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 Learning and Teaching Moves
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 12:54 AM
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Level-Up Moves
    Level up moves do not need to be taught to pokémon. It can be assumed that the pokémon has mastered the move without any need for outside aid, and as soon as the level up has occurred, the move may be used in battle and it will be added to the pokémon's profile.

    A pokémon may, however, be taught any move it will learn naturally by leveling up with some effort. The larger the level gap between the pokémon and the move, the more difficult it becomes to teach the pokémon that move. In addition, the move must be learned by the evolution form the pokémon is in- no teaching a budew toxic or petaldance (both of which roselia, its evolution, learns). The pokémon will need to practice this move quite a bit to learn it prematurely, and there is a chance that it may hurt itself in the process.

    If a pokemon evolves by stone and learns no move whatsoever by level-up in its evolved form (such as Mismagius), it will continue to learn its old movepool. But in the case where a pokemon continues to learn moves after evolving through stone (i.e. Petilil), evolving would be forfeiting learning moves it could otherwise have gained naturally. (Note: The same rule still applies. You cannot teach a liligant any move a petilil of a higher level might know. You must either teach her these moves early, or give up on them.)

    A player can choose to train a pokemon to teach them a desired move outside of the main thread as well.

    Main Points
    • Pokemon learn moves at their proper levels just like the games
    • Moves can only be learned in their proper evolutionary form.
    • Pokemon that evolve through stone and do not learn moves through level up continue to learn its old movepool.
Egg Moves
    Egg moves may not be taught to any pokémon, excepting the two that you choose when you receive your starter, because these moves are genetic and instinctive. You may attempt to breed pokémon to achieve a desired egg move if you are willing to spend the time.

    Please see the topic on pokémon breeding for more information.

    Main Points
    • Egg moves cannot be taught
    Tutor moves may only be taught to a pokémon by a certified move tutor. These people may be found anywhere at all by staff event, though they generally will charge a fair amount for their work. Most would rather be paid in cash or traded any combination of items, money, or pokémon, while a few may require a number of a certain object or even demand to fight a series of rigged battles with your pokémon (which must lose on purpose) in order to level up their pokémon.

    In short, a tutor can ask whatever price they please, and you can either pay it, try to haggle, or let the person be on their way. Player characters may not be move tutors.

    If a tutor coupon is acquired either through trade or site promotion, this can be claimed for a move tutor attack through OOC means. Simply claim this along with your update request and a mod will process it.

    Main Points
    • Pokemon can be tutored by NPCs in travels, but are generally rare and expensive
    • Tutor Coupons are claimed out of character; the Pokemon instantly learns the move this way.
    A TM is a technical machine, containing all the information a pokémon needs to learn a particular move. The machine appears as a small disc, which tweaks the pokémon's brain into immediately mastering the techniques needed for the move once activated and touched to the pokémon. Because this is a complex and energy-consuming process, a TM will always shatter after use, unlike an HM. Wild pokémon will know all TM moves of their primary or secondary type (randomized by the mods) like your starter pokémon and any hatched eggs. The pokémon can not learn any TM without the disc until level ten.

    TM moves may be taught in training sessions without the disc if they have a move power of less than eighty. The more closely affiliated the move type is with your pokémon's type, the easier it is to teach. So for example, a roselia (grass/poison) would have a hard time learning Sunny Day (fire) or Rest (psychic), but would more easily master Rain Dance (water) or Shadow Ball (ghost) because they are either at a type disadvantage to the pokémon, or because they are normal effectiveness on a pokémon.

    Normal type moves may be learned with equal ease by all pokémon.

    Dual typed pokemon will naturally know one set of TMs first for one of their two types and will learn the set for the other type upon reaching level 13. If they evolve into another type before this level, they will naturally only learn the secondary set of TMs for the type they are at level 13 and must be taught the others via training or physical TM disc in order to learn them.

    For cases like Gyarados and Eeleektrik, whose pre-evolutions cannot learn TMS, they will automatically learn their TMs upon evolution.

    Main Points
    • Only moves of Power 80 or below can be taught without the disc
    • Pokemon type affect TM learning ability
    • TMs break after use.
    • Dual type pokemon learn their second set of TM moves at level 13
    A HM is a hidden machine, much like a TM, which contains information to be directly 'downloaded' to a pokémon's brain. They function in precisely the same way as TMs would, and are taught the same way. The only differences between a TM and an HM are that an HM will not break after use and can be used as many times are you wish, and that a HM is more useful in the environment with things such as moving boulders, cutting down trees, flying from town to town, etc.

    Starter pokémon and hatched pokémon will know their type's HMs. Caught pokemon will naturally know any HMs of their type, including both primary and secondary types. An HM may be rented, found, or purchased and taught to any pokémon that is capable of learning the move. Pokémon may learn other HMs not of their type if they have the potential to learn them, but only by using the actual item.

    Please note that all previous-generation HMs will still be considered HMs for the purpose of this roleplay.

    Main Points
    • HMs do not break
    • HMs of a different type cannot be taught besides through using the item
    • All previous-generation HMs - including Flash and Dive - will be treated as HMs
Harper TMs and HMs
    TMs and HMs no longer use their number code (ie: TM15 or HM06), and will be simply TM - [name of move]. We honor all TMs and HMs from generation three onwards. As stated above, TMs still break after one use, while HMs are multiple use.
Special Circumstance: Sketch
    There are some special rules that apply to how Smeargles are handled here on Harper.
    • For every level-up, Smeargle earns 1 Sketch to be added to its arsenal.
    • Every single time Sketch is attempted, there will be a difficulty check roll. The higher power the move Smeargle is trying to copy has, the harder it will be to get it; there is a 1% decrease in success per 10 point of power above 50.
    • A Smeargle may also Sketch a preexisting move that a teammate knows in a Training Thread.
    Reference http://serebii.net/ to see more information on your pokémon's moves.


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