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With the cooling season of Autumn, Ice-types are starting to re-emerge from their hibernation as Ghost-, Normal-, and Flying-types swarm in the largest numbers they will all year. In comparison, wild Fire- and Bug-type populations are falling in number. The migration of Flying-types to the south in search of warmer weather has also started, as Istin City starts to re-freeze and Autumn marks the beginning of Cypwater Point's rainy season. Handlers and Rogues alike should be wary: Ghost-type powers are boosted during this season, at the cost of being more prone to their triggers.

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 Noctowl & Roselia
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 12:48 AM
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It's a box of spiders.
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Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

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The (Exotic) Harperian Legends

It is widely known in Harper that neither of these pokemon are considered native to the region, though they do exist in the wild. Because both of these pokemon were the Harper's partners, it is widely held that he released his pokemon before his death, and those pokemon populated the region with their species. Perhaps as proof of this, all of Harper's noctowl and roselia evolutionary stages are extremely rare and are different than pokemon of the same species from other regions. Most of the region's inhabitants regard them as almost sacred because they are descendants of the Harper's own pokemon.

Although Harper Region does not utilize stats in our battles, for comparative purposes Harper's Noctowl and Roselia each have 25 points added to each of their base stats with the exception of their highest stat (Special Attack for Roselia, HP for Noctowl), which receives a bonus of 30 points.


    Noctowl and Hoothoot found in the Harper region are much darker in color than those found in other regions, and are also quite a bit larger. Hoothoot stands at 3', not 2, and weighs around 53 lbs. while Noctowl stands at 6'6'' and weighs around 100 lbs. As always, some may be larger, some may be smaller.

    Both pokemon are much stronger both with physical and special attacks, and both are far more intelligent. It has been said that they even rival psychic pokemon for intelligence, but there is no proof for or against this rumor. They are remarked to be reserved and wise and fiercely loyal but never resorting to violence unless is absolutely needed, with a rumored penchant to follow and observe those who are destined for greatness, are honorable, or have the potential for a great adventure about them. They know several moves that pokemon of the same species from other regions would not know naturally or would not know right out of the egg. These are:
    • Secret Power
    • Faint Attack
    • Whirlwind
    • Mimic
    • Psychic
    • Shadow Ball
    • Return


    Like noctowl's evolution line, roselia's evolution line have much more vivid colors and are larger than their counterparts from other regions. Budew stands at 1'6'' and weighs 4lbs, Roselia stands at 2'7'' and weighs 15lbs, and Roserade stands at 5'4'' and weighs 80lbs. Some may be larger, some may be smaller, as always.

    The evolution line is, much like noctowl, far stronger than the same species from another region both physically and specially. Their flowers are more impressive, their aromas and poisons much stronger. Harper budew/roselia/roserade are known for being very bold, dramatic pokemon, much like the Harper's roselia. They thrive with a large, theatrical audience and even wild ones often display the flamboyance and grace of a pokemon bred to be a performer. It is said that there will never be a dull moment in a handler's life should he possesses a roselia and let it take the lead, for they will always take him into adventures - and trouble.

    It should be noted that budew does not evolve by happiness, but at level 14. They know several moves that pokemon of the same species from other regions would not know naturally or would not know right out of the egg. These are:
      [Moves written as this OR that are a fifty-fifty toss up thanks to the odd breeding mutations the species has undergone]
    • Toxic OR Cross Poison
    • Captivate
    • Aromatherapy
    • Attract
    • Cut OR Double-team
    • Sleep Powder
    • Leaf Storm OR Petal Dance
    • Hidden Power


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