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 Pokemon Centers & Healing
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 12:51 AM
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Healing, unknown to the general public, is done exclusively by magic. Different healers have different degrees of power; those in pokemon centers are phenomenally strong and therefore work out of sight, while normal healers simply mask their magic with a physical prop, like water or a mashed up plant pulp to distract the client from the actual magic that's going on beneath.

Pokemon Centers
    In Harper, pokemon centers are located in each major city, plus Miramossa on the top floor of the rest house. However, pokemon centers are not as they appear in the games or in the anime. Much like doctors' or vets' offices, they are generally used for the most severe pokemon injuries- loss of limb, severe flesh wounds and third-degree burns that would otherwise be fatal, the list goes on. Pokemon centers care for both pokemon and humans, however, and the majority contain some sort of eating area and a number of rooms for both people and pokemon to rest for however long is necessary.

    In short, a pokemon center is a joint hospital for both people and pokemon, and is not used for casual healing- unless, of course, you are very rich. Pokemon center services are very expensive, and as a result, most people simply go to a healer for their pokemon, even if the wounds are bad.

    The term 'hospital' in this setting, however, basically means there are private rooms with doors for working in, out of the sight of the general public, so as to keep the secret of the healings - magic.
    • For any sort of healing, their minimum price is 750g.
    • A Pokemon Center may attempt a revival of a dead pokemon after a physical healing for a minimum fee of 1000g per attempt, plus 500g if successful. There is a 50% chance of revival at 1 HP.
    Healers are people who make a living off of healing people's pokemon. They are less expensive than pokemon centers by a long shot, and sometimes they will ply their trade for free. Healings are quick and serve for nearly any and all general battle injuries, including burns, poisoning, freezing, and paralysis unless the condition is likely to be fatal. More unusual ones can be taken care of too, such as a pokemon's cracked shell or damaged bones- broken claws and horns can be mended in most cases, fractures can be repaired. Teeth generally are trickier to repair, but anyone who can work with bones and shells can generally manage teeth, they just might charge more.

    Healers use a combination of magic and so-called 'physical cures'- they may put some mashed up grass on a wound and call it an herbal concoction, but it's really the magic that makes it heal immediately. If they can convince their client to turn around while they work, they will simply work a healing through the ball without releasing the pokemon. If the client won't be distracted, they will generally pour a little 'panaceas' (water, usually) onto the ball and act as though they're rubbing it in, when they're really just working a healing spell. Their panaceas is rarely stolen because of well placed rumors that have made it general knowledge that the stuff is deadly to both humans and pokemon unless handled by someone with healer training.

    By and large, they are the only option for most trainers, and can be sought in any city. Some travel along routes to peddle their services as well. Most everyone knows where to find a resident healer, but you always have to be careful since you never know how much they'll want. It's always safer to ask first.

    Members may ONLY play healers as adopted NPCs after approval by the admins.

    Official Healing Circle Guild Prices can be found on this spreadsheet. Of course, players may always attempt to haggle with a healer NPC for a lower price.


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