperience. It is Lía’s suggestion to bring in her father that salvages her place on the job. Her egg hatches into a baby Jangmo-o, Riagán, and she catches a pidgey called Saighead. That night Lía, Alistar and Sally Kingsley to pursue the group of poachers to an island. While they attempt a stealthy reconnaissance, they are discovered and a battle breaks out. Lía chases down one of the more junior poachers who makes a break for the shore, and potentially their pokemon haul. Ongoing!

The Great Schism breaks out, in which Lía sides with Harper’s Passion:
GS: Nature Reserves
GS: Leroy M. Jenkins
Lía participates in her first Rose Bowl at age 21:
vs Eryn Norwood round 1
vs Eirabella de’Rege
vs Alexander Fitzgerald
GS: Keeping the Balance
vs Eryn Norwood semi-final
vs Jaweaca Ashhand semi-final
vs Jaweaca Ashhand final
The Great Schism ends, bringing change but stability to the region.

The Legend of Koro. Lía assists Alexander Fitzgerald with the arrest of the lengendary rogue Koro – only to discover Alexander’s conflict of interests.

The Harper's Grand Festival begins.

How To Train Your Obnoxiously Destructive Dragon. Lía runs into Alexander again at the Festival, whilst trying to control her few month-old Jangmo-o. At a loss as to how to deal with a dragon, Alexander offers her advice on how to deal with the type.

Development post 2. Lía purchases Tanza the lillipup from the Pokemon Shoppe.

Current year. Lía participates in her second Rose Bowl at 22.
vs Hound
vs Johanna Murdoc

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